The American Flag

Some fundies just can’t get enough of the Stars and Stripes in their places of worship and on their religious symbols.

They fly it outside their church buildings:

they put it on the platform inside:

They hang it in their windows:

They hang it from the pulpit.

They drape it over their Bibles

They even place it on the cross…

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  1. Wow the last one is even more amazing than the dude draping it from his pulpit. I’m assuming the message of that last one is America paid the price for your sins?

  2. from


    an attitude of belligerent nationalism, the English equivalent of the term chauvinism.

  3. Darrell – I believe the white bible shown above violates Fundy Rule #48. I certainly hope that is a woman’s bible. But then why would you allow a woman’s bible to be used to demonstrate anything to a man? It’s probably not even a King James Bible. Just another sign this website is backsliding and not following “ye olde paths” πŸ˜€

    1. First you’re reading a white-covered Bible; next you’re sitting down to pee. It’s a slippery slope, my friend. We’ll pray for you!

  4. There’s a fundamentalist church in my town that flies the American flag, Israeli flag (hooray for Zionism!) and the Christian flag out front.

    Guess which one is on the shortest pole…

      1. Of all the IFB Trail of Blood teaching churches I’ve been in, I don’t remember ever seeing the Baptist flag before this site. They always had the American and Christian flags prominently displayed, but never a Baptist one.

    1. I’m sure that it hasn’t gone unnoticed that the “Christian” flag has quite a resemblance to the American flag (Large white portion minus stripes, upper left blue corner with cross in the place of stripes). I’ve even seen it up here in the Great White North. And that not even in fundy churches (United, being the exact opposite of fundy).

  5. How about an entire Bible version dedicated to Americanism. Enter, the American Patriot’s Bible.

    From the site: “The American Patriot’s Bible intersects the teachings of the Bible with the history of the Unites States while applying it to today’s culture. Beautiful full-color insert pages spotlight America’s greatest thinkers, leaders, and events that present the rich heritage and future of our great nation.”

    I saw this in a Christian bookstore and my eye started twitching. On every page there was some sort of american imagery (flag, seal, F-16’s, Lincoln Memorial, etc, etc). God help us.

    1. What really sad is the need to make people “Christian” that either definitely were not or that we don’t know about (i.e. Lincoln)

  6. I have been saying it forever….Amerianity. People favor political ideals over and above Biblical ideals. Why else would they have an “I have mine, $#@& everyone else” attitude? It certainly is not a Biblical one, yet they act as though it were.

    Not even a passing resemblance to Christianity.

    1. It would amaze a lot of Christians if they would actually read their Bibles without their Baptist blinders on. I know it amazed me the first time that I read the Bible for what it said instead of what I thought it said.

        1. Mt. 25 was a big part of my husband’s decision to adjust our church’s focus. My IFB churches always taught me that we can’t ignore parts of the Bible we don’t like, but I think some of them have been ignoring this passage!

  7. I clicked on the links associated with the pictures. Ah, classic fundyism on parade! My fave:

    “AM Service with 27 people & PM Service with 25 people, that is including my family & children!!!”

    That is good? Hopefully this church will stay that small and not infect the rest of the town with fundyism.

    Oh and the storefront Truth Baptist church. They have a teenager as a guest preacher boy. Fundyism is just so unbelievable.

  8. In high school I stopped reciting the pledge of allegiance. I had a lot of reasons (still do), but I’m sure one of them had something to do with being forced to say it, then the pledge to the Christian flag, then the pledge to the Bible at Christian elementary school. Ugh. πŸ™„

    1. Most of the time I don’t put my hand on my heart for the national anthem. Sometimes I do, but more than half the time I don’t.

      1. I stand, put my hand over my heart. I say the pledge. I sing the anthem loudly. I do all those things because I love our flag, I love our military, and I love this country.

        But I don’t love seeing America take a place in worship that is reserved for Jesus.

        I value earthly patriotism but I value my heavenly citizenship more and I try not to confuse the two things.

        1. Yeah, I don’t object, and I waffle back and forth. Would find the anthem & pledge much more valid/agreeable if it weren’t so integrated into worship. No intention of protesting soldiers anytime soon. They are amazing & wonderful.

    2. I just don’t say the ‘pledge allegiance’ part. I’m cool with saying random stuff about a flag and a battle we kind of won.

    3. I disagree with being forced to recite a pledge without being able to conscientiously object to it. Didn’t they do the same thing in Nazi Germany??

    4. Maybe I’m out of place here. I still count it an honor to say the Pledge, and the National Anthem still brings a tear to my eye. That said, I agree that it is shameful when we worship the country more than God. I realize that neither Jesus nor any of his apostles were Americans. I don’t worship the founding fathers. I know quite well that many of the framers of the constitution were as close to being Christians as I am to being a jet airplane. What I’m trying to say is that I think patriotism is a good thing if its kept in check and understood in the proper context

  9. Darrell – I got in HOT water from someone on my facebook page for this reason. I said that I was uneasy about patriotic services because of many different reasons. Got blasted because of this. I would be so mad if I were a foreigner and came to a July 4th service here. God didn’t bless America any more than he could have blessed anyone else, and the country wasn’t Baptist back then, either! :mrgreen:

    1. I’ve been to a couple of patriotic services here in the Bible Belt where Jesus barely even got an honorary mention the entire hour and a half.

      I may as well have just skipped church and gone straight to the picnic.

  10. Hooray Flags! We’re in a club, but with flags! Flags everywhere! In the words of David Cross, “Have flags tatooed on the inside of your eyelids so at all times you see a flag! Eat the flag, eat it!”

  11. The second to last picture is from my hometown! It’s close to my grandparents’ house. πŸ™‚

  12. I’ve always really liked patriotic services. The problem with saving it for the public square is there is usually NO acknowledgement of God AT ALL in any program put on by local government. I had never really thought there might be any problems with it, but I get the points people are bringing up. I think I might like to have a special patriotic program at 2:00 Sunday afternoon, allowing us to sing patriotic songs and pray for our country, but saving the Sunday morning service for worship alone. I could do that!

  13. The Nazis used the swastika to win the hearts and dedication of the German nation. Even Fundie sermons sound a lot like the ones that Hitler and Goebbels used to suck in the weak of mind. What’s next…..Heil America or Heil Jesus?

  14. Big hairy deal!

    The one I had to drive past for a while had ->seven<- of the things and one "Christian" flag gracing their grounds.

    Beat that!

    (please don't try. Please!)

  15. I grew up as a Protestant in Northern Ireland where to be a Christian meant being a Protestant (certainly NOT Catholic) and that meant being loyal to Britain, or more specifically loyal to the British Crown. Many churches in Northern Ireland were more than happy to fly the British Flag (Union Jack) but would not have a cross anywhere near the church building as that was most definitely a Roman Catholic thing (always with the emphasis on “Roman”)… Sorry, does not compute…

  16. Cain was the first liberal. He preferred to call himself a progressive but he was a liberal nonetheless. He murdered his brother Abel because Abel obeyed God and Cain did not. The same is still true of liberals today. At the time of the flood, the liberals cursed Noah and mocked him and called him crazy and blamed everything bad in the world on NoahÒ€ℒs rhetoric. They refused to go into the ark until the rains started to fall, and then it was too late because God had closed and sealed the door forever. All the liberals perished in the waters that covered the lands. However, because demonic powers survived the flood, liberals emerged again centuries later as evil once more took its hold upon dishonest hateful persons. ThatÒ€ℒs when Hollywood was invented by the Democrats and made movies about torture and murder and hate, movies like Saw and Hostel and so forth. All the work of liberals, CainÒ€ℒs descendents. As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be today when the fire comes and once more destroys all the liberals, only this time, the demonic powers will also be annihilated and thrown into the lake of fire. After that, liberals will go out of existence for all eternity. Hallelujah! Hold on. Help is on the way!

    1. Found this on random post. Up until when you get specific, the mention of Hollywood, your “liberals” sound an awful lot like fundies to me. Your “liberals” mostly ignore the fundies. Fundies mock and blame all the bad in the world on “liberals”. And, in many but not all cases, fundies do not obey God and get angry when “liberals” obey God better than they do, even if they don’t know it’s obeying God

  17. I’m so ashamed of you all.You found something to belittle without giving any thought to what you were doing.But you stand proud with your inflated egos.I will pray that God gives you wisdom enough to understand the pain you cause.

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