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    1. I guess the woman who posted it must read the IFB funny page. I scrolled down it some; some are okay, but I thought the choir one was a little sad. Wanting the same SHADE of blue? Seriously?!?!

      1. … Of all the memes that were on there, that’s the one you get riled up on? Seriously?? It just means the choir director had a different color in mind when he said “blue”. Nothing more than that.

    2. I’ve been there– Dad liked to talk about us in his sermons.
      I’ve never quite gotten over it.

      1. And they used Ned Stark’s picture. I didn’t think fundies watched Game of Thrones. Too much nudity and sex for their taste.

        1. But that isn’t Ned Stark – it’s Boromir from LoTR. Still, often not fundy approved, but closer that GoT.

          Fun fact, I got in big trouble with my parents for going to see Two Towers on opening night, because of the violence. We didn’t attend IFB, but my mother was/is one. I didn’t stop going to movies, but I don’t think I ever shared that information again.

    3. The pastor at the AG church I attended for a while had a deal worked out with his kids that he would have to pay them a dollar every time they were mentioned in a sermon. It was a running joke.

  1. IFB’s are not the only ones to mention their kids in their sermons. I remember a sermon on honoring thy father and thy mother that a former pastor of ours, a Free Will Baptist minister, mentioned once in a sermon. He mentioned that he was fixing himself a hot dog, and his daughter, who was in…I think 4th grade at the time, kept trying to tell him how she learned in school that hot dogs are bad for him. He kept telling her he wanted it anyway, and finally, when she wouldn’t shut up, he just said “Ellie Grace, go to your room.”, which we all got quite a laugh out of. LOL

  2. Ah, BamaMan. You bring back memories.

    Thirty-five years ago we were living in Minnesota. The wife of my best clergy friend had passed away in Birmingham. I flew down for the funeral.

    The plane from Minneapolis made a stop in either Memphis or Nashville; I forget which. Some passengers got off but the boarding passengers filled every seat. They all wore orange, they had banners and whatnot. (This was long before 9/11.)

    When I arrived in Birmingham my friend met me at the airport and explained that those folks were in town for the Alabama-Tennessee game.

    I was astonished that people would spend that much money on air fare, hotels, etc.

    The next day was the funeral. We were almost late because of game traffic. (The game must have been played at Legion Field, before the Bryant-Denny stadium was constructed.

    By the way, who was Denny? The guy who set up those breakfast places?

  3. My privilege to take you back in time JC. Bama’s stadium was opened in 1929 and named Denny Stadium after George Denny the school’s first president. The additon of the name Bryant should be a no brainer…Bama leads the series over TN 49-38-7. I do love the “grand slam” breakfast…LSWho is next. Roll Tide!

  4. Memes … can’t tell whether I love them or hate them. I use some on Facebook. All of them are incomplete and inaccurate of varying degrees because you can’t tell a complete story in a sound bite.

    Some of the memes my old IFB friends share are horrible in their racism and outright lies. I wonder whether I should unfriend some of them. I know I have been unfriended by some of them when I objected to their postings. Like many fundies, they like to hurt and want no criticism for their hurtfulness.

    I will continue to use memes, but I hope I can be careful with them.

    1. As for unfriending people, if someone is being an intolerable jerk, unfriend them. I think it was mark twain who said “never argue will an idiot. He will drag you down to his level and win by experience” I have learned the hard way. I’ve had to unfriend a few people (but I have a low tolerance for idiocy and I’m allergic to trolls)

        1. β€œNever attempt to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and annoys the pig.” —-Robert A. Heinlein

        2. LOL! I love John Oliver! I wish there was a site that would provide info on where quotes actually came from. His site is entertaining, but not informative. I tell people all the time to check where quotes actually came from. Bartlett’s is the only source I know of to check those kinds of things, but I don’t know of an online resource to check things. Mom latched on to one recently “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are probably right”. Often attributed to Henry Ford, but I have no idea if he said it or not, and don’t have a good resource to find where it came from. Googling just confirms what someone on Wikipedia said most likely.

        3. “I never said two-thirds of the things attributed to me on the Internet.”
          — Abraham Lincoln

          “Don’t believe everything on Twitter.”
          — William Shakespeare

        4. “I never said two-thirds of the things attributed to me on the Internet.”
          — Abraham Lincoln

          “Don’t believe everything on Twitter.”
          — William Shakespeare

  5. I googled that quote. Apparently George Carlin used it.mark Twain did say “never argue with a fool, onlookers might not be able to tell the difference”

    1. Sounds about right. I have a “friend” who likes to post memes that either advocate guns or blasts those who want regulations like background checks. I can’t see anything remotely “Christian” about the lock and load mentality, but he tells me that I am unchristian because I am liberal.

      Then there are all the Facebook threads with believers fawning over Ben Carson, especially when he promises to violate someone’s Constitutional rights yet another time.

      1. Ben Carson reminds me of the argument, made by some elected official years ago, that smart, well-informed people shouldn’t have all the elected offices, because dull and ignorant people deserve representation, too.

        (I want to say it was J. Danforth Quayle who said that, but it probably wasn’t.)

        1. I love that thought! Not actualizing it — I tend to think that only smart, well-informed people should be elected to office! — but it reflects reality.

          The Ignorant and Stupid have elected many idiots and fools in elected office who not only know nothing, but delight in proving that they know nothing. It seems to be a requirement for office in … well, some political and religious philosophies.

          I remember when my IFB pastor was talking about Evolution, showing off his ignorance to the congregation who was heartily approving of his ignorant statements. I shook my head in disagreement, and the pastor from the pulpit looked at me and said out loud, “Stop it. Stop it.” I wish I’d walked out of the service. I didn’t. Not that the pastor is a bad man (he isn’t), but his ignorance and pride made for what I felt was an abusive situation. I guess I haven’t really “forgiven” him for it, though I’ve tried. But every time I remember it I feel angry again!

          Fundamentalism revels in its ignorance. It puts ignorant ideas on the same value level as fact, random flashes of dumb conjecture on par with dedicated and productive study.

        2. This primary election cycle is hilarious. I have been a political junky for most of my life, and I can’t remember the likes of Ben Carson and The Donald. One commentator attributes the glorification of the stupid, arrogant but outspoken to Sarah Palin.

      2. Anytime any group fawns over any politician I get nervous. I remember when the evangelicals drooled all over Jimmy Carter after he said he was a born again Christian, when he was running for POTUS. Maybe he was(is) but to me that wasn’t sufficient data to blindly qualify him for the presidency. Not to diss him, in his golden years he has done a great deal for charity and world peace it seems.

    2. Dear Paul Best:

      Dr. Smith [theology faculty] at Snob Clones Perversity used to say ‘never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell you apart…’

      Christian Socialist

        1. Dear Paul Best:

          If I said ‘no,’ would you believe me?

          An eschatology discussion broke out in one class. As some guy had it, 2 Thess 2:3 meant that the rapture had to occur before the tribulation. Setting aside the fact that I didn’t buy the Premill rapture/tribulation thesis, I asked how one got ‘rapture’ out of ‘apostasia.’ The standard line Igot was ‘discuss this after class…

          So there really wasn’t much opportunity for taking them to task…

          Christian Socialist

    1. To clarify, I wrote most of the articles before I started the funny page. The funny page is the shallow entertainment, the blog is my deeper thoughts on the matter. No cognitive dissonance, as I see no contradictions to both existing. Fundamentalism has many facets, and this site stuff fundies like is just the obviously very negative perception facet of it, I provide the balance.

  6. The Dad using kids as sermon illustrations meme is outside of Fundydom – I just saw it on a woman’s page who is not fundamentalist.

    1. It was made by a follower of my page for a Preacher’s Kids’ Appreciation Week, originally. Yes, it has been copied over other offshoot general Christian memes sites since then.

  7. Independent funny meme is actually an improvement over ifbmemes. The admin there can’t separate faith and politics. Steals a lot of his postings and generally isn’t all that funny. He also tends to get into debates and then deletes them if they go poorly yea. Independent funny memes is better as they do more tongue in cheek and don’t simply use it as an attack outlet

    1. The stealing part is an unfair characterization. Many meme sites borrow and share from others so I retract that part

    2. Thank you for the kind words! I actually started the page because IFBmemes focused to much on attacking Joel Osteen and Reformed Theology way too much for it to be enjoyable.

  8. I was a pastor’skid of a more conservative evangelical strain, and man…I HATED being part of sermon illustrations.

  9. My dad would be probably be considered fundy-lite(I walked into Fundystan proper after I started driving and wanted to go back to church after a couple years away.), and was pastor for much of my childhood and early teens before he and my mother stopped going to church for reasons not totally clear to me to this day…

    Anyway, I don’t remember my dad ever using me or my two older brothers as sermon illustrations…at least not embarrassingly. I do remember him complimenting us publicly on multiple occasions, though. I’m thankful I was spared from that.

  10. Hey! The Independent Funny Baptist and @baptistmemes admin here…

    While I definitely disagree with the whole premise of this stuff fundies like site, thanks for reposting. πŸ˜‰

  11. I’m one of those “fundies”. Oh yes, skirt wearing, King James Bible thumping, AMEN shouting fundie. The reason we make jokes about us is because we know we look weird to the rest of the world, and we can laugh at it. We are just poking a bit of fun at ourselves. And it’s ok. We get the humor. What you are doing is looking at a meme that we find hilarious and using it to judge us. What you should really be doing is laugh more at life and stop pointing and judging. You may just find that we are actually not all that bad. πŸ™‚

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