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  1. “Dr Vineyard is a most colorful preacher and very dramatic. You will be richly blessed.”

    Sure, because qualities like knowledge, wisdom, kindness, and humility don’t even register in these churches. Being blessed requires certain levels of humor and even outrageous words and behavior to be maintained in the pulpit.

    1. Yes, apparently his qualifications are that he’s successful, colorful, and dramatic, the very qualifications Paul lists as essential for an elder! *sarcasm*

  2. David Hyles was only a teenager at this time but he was already a reverend and the youth director? How could that be? He hadn’t been ordained, hadn’t been to Bible college even that sorry excuse for a Bible college they have there. If this isn’t the most blatant form of nepotism, I don’t know what is. Back in my old church in Michigan the pastor installed his son (who was all of 22 I guess but looked much younger) into a position of assistant pastor and he became the Sunday school superintendent and began to lord it over people who had probably been his teachers in Sunday school when he was a kid, and likely had changed his diaper when he was a baby. I’m sure they just loved sitting there at the teacher meeting every Wednesday taking orders from him! πŸ‘Ώ

    1. He was pushed too far, too fast. I’ve seen it elsewhere – a pastor is hoping that his son will succeed him in “his” church; puts him in authority, moves him around to give him experience, and the pastor organizes things for which he gives his son full credit — all to make the son look so mature and wise and spiritual.

      1. The same thing appears to be happening with Jack Trieber (so many IFB pastors named Jack) whose son Tim is his assistant pastor and now preaches often in his daddy’s place. πŸ™„

        1. Same with the Chappells south of Trieber. Larry appears to be the heir apparent. They did give Larry the veneer of Bible training at their own Bible kawledge though…

        2. Wow….such haterade for LBC and WCBC. I consider myself to be pretty open, and an independent thinker, and yeah. It’s not a perfect place, and I have had problems with mainly the Weavers (which largely stems from his Hyles-isms), but really? Hating on Larry Chappell now? He is nothing like a David Hyles. He is NOT a womanizer, nor has he been forced into anything, from what I have seen.

          What I DID see, was a man who went through a severe battle with cancer showing God’s grace. He had to have very risky surgery and chemo, but he never complained. In fact, I personally learned a lot from his strength of character and godliness through that experience. So really, stop with the hate.

        3. Polish guy are you talking about Toby Weaver? He was once the pastor of my old church in Michigan and then returned to WCBC as dean of men. What’s the story here? ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓

        4. One and the same! I see you went to Berean. My childhood best friend moved there for a while shortly before Dr. (and yeah, its one of those rare earned ones) Weaver went to WCBC. Now, he has some good qualities, and I did learn some good things from him in the classroom. My folks raised me to always learn SOMETHING from people.

          BUT, my biggest issues with him were the GROSS favoritism happening under his deaniness. Seriously…some people could get away with BLOODY FREAKING MURDER! I had a roomie my junior year, cussed me out with the f-bomb repeatedly in front of a bunch of guys (among other things he did that year). But because his parents were friends of the Weave, he never got kicked out. And some of his philosophy was very skewed from his time being at Hyles. And plus…a personal little beef of mine (not doctrinal or serious error or anything, just sad and slightly irritating), I went to him to just talk and get some advice my senior year, and he started giving me some advice, and a minute later asked my name…. I was a senior, and had talked to him and gone soul winning with him before… Clearly, you know where I was on his “favorites” list….

        5. Hmmm. I liked him when he was our pastor. He was there for four years and really helped our church after the former pastor (money grubber I call him) left after being invited to by the deacons (but he was allowed to save face by resigning). Toby Weaver helped me a great deal with questions I had regarding my baptism and I was rebaptized by him and since have had peace on the issue. He actually listened to me and didn’t interrupt ❗ and gave me good counsel on it. I will always be grateful to him for that.

          I hear it’s like that a lot at these colleges, these deans etc, playing favorites. That’s a shame, it ought not to be that way but I guess it happens. Just like teachers having “pets” etc.

          I don’t like to mention the name of my former church in Michigan because I still think it’s a good church for the most part. We were there for 23 years before we moved to where we are now.

          I was somewhat resentful of both Toby Weaver and Paul Chappell for “stealing our pastor.” The church really grew under Weaver. He had a more mild way of preaching than the former pastor who yelled a lot. But it seemed Weaver had itchy feet. How is his wife Rita? πŸ™‚

        6. One Polish Guy,

          The nepotism at LBC is obvious and shifty…It is the exact same thing you noted with the Weavers, just more intense involving the Chappells and other staff kids. I remember Larry and find no particular fault with him as a person, other than him allowing his father to run his life. A grown man should not do that. Chappell’s younger son made some people miserable…but he was untouchable at that place.

          Nepotism and general favoritism is wrong. Period.

          As for the education at WCBC, one could get a better education at many of the colleges in the area – and leave with a degree that is actually worth something in the real world.

    2. Unfortunately, many preacher’s kids in the IFB are pushed into leadership positions before they turn 18, whether they want the “fame” or not. It’s incredible pressure for these kids – I’ve seen their struggles behind the scenes – not pretty.

  3. Nepotism seems quite normal in these circles. As does the idea of celebrity ministers. These things ought not to be so.

      1. When did I arrive in rock ridge? sorry, I need to work on my reliance on pop culture reference to sound witty.

  4. One heaping steaming noisome heap of sh**. The insult is that people were supposed to believe it. Today? We have one murdering perverted narcissistic deviant,, and one old insane woman-hating racist. Actually, those descriptions may be interchangeable. πŸ‘Ώ

    1. I think this post was just for YOU Seen Enough. Merry Christmas!!! (Now go get something to barf into.)

  5. It would make my day if I thoughtHyles and Vineyard saw this post. Darrell, you are my hero for having this site.

  6. “By popular demand we bring him back to Fairbanks”

    Was this Daddy’s demand so he could perform some damage control, or maybe a hope a bear would eat the kid before he sullied the great Hyle’s name irreparably?

  7. Shouldn’t all Chistians be witnessing to their classmates by their actions? Oh wait that doesn’t count! Kind of like the Baptist preachers son, who told everyone in his valedictorian speech they needed to ask Jesus in their hearts.

  8. The Lord led us to stop the bus ministry recently due to a lack of participation from neighborhood children. I, personally, think that parents should feel no reservation about putting their child on the church bus even if they don’t know the names of the people in charge of the children. And the buses may not have heating or air conditioning, but you are singing so loud most of the time you don’t even notice.

    Our bus captains were disappointed, but they understood. A neighboring church had been investigated for kidnapping after a child got on the bus and didn’t tell his mother where he was going. About halfway to the church, the child said he wanted to go home and they said they would take him home after church. It was a whole mix-up and was easily explained. But, it must have been scary for the church to know that a mom was really mad at them.

    1. Hey were the bus workers passing out enough candy and swallowing enough goldfish? Maybe if you did more of those two activities the parents would feel more comfortable with you taking their children for five and half hours!

    2. Well, once they realized that the mom was unsaved they probably didn’t worry too much about whether she was mad or not. After all, you can’t live your life trying to please the unsaved now, can you? I am sure that she was not a very good parent and that the bus route provided that child with the only discipline he might ever get in a week. Therefore the greater purpose was served and the church can rest easy.

  9. There it is in black and white. They have their reward. The reward of male persons who worship other male persons. Arrogant, smug self-righteous male persons who do not qualify as men being hailed as gods.

  10. Does “colorful” mean that he tells jokes about people of color? (I’m guessing that this is what the phrase means)

      1. No, I know what “colorful” really means — in light of Jim Vineyard’s well-known racism, I put a different spin on “colorful”… πŸ™‚

  11. I don’t think I was raised Fundy enough to know what a “bus minister” is, or what qualifiers dictate even the possibility that one is more successful than the other, much less “the most successful.”

  12. Listening to a Hyles clone church preacher… he was honest enough to say that he didn’t care if people gave him their hearts, but he wanted their money. Not very common to hear that!

  13. The biggest mystery to me is how there could be a church in Alaska? Do they even have populations of people large enough? I imagine some Eskimos, some penguins, some igloos, and about eight people at any one time gathered at any one place in Alaska.

      1. Now Kevin, we all know “looking ignorant” is like the worst.thing.ever. A truly upstanding person would know everything already. Or pretend to, at the very least.

    1. This place really is Seward’s Folly. Wanna talk about ignorant? This is the same place that gave us Sarah Palin. If that isn’t Neanderthal ignorance, then I don’t know what is.

    2. Penguins (except in zoos) only live in the Southern Hemisphere.

      But in a way, Mr. Jenkins is right: The church in question is not a large one by the standards of the “Lower Forty-Eight.”

    1. ORRRR… he was home-schooled and “witnessed” to his “fellow classmates”. πŸ™„ πŸ˜†

    2. @jenn….At the time the church did not have a school so yes he went to public school!!

  14. Self-promotion is awesome.. Bus routes are even better.
    I can’t imagine as a parent letting some strange man come pick up my kids and taking them for 3-4 hours on Sunday morning.. It’s counter-intuitive that this actually works. Maybe it did in the 70s when it became a fundy phenomenon so everyone copied, but nowadays I struggle with how this is supposed to work. Kinda like Saturday mornin’ door knockin’

  15. Ok, so I have picked up that David Hyles is a bad dude from reading the site for a while. A womanizer, adulterer type? Is there any place I can get the scoop on him?

    And speaking of lecherous Hyles-es, ever since I read the expose on Jack, I’ve been REALLY conflicted talking with my more down-the-line fundy grandma and mom. How do I say that I really have no respect for the dude when he occasionally comes up in conversation? They are the types to shrug off the accusations as angry, bitter ex-members making wild stories after his death. (Which, I can see where they are coming from. It’s unfortunate that we can’t make him give straight answers to the accusations…)

      1. Oh, I was talking about David. I see you’ve mentioned both him and his father in the post, so I wanted to clarify. It gets very confusing, really.

    1. The thing is the Expose in the Biblical Evangelist was not merely former members squeezinf sour grapes. Some of these were the fundiest of fundies who were calling Jack out. Jack had ample opportunity to refute the accusations but he failed to do so. If you read his refutation it was all rheortic and little substance. Jack hid behind the pulpit, the Hammond mafia did much of the damage control for Jack.
      “Truth”, always respond with truth. Seek the truth at all costs. Because All True Truth is God’s Truth. Truth that cannot withstand scrutinity is not truth but a lie that has been dressed up in the mask of mere perceived truth. “Truth” that cannot be questioned is not truth but propaganda.


    2. It really is hard when you are in the presence of one of Hyles’ worshipers. Like our former pastor who adored the ground Jack walked on. I made my mind up to never mention the thing about him being an adulterer. They would never believe it and you’d only end up in an argument. Not worth the trouble. πŸ™„

  16. β€œDr Vineyard is a most colorful preacher and very dramatic.”

    “Former FBC Bus Mechanic” concurs:
    He would force us to don boxing gloves and beat on each other, all the while threatening that if we didn’t fight, he would beat us to a pulp. He bragged about biting the heads off living animals. He was a brute, a bully, and sadistic. Even his chapel sermons were so over the top–”Bloody Hands.” Remember that one? A big vat of cow’s blood he kept dipping his hands into, letting the blood run down, telling us that if we didn’t win every soul that crossed our path, their blood was on our hands, their eternal damnation our fault. …”

    “You will be richly blessed.”

    At the very least, you will thank God when Vineyard’s preaching is over.

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