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The Friendship Pass


This is a Friendship Request Form from Providence Baptist College which may seem a little odd until you realize that boys and girls who want to “court” have to get permission from the college admin.

The problem is, of course, that that not a lot of kids wanted to make the comittment required to fill out a “Courtship Courtesy Request Form.” Since too many students were refusing to fill out the CCRF early in their relationships (and claimed “just friends” status) the friendship request form was born.

There’s no word on whether they also have “eyes met across a crowded room” or “just really wishing she’d notice me” forms.

Turning Victims into “Victims”

This video from Mike Ames, former BMOC at PCC, highlights one of the hallmarks of conservatism in general and fundamentalism in specific: the word “victim” is most frequently used as a slur. Mike has a hard time using the word “victim” when talking about being used, abused, and ultimately ostracized. I think he dislikes the term because we were taught that victims are just whiners. They are weak. They have an agenda that involves trying to profit from lies.

The fundamentalist stance towards victims is often thus: if they hurt you it’s because you let them. If you suffered it’s your fault. If you admit that you were emotionally and spiritually bludgeoned then you’re most likely just bitter.

Because nothing helps a person who has been hurt like victimizing them all over again with shame and guilt.

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Fundy Tweet of the Week: Bible College

Today’s tweet comes from the pastor of the Calvary Road Baptist Church in New Albany, Indiana.


Really? That is one of your biggest fears? It must be nice to have so few worries. Then again, this is the church with the tagline “If you love the King James Bible you will love this church” painted on their sanctuary wall. Make of that what you may.