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“Practical” Performance


Joshua Harris (no apparent relation to this guy) is an ordained IFB evangelist out of Gospel Light Baptist in New Mexico.

When I saw that Josh had written a list of five practical ways to increase soul winning results I naturally thought that as someone who is a paid professional soul winner, he’d have some interesting insights.

Then I read the list.

Allow me to summarize:

1. Do it more often.
2. Do it to more people.
3. Do it more often.
4. Do it to more people.
5. Do it to more people (and a lot more often).

You’d think that a crowd of people who’s mandate is solely focused on scouring all of land and sea to make disciples would at least have developed some really good techniques for badgering, bullying, and buttonholing people into the kingdom.

But this? Even used car salesmen have better material than this.

The Sign

The man sat at his desk lost in thought as his finger traced outlines on the black material.

How many people drove down his street every day? Eight? Nine? A Dozen? He counted on his fingers as he mentally traversed the road.

Old Mr. McGuillicudy at the end of the street didn’t drive anymore but a nurse came to see him every day…the young couple who were some kind of Chinese (or was it Korean?) had moved in next door but who knew if they spoke English…then there were the kids who rode their bikes during the summertime…

Every one was a mission field. He needed a message that would touch each of them. There had to be words that would stir their souls and show them what really matters…

When the thought came in a flash of inspiration he smiled at how obvious it had been as his fingers began to place the letters. There could only be one message that would do: