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Being #1

(Image Credit: CollegeRank.net)

Finally, my alma mater has made it to #1.

No, it’s not top ranked for best graduate salaries…

It didn’t make first place for how well the staff and faculty are educated or compensated…

It certainly didn’t make it to the head of any list of sport achievements…

But they do have the very best…swimming pool.

So there’s that.

The More Things Change

With the installation of a new president (and his strangely photoshopped smile) many have opined that PCC has entered a bright new era of fewer rules, more freedoms, and quasi-accreditation.

A quick look at the Faculty & Staff Commitments section on their Employement Opportunities page show that not much has really changed.


Still can’t pick your own church. Still can’t have a beer. Still can’t…watch The Goonies?

Meet the new old-fashioned boss, same as the old old-fashioned boss.