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What If?

What if you started a cult and no one came?
What if instead of joining you,
What if they loved and were loved too?
What if you started a cult and no one came?

What if you knew yourself but knew no fear?
What if you gave yourself a break?
What if “judge not” meant your own mistake?
What if you knew yourself but knew no fear?

What if you worshiped God but did not hate?
What if your loathing died away?
What if a “yes” replaced your “nay”?
What if you worshiped God but did not hate?

What if you and what if I?
What if we could only try?
Could we? Should we?
Your reply?

Christmas Wishes

Botticelli Nativity

I have but two wishes this Christmastide
Let peace be on earth and let goodwill abide.
Not the peace of a tyrant who silences voices
But the peace of people who make different choices
Yet still find a pathway to love one another
Then goodwill is found: each preferring the other
and making a stand on not only what’s true
but treating each one how you wish they’d treat you.
So for peace and goodwill I ask: let it remain
For a day or a week or a year let love reign.


I’m heading on the road for Christmas so this next week will be quite sparse on posting. Feel free to use the comments on this post to share your Christmas wishes, memories, and the general chatter of the season.

Saying “A Prayer”

Dedicated to gossips in mid-week prayer meetings everywhere.

Do you have a bit of gossip?
Say a prayer.
Have Joneses had a toss up?
Say a prayer.
Say it loudly in a meeting
Tell them all who has been cheating
And about the wife he’s beating
Say a prayer.

Is your story nice and juicy?
Say a prayer.
Is your neighbor loosey goosey?
Say a prayer.
Wear a most self-righteous look
Name the names of who partook
No, don’t write it in a book!
Say a prayer.

Finding sin within your campers?
Say a prayer.
Know who church revival dampers?
Say a prayer.
…or if you are not a man
At request time raise a hand
And we’ll find someone who can
Say a prayer.

Jack Hyles Shoes

I was born in a lowly stable
just a little spotted calf,
I sensed my life would not be long,
I’d never grow to play and laugh.

My mother was an older cow
Who provided milk and cream
But as a male I was born to die
Long life was just a dream.

But still there was some hope for me
That I could do some good
I’’d heard about this royal chair
That started as some wood.

Perhaps my hide could be used to wrap
This man’s Scofield KJV
I’’d be the sword in the hands
Of fundamentalist royalty

Or maybe I’’d be the belt of truth
Wrapped ’round the God man’s waist
I’d hold him up as he preached the Word
and save dear souls with haste.

He’d pull me off for another use
When his children needed spanked
The rod of correction I could be
And later I’d be thanked

I have an even higher dream
If I could be so bold
Could I just be a leather coat
To shelter him from cold.

It’s really just a small request
It could hardly be deemed wrong
To be the garment that is touched
By the many admiring throngs

What’s this I hear you have in store
What is this fate I’ll meet?
I’m going to be a pair of shoes?
You’re going to put me on his feet?

Stacy Adams? Who are they?
Designers of men’s clothes?
How I wish I could just be a coat,
Rather than cover his toes.

Oh please, dear Lord, why must I be
given a fate so bleak
To have to endure smelly socks
seven days a week

But then I heard the Lord’s reply
and I want the world to know
That while the coat would keep him warm
His shoes would make him go.

The miles he trod to seek the lost
he made through snow and rain
and I protected him from the cold
and kept him out of pain.

I walked with him for many miles
I caught his many tears
I also felt his laughs and smiles
As he wore me through the years.

Now I see God’s bigger plan
that He had in store for me
Of all the things God could have done
I became part of history.

I never preached a sermon
I never read the Word
But I was there for every step
As he made God’s voice heard.

Just a humble little calf
born in a stable filled with hay,
What have I done in my life you ask?
This is what I say:

I provided soles that saved some souls
and filled some empty pews;
Without a voice I preached the word
For I became Jack Hyles’ shoes.

~~Attributed to “Pat”