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We often reference the tacit racism that exists in the history of fundamentalism. Nevertheless, it’s worth remembering that there are minorities who do join and even lead in parts of the movement.

The pastor from today’s website “began to feel burdened about the people in the Mississippi Delta because he realized there was not one Independent Fundamental Baptist Church reaching the Black community there.”

Which requires us to ask “why?” What in their history and philosophy makes the IFB so incredibly bad at reaching out to the black community? Perhaps the place to start is by looking at the era and the cultural values that fundamentalists glorify and realizing that there is little space for other peoples and cultures there.

The More Things Change

With the installation of a new president (and his strangely photoshopped smile) many have opined that PCC has entered a bright new era of fewer rules, more freedoms, and quasi-accreditation.

A quick look at the Faculty & Staff Commitments section on their Employement Opportunities page show that not much has really changed.


Still can’t pick your own church. Still can’t have a beer. Still can’t…watch The Goonies?

Meet the new old-fashioned boss, same as the old old-fashioned boss.

An Open Letter to Crown College and Temple Baptist Church

I was approached an asked if I would post this letter of apology for words written on this site. I agreed and will now do so without further commentary. – DD

After the counsel of family and friends, and conversations with those I have offended; I wish to write an open letter of apology to Crown College and the Temple Baptist Church.

I have in times past and in the recent future engaged in critical allegations of the ministries of Temple Baptist Church and its pastor, Dr. Clarence Sexton. I have made these allegations under a pseudo name on this site; and have done so with malice in my heart causing hurt to friends I deeply care for. For this I am very sorry.

Though words alone are not enough to repair the relationships that have been damaged, I pray that I can give some explanation to the behavior I engaged in.

Shortly before my departure from the ministries of Temple; I became aware of serious abuse allegations that in my opinion were handled unjustly and endangered the well-being of those under my care. Rather than dealing with it in appropriate biblical way, I chose to allow the root of bitterness to grow inside me; and chose this online format to vent my frustrations and in some cases be unjustly critical.

I realize now the error of my ways, and appreciate the graciousness that has been extended to me; even by those whom I have hurt. I have now gone to the proper parties of the allegations I mentioned above and will no longer engage in critical or abusive language towards the ministries of Temple Baptist Church or its founder.

I do not discount my time learning and serving, and am very grateful for the wonderful Christian people and friends I have met along the way who have invested so much in my life. I pray for the forgiveness of God and his reconciliation with those who I love and love me.


Joshua Cehulik

Special thanks to Darrell for allowing me the opportunity to post my letter of apology in the forum where I have created so much damage. I am also grateful for those of you who have afforded me words of encouragement along the way.

May God’s grace direct each of us in our journey ahead.

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