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Exposé on The New Bethany School For Girls

Right now Mother Jones has a expose article and slide show about the abuses at the New Bethany School for Girls that will break your heart.

There’s some very good journalism here demonstrating how this same group of people trace their roots back to Lester Roloff’s homes and have since changed their names and moved locations multiple times to stay ahead of law enforcement efforts to shut them down for abuse.

It’s time to start collecting millstones and chartering a boat.

ABC Uncovers More Abuse Allegations. This Time It’s At New Beginnings Girls Academy

These folks are from the New Beginnings Girls Academy, an Independent Fundamental Baptist boarding school in La Russell, Mo.

The New Beginnings Girls Academy is a direct descendant of the infamous Roloff homes.

According to the ABC report which details some pretty awful stuff, not much has changed since the first stories of this kind broke back in the 70’s.

It’s my understanding that Susan James Donaldson has worked tirelessly on this piece. She is the one who tracked down current victims (something she had to find, to validate it was still going on). She deserves a big shout out from all of us.