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The American Flag

Some fundies just can’t get enough of the Stars and Stripes in their places of worship and on their religious symbols.

They fly it outside their church buildings:

they put it on the platform inside:

They hang it in their windows:

They hang it from the pulpit.

They drape it over their Bibles

They even place it on the cross…

(each picture links to the site from which it was taken)

God and Country Sundays

Today around the nation, fundamentalist churches will participate in God & Country Sunday. The national anthem will be sung. The pledge to the flag will be said. The military will be honored. Jesus may or may not get an honorable mention.

To be sure, the conflation of patriotism with Christianity extends far beyond the walls of fundamentalist churches but one can be sure that if they visit most fundy churches around Memorial Day, Independence Day, or Election Day they are much more likely to hear more about the Founding Fathers than our Heavenly Father. Fox News, The President, Congress, Public Schools, Welfare, The Second Amendment, gays in the military, tax laws, and the ACLU also get significant air-time during these patriotic services. Be sure to invite all your unsaved friends and family unless they are Democrats or (worse yet) Canadian.

And woe be unto him who would suggest that perhaps the American flag has little place inside a church full of the citizens of heaven…