2014 Year in Review

SFL was visited about 2.2 million times in 2014. That’s a lot of clicks.

Here’s some of the stuff that went on:

This report on Blackface Boxing was the most viewed post

These posts also got a lot of attention:
Sermon Contests Redux
Violence Against Women
Modest is Hottest (Literally)
GRACE Releases the BJU Report

These three guys were the most chatty in the comments:

1. Big Gary – 3152 COMMENTS
2. Bald Jones grad – 1384 COMMENTS
3 Dr. Fundystan, Proctologist – 1368 COMMENTS

That’s almost 9 comments every day, Big Gary. You write on here more than I do.

In THREE HOURS this past spring we raised enough money to keep SFL online all year. Many, many thanks

Kent Hovind and Jack Schaap are still in jail. John Hamblin still isn’t. Yet.

Happy New Years to you all. I’m taking a couple days off. I’ll see you all in 2015!

Christmas Wishes

Dear Lord (and not Santa) We’ve wishes for you
And if it’s no bother, please make them come true…

An additional Bible to put on my stack
Make sure it’s KJV. Make sure it’s black.
A jean skirt that’s pleated, so modest (yet chic)
To wear when I’m soul-winning three nights a week.
A Sugar Creek Gang Book, more fun than TV
With Poetry, Circus, and sassafras tea.
Maybe Dutch Blitz? or a new game of Rook?
For rare evenings when ministry’s not undertook
A belt buckle cross, draped in red, white, and blue
With the words “We’re God’s Favorites! Too Bad for You!”
A shiny new pocket square; Blue Denim and Lace
And dear God, please…a ticket away from this place.

Merry Christmas, SFL!

A silly blog dedicated to Independent Fundamental Baptists, their standards, their beliefs, and their craziness.

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