Commandments Concerning Patriotic Services

And concerning the celebrations of the times and occasions wherein we cover our crosses in flags and drape bunting on the communion table we give these commands that thou forget not the Christian nation that thou hast been given to dwell in.

For in that day thou shalt rest from the labor of decrying the wickedness of thy land and shall instead sing its praises and render it all due benevolence speaking the words long written: “I still wouldn’t want to be livin’ anywhere else because them other folks don’t even speak English!”

Then shalt thou honor the founders of the nation and call them good Christian men and shall speak not a word of their beer drinking and whoring and slave owning. For they brought forth on this continent a new nation wherein the sodas are large and the people are larger and for this and all their many other blessings we give them reverence.

And thou shalt sing the songs of war and the songs of national pride and the songs of remembrance of times past. Then thou shalt preach a sermon sparing not to give honor to whom honor is due. For there are three who bear witness to Washington the Tea Party, the Capitol Connection and David Barton. And these three are our one last best hope.

For we all know that if Jesus had been born today he would have been born in Bethlehem, PA, in the country with the language and culture that God loves most.

Independent Baptist Book of Everlasting Rules and Requirements p 74.

Confusing Youth Conference Videos

I’ve watched this video shown at North Valley Baptist Church’s youth conference and I’m still not exactly sure what the point is.
For one thing they’re using a song by Aloe Blacc that I am absolutely certain doesn’t meet their music standards. For another, what exactly is the message? Is one extended fat joke? Or are they really saying that people shouldn’t pay any attention to nutrition?

I’m not even going to bother asking where Jesus was. Unless he was one of the people throwing lettuce.

Financial “Gurus”

With endorsements like this from the very elite of fudamentalism, how could you help but trust trust Thomas Kimmel’s financial ministry?

And when Alabama(PDF) and New Jersey(PDF) send out cease and desist orders because he’s running an unlicensed business offering consumer credit with used cars as collateral you can be sure that’s just persecution. Obviously.

And when he finally gets convicted of Conspiracy, Mail Fraud, And Money Laundering for running a Ponzi scheme then I guess that is just the Lord opening the door to prison ministry.

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Standards For Immediate Products In sore throat remedies

The signs and symptoms of Laryngitis are quite all to easy to identify. Aspirin won't be utilized to control pain in kids under 16, because with the rare association of aspirin with Reye's syndrome, a significant disorder seen as an inflammation from the brain and proof of liver failure. You might also experience intolerable throat pain and formation of white lesions or patches on the throat or tonsils. - It has wormicidal activity and it's good in cough. * stress - always plays a part inside different sores, pains and problems one's body presents to us.

The salt on this dish has anti-inflammatory properties, which reduce swollen glands. Liquid intake like broths, teas or trouble is additionally a good idea. You will use apple cider vinegar treatment and cayenne in a cup of warm water. Kids and winter sore throats seem to go hand in hand. Such viruses often result in blister formation in mouth and throat.

Next, take a huge spoonful of vinegar and push it down your throat. , 1991; Jain, 1992; Rai and Nonhare, 1992; Bhalla et al. This being said, it might be a highly effective symptom treatment; however, you must take other medications or herbal solutions to assist eliminating the cause of the sore throat for true relief. Ibuprofen is very efficient at reducing the inflammation causing this. Stir and if the solution cools, let it slide down your throat, coating the sore glands.