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The Play’s The Thing

Dramatic productions on Fundy U Campuses always create an odd tension as people who like to believe that 1950′s America is the gold standard for all things godly are forced to grapple with the realization that people didn’t always dress, cut their hair, or do their makeup the same way Jimmy Stewart did.

On the one hand, they tacitly admit that standards of dress are culturally relative — otherwise they’re forcing their students to sin by dressing up in costumes that don’t meet the dress code in the rule book. On the other hand, they simply can’t admit that their own culture has long since moved away from preferences and that fighting the culture wars of the 1960′s is no longer a good use of their time.

(And in case anybody wonders, I have no problem at all with the costuming here. These guys are rocking it.)

BJU Parody Songs

Not to be outdone by the post of PCC parodies last week, some Bob Jones grads have come up with their own songs that help tell the story of what life is like on that campus.

I’ve given this mishmash of songs the title of: Doge from the Boje. Don’t ask me why. It was late.

1 – Artist Series
2 – BJU and Me
3 – I Love Basilean
4 – Small Brown Squirrel
5 – The Triple G
6 – Somewhere over in Greenville

Audio Released from Bob Jones III’s Q&A about Chuck Phelps


About two years ago, I posted a link to a transcript of a meeting held with Bob Jones III where a woman asks him some questions about his support of Chuck Phelps and his actions in not pursuing justice for Tina Anderson after her rape by Ernie Willis.

The audio from that meeting has now been released. Suffice it to say that BJIII does himself no favors by either the tone and content of his responses.