Exposé on The New Bethany School For Girls

Right now Mother Jones has a expose article and slide show about the abuses at the New Bethany School for Girls that will break your heart.

There’s some very good journalism here demonstrating how this same group of people trace their roots back to Lester Roloff’s homes and have since changed their names and moved locations multiple times to stay ahead of law enforcement efforts to shut them down for abuse.

It’s time to start collecting millstones and chartering a boat.

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  1. I read Matthew Franck’s story years ago. I am most disturbed that absolutely nothing has changed.

  2. And please…keep in mind that there are institutions all over the country who operate exactly like New Bethany did, and like New Beginnings, Circle of Hope and Hephzibah House. Strangely enough, many churches STILL send money to New Bethany/Mack Ford, and THAT home has been closed “officially” since June of 2001.

  3. We are filing a major lawsuit against David Gibbs Jr and III of the ‘Christian’ law association and the Gibbs Law Firm for Criminal Conspiracy. We have evidence that alot of the torture, sexual and other abuse that was perpetrated against children such as those in Hepzibah house and New Bethany was intentional.

    We have evidence of torture rooms with shackles and handcuffs being used against children and other forms of torture including rape and other sexual abuse.

    David Gibbs Jr. is behind it all and so is his $5 million dollar a year in donations law firm with its army of lawyers that protect pedophiles and criminals in the fundamental baptist cult mafia.

    There is evidence of Jesuit and CIA involvement in all of this as well as ritual abuse.

    If you want to be a part of a class action lawsuit suing for financial damages or to expose these ‘murderers with bibles’ get in touch with us.

    There are alot of ‘moles’ in the IFB facebook forums but talk to us directly.


    http://www.criminalconspiracy.net 😛

    1. Wait a minute there, friend.
      You had me going up until your fourth paragraph.
      The Jesuits may be involved in bad activities, but there’s no freakin’ way they have anything to do with Hepzibah House or the New Bethany School.
      The same goes for the CIA.

    2. Yeah, Mr. Sanchez has a beef with everyone I believe. He claims to have been “robbed” of over $200,000 over some “correct” spanish translation. Doesn’t give any proof, but sure does alot of name calling. I haven’t viewed him as very credible, just whining about a whole bunch of nonsense.

    3. Allen, Assuming that this law firm and their attorneys represented the worst pedofiles in the IFB doesn’t give you any standing to sue. You, personally, must have standing to sue in order to file a lawsuit. Your comments are absurd. Haven’t you ever heard of criminal defense attorneys? Every criminal has a right to an attorney and that is part of what makes America great. Are you planning on suing every criminal defense attorney? My advice for you, my friend, is to quit wasting your time and move on with your life. While there are obviously wrongs going on in the IFB, people like you make people that have actually suffered look like freakin idiots.

  4. Oh, how I remember the girls coming to my church from the Hephzibah House at least once a year. Being from Indiana, my church highly supported them.

    Also, as a pregnant teen, I was threatened to be sent there. It was the easy way out of the public eye, send the troubled daughter away to this place.

    After pleading and begging, I was allowed to stay at my home. I just wasn’t spoken to for 9 months.

    I am glad that my parents found compassion and spared me from being a statistic in this expose.

    Definitely praying for healing of those who weren’t so lucky.

  5. The internet is exposing the corruption and abuse that is the IFB world!

    Bob Jones can no longer hide. They support Ron Williams and Lester Roloff (deceased but still heard on WMUU) – known child abusers!

    Bob Jones lied on Larry King Live. He whitewashed the institutional racism of BJU. But the internet has exposed him for what he is.

    Fundamentalism will continue to decline! Even now, schools are moving away from BJU and towards conservative evangelicals!

    I can’t believe any parent would send his son or daughter to BJU or reform schools without first reading the internet for information.

    1. Liars? Mighty Christian of you jackass. Enjoy hell because that’s exactly where all you pedophile, child abusing bastards will be when God gets done with ya.

  6. So tired and disgusted with this…and other “survivor” websites. New Bethany gave me and many other girls have a chance to get away from situations at home that may have shortened our lives and expose us to the Gospel. Even girls who did not ever respond to the Gospel often chose to stay longer than their “year”. Unfortunately it is always the negative element who love to blame everyone else for their problems and play victim instead of taking up their own accountability for their lives. Most of us who have gotten a life don’t spend time bellyaching on line and blaming,I for one just got so infuriated when trying to find a class mate and found all this BS. Had to respond.

    1. Its been a long time since your post k.. Wondering if you are still out there.
      Wanted to say I’m glad you did not have a negative experience at New Bethany.
      I wish that would have been the case for all.
      I too am looking for someone and always look for a chance to put her name out there….. Kelly Ireland was at New Bethany in the early 80’s . Would love to find out what happened to her.
      Did you ever find the person you were looking for?

  7. i was there in 85 and 86 i have just discoved all the crap coming out brings back the nightmares

  8. I AM A Survivor of New Bethany, I feel they should pay for all the damages that I received while I was there. I have had to pay out for a lot of counseling to try and recover from all the terror I survived from there. I attempted suicide 3 times after that. I am still over 30 years later trying to heal and receiving counseling. I will be forever scared from that place. It was a POW camp for girls. I am willing to testify in a court of law.

    1. Kristen, I’m so sorry for the torture you endured. I hope one day soon, justice will be served.

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