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This week’s website is the home of Appleby Baptist Church in Nacogdoches, TX and it hits all the fundy high notes in style. Don’t miss the Christ-honoring sermons with titles like “When He is a whoremonger- When she is a whore” and “400 Years ago and the KJ Bible is still so.” (Still so what we might never know but I’m sure it’s lovely.)

Also don’t miss the standard Church Covenant, blatant copyright violations on their music page, and gospel-filled articles with titles like “Interracial Marriages in Light of the Scriptures” and “Baptist Preachers and N—–r Jokes.”

You just can’t make this stuff up.

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  1. Not surprised by the sermon title “Love your Pastor.” I’ve heard plenty of those. Interestingly, my current non-IFB pastor is such a servant that we do love him.

  2. I just got a response from my e-mail that I sent. He wrote me one line to my questions. Nice.

    This is his answer to my e-mail:

    Your ignorance of the scripture is overwhelming! Your kind of thinking is the reason our nation has turned so far from GOD!

    This was my e-mail
    Quoting :

    > Dear Pastor Anderson,
    > I have been on your website and was looking at your church covenant and so forth. I was impressed, but a bit confused after reading some of your articles. Would you be willing to explain somethings to me? You talk about loving others but your article on some Baptist being idiots doesn’t match up with your ideals. I guess I thought name calling was for the immature? Truly brother, I am not trying to hurt your feelings, but I don’t understand where you are coming from and would appreciate a dialoge. Also, are African Americans welcomed in your church? Also if in Christ (Salvation) skin color doesn’t matter. Why does it matter in marriage? Salvation and the forgiveness of sins is far greater than marriage, right?
    > Thank you for your time and answering me,
    > Sincerely,
    > Sara

    1. He really is an angry man.

      I don’t know who is more miserable, this guy or our friend yesterday at WalMart.

  3. I received the same exact response, but not once did he explain to me why Rahab and Ruth were acceptable interracial brides….nor could he reconcile his hatred for black people with 1 John 4:20. And you bet he couldn’t explain Moses being married to a Cushite (Ethiopian).

  4. I hope our nation continues to turn away from his god, because it surely isn’t the God of the Bible that he is worshipping.

  5. “The emotions of man are stirred more quickly than his intelligence.” – Oscar Wilde

  6. I just noticed that Phil Kidd has this church on his itineray for this year. Does that surprise anyone?

  7. I was bored this morning, and decided to click on a few of the “Random Posts.” And this one came up. I made the *mistake* of going to the website and the further *mistake* of reading his article on interracial marriage.

    I’m so depressed now.

    I haven’t read the comments, but I’m sure someone has Biblically refuted his nonsense. I am amazed that such a hate-filled racist can call himself a Christian. And use God’s word to excuse his vileness.

    He may be IFB and claim not to wear robes in the pulpit, but I bet he wears a white one with a hood every so often.

  8. Huh. For some reason, this church came up on the radar recently – as evidenced by a google search of the church name (which I can’t copy/paste, for some reason). Salon.com, democraticunderground and other sites discussed the church within the last few months with terms such as “racist” and “curse of Ham.”

  9. You know. Ididt read the whole article. But from reading what yall been saying. This steven anderson is in some serious prayer and chastiseing from god. Our obligation as christians is to love thy neighbor as thy self. Anderson is just another losy soal playing the christian roll because it sounds good. But when you realy get down to the bare bones of it. He is just another false profit. It makes me sick that he would feel that way anbout mixed relationships. I’m seeing a black girl right know and I look at her the way christ would have. I don’t see color. Ijust see another creation of god. Its says right Iin genesis and god saind let us make them in our image. Christ wasn’t even white. He had hair of whool a skin of bronze. Now I’m not saying jesus was black. But he deff wasn’t white. Anderson needs to study the bible more. Study to show thyself aproved a workman need not to be ashamed. Rightly devideing the truth. And check himself before he wrecks his church. Jesus said himself. I didn’t come there to harm or condem. I came here to give love and life more abondantly. In the almost 5 years in full time ministry that I served in . Not once while I was street ministering did I turn down spreading the gosple to the lost because of sexual disposition or race or any other thing that anderson speaks about. The church isn’t for the healthy. Its for thelost and sick. Thoughs are the people god reaches out for the most. If you wanna t a lk or have any questions. You can reach me at triblsoldier003@gmail.com. I’d love to talk. And answer any questions you’d have

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