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Exporting Crazy: Irish Edition

There’s nothing like watching a bunch of Irish kids at a fundy youth camp run by Bible Baptist Church of Balllincollig sing the praises of the KJV.

Because Ireland just didn’t have enough fighting fundamentalists so we decided to send them some more.

Update 1: A few folks have questioned whether the song above is really a praise of the KJV since the version isn’t explicitly mentioned. I suppose my own bias is somewhat at work here since I’ve never heard this song sung by anybody but KJVO folks and the line “I haven’t changed one word that it said” definitely seems to fit that particular camp.

However, whether or not this song is specifically about the King James, the church in the video is definitely heavily promoting a KJVO point of view.


Some people spend a lifetime learning Greek, Hebrew, and the principles of textual criticism. Others, like Rick Flanders, have enough faith to just declare themselves an expert, write a mimeographed pamphlet, and call it a done deal.

Keep in mind that this message is being preached at a so-called institution of higher learning to college students who are ostensibly preparing for the ministry..