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Exporting Crazy: Irish Edition

There’s nothing like watching a bunch of Irish kids at a fundy youth camp run by Bible Baptist Church of Balllincollig sing the praises of the KJV.

Because Ireland just didn’t have enough fighting fundamentalists so we decided to send them some more.

Update 1: A few folks have questioned whether the song above is really a praise of the KJV since the version isn’t explicitly mentioned. I suppose my own bias is somewhat at work here since I’ve never heard this song sung by anybody but KJVO folks and the line “I haven’t changed one word that it said” definitely seems to fit that particular camp.

However, whether or not this song is specifically about the King James, the church in the video is definitely heavily promoting a KJVO point of view.

GOH: Be a Missionary

This song has a lot of nostalgia for me because it was so often rolled out during the missions conferences my family attended.

As an inside joke some missionary wrote these alternate lyrics about the “weird food” stories experienced by most missionaries at some point:

Be a missionary every day
Go and eat whatever comes your way
If it’s ants in your corn chip
Or roaches in your pop
Hey, don’t let it bug you
Just eat it ’till you drop so…
Be a missionary every day
If it stinks just eat it anyway!
It may be warm and fuzzy
And sometimes it still moves but:
You don’t need a skillet,
Chew until you kill it!
Be a missionary today!

BJU Parody Songs

Not to be outdone by the post of PCC parodies last week, some Bob Jones grads have come up with their own songs that help tell the story of what life is like on that campus.

I’ve given this mishmash of songs the title of: Doge from the Boje. Don’t ask me why. It was late.

1 – Artist Series
2 – BJU and Me
3 – I Love Basilean
4 – Small Brown Squirrel
5 – The Triple G
6 – Somewhere over in Greenville