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A Thanksgiving

The day demanded Thankfulness
So counted I each blessing
Yet oft plagued with Forgetfulness
My short list was distressing

Then I remembered you, my friends
And thought of all you’ve done
Your kindly spirit never ends
To this unworthy one

So at this time that such requires
To friends who’s friendship never tires
As all your kindness I recall
I wish you joy. I love you all.

6 Fundamental Facts for Halloween

6. Tonight is a celebration of evil. I know this because I wasn’t invited to anything due to how not evil I am.

5. Candy not used to lure children onto church buses is candy wasted.

4. Jesus never dressed up as anything but Jesus (and Jesus costumes are only allowed at Easter).

3. Satanists perform human sacrifices on Halloween and I have a Chick Tract and a Christine O’Donnell quote to prove it.

2. The only thing scarier than people celebrating Satan is people celebrating the Reformation.

1. On an unrelated note, Harvest Festival starts at 7. Don’t be late.