FWOTW: applebybaptistchurch.com

This week’s website is the home of Appleby Baptist Church in Nacogdoches, TX and it hits all the fundy high notes in style. Don’t miss the Christ-honoring sermons with titles like “When He is a whoremonger- When she is a whore” and “400 Years ago and the KJ Bible is still so.” (Still so what we might never know but I’m sure it’s lovely.)

Also don’t miss the standard Church Covenant, blatant copyright violations on their music page, and gospel-filled articles with titles like “Interracial Marriages in Light of the Scriptures” and “Baptist Preachers and N—–r Jokes.”

You just can’t make this stuff up.

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  1. “I want to address the liberal minded, sissy acting, silk panty wearing wimps, who will no doubt have the opinion that I shouldnโ€™t be calling names. My response is your attitude just proves your lack of bible knowledge when it comes to dealing with religion that teaches things contrary to the word of God.” Hmmm, how does he know they wear silk panties? ๐Ÿ˜Ž

      1. Maybe he has them pass through one of those TSA scanners as they enter the building, ROTFL! :mrgreen:

      2. Hmm…looks to me like somebody’s been secretly watching Mark Driscoll sermons and trying to copy them…

  2. Well, I read through the interracial marriage and N-word articles. This man disgusts me. I’ve heard versions of this crap before and it disgusts me more each time.

    1. The first part of that terrible article was so absurd, I just had to laugh at the sheer inanity of it. But as you continue and it starts to sink in… it’s just pathetic, and completely, entirely, wholly unBiblical.

  3. “Many churches emphasize plays, parties, movie projectors, psychology, and programs.”

    Like who?? I’ve been in churches that used those things on occasion, but emphasize? Another bold-faced lie to attack other Christians.

    Also, what is “clubhouse religion” and what does it have to do with Bible translations and music styles? Seems to me if anything is a “clubhouse religion,” it’s the IFB movement. If you aren’t part of their exclusive club, you’re probably not saved (or at least just very, very ignorant and carnal).

    1. Good points!

      My husband does describe the typical IFB attitude as a clubhouse where members focus on their own programs and helping only themselves instead of reaching out to their community or welcoming in people who make them uncomfortable but who need the Gospel nonetheless.

    2. “other Christians” . . . I know that we have no way to judge who is and who is not a Christian because God looks on the heart not man, but in my estimation there is no way that a person who proclaims this shameful stuff from a church pulpit could really and truly believe in the Christ revealed in the Bible (no matter the version). For that matter neither could a person who willingly sits in the pews. Just saying.

      1. I tend to agree, but yeah, it’s not our place to judge who isn’t or is a Christian. That’s sinking to their level. =P

    3. Many churches have plays, parties, movies, and so on, but I don’t know of any where that’s the main point of emphasis.

    1. Billy Ray is one of the reasons I listen to JBB…He is actually not very fundy and pretty common sense Bible. No idea if his church is real though. If it was, I would visit!

  4. Their site says, “Our priority is preaching the Word of God.” Shouldn’t it be about loving people into the kingdom of God? The focus is always on the man behind the pulpit rather than the person in need. Pride plain and simple. Where’s the love?

    1. We cannot “love people into the kingdom of God”; we can demonstrate the love of Christ to them, and tell them of God’s holiness and of the necessity for the new birth – but the Holy Spirit must convict them, and they must repent.

      1. I should have been more thorough in my wording. Fundie churches are evidently lacking in love and I can surely testify to that. The Lord CAN love them through us. It isn’t me that can put them in heaven. :mrgreen:

    2. If their priority is the Word of God, then why are all those articles about the evils of inter-racial marriage and women wearing trousers?

      1. It’s a perfect example of the mixed-up world of fundamentalism where they SAY the Bible is their priority, but their focus is on completely extra-Biblical things.

    1. After they found it they probably locked it up in a closet to keep it safe… ๐Ÿ™„ ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  5. One of their approved music songs is “Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) that is sung by Chris Tomlin. Who screens this stuff to see if it is godly or not?
    How in the world did they hear that song in the first place unless it was while listening to K-Love? ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  6. And “Appleby Baptist Church” sounds so wholesome. With a cute name like that, I’d never expect the sulphurous name-calling and hate that masquerades as love.

  7. Astonishing! I sit at my desk in the U.K. stunned by what I am reading! Is this real??
    Never in nearly 40 years as a christian have I ever heard such hate filled racist bile from a man purporting to be a pastor.
    I pray that one day he will have a life changing encounter with the God of grace, truth and love.

    1. You are so much of a better person than I am! I want him to be the only white in a HUGE crowd of angry men, who just finished looking at his illiterate web site.
      WHy can’t I just be good??

      1. Because some people are bastard covered bastards with bastard flavored sprinkles and deserve a good smack or fifty in the head?

        1. Thank, you, Melissa. I feel a bit better now. Though I am still nauseated by this monster.

  8. I haven’t read all the comments yet, but at least one of the verses he uses to deny interracial marriages doesn’t have anything to do with race: Be not unequally yoked with unbelievers? Unless he’s claiming that only one race is Christian, the verse isn’t pertinent. Secondly, science does not recognize ANY races. Race is strictly a cultural, not a biological concept. Moses himself married a woman of another race.

    I also find his defense of slavery, or “servitude,” repugnant in the extreme.

    The man’s an uneducated idiot.

      1. *snicker*

        No, it doesn’t. Race is a cultural construct that partially overlaps with genotypes and phenotypes.

  9. I heard some of the same racist stuff at my old fundie church. That interracial marriage would destroy nationalism, which would then lead to one-world government and the antichrist. (Most people who believe this believe were followers of โ€œDoctorโ€ Bob)
    If fundies want Jesus to return soon, shouldnโ€™t they support the gay and interracial marriage? But no, they rather start a war with Iran and kill scores of people.

  10. Ugh. This guy is a pastor? Run! Run very fast!

    I did get one good laugh, though. I understand that it’s against 5-point Calvinism, although I didn’t read the article, but did the “Tulip Sniffing” title make anybody else want to grab a ukulele and sing along with Tiny Tim?

        1. Not the original Caerleon in old South Wales? The last thing South Wales needs is these idiots exporting this brand of hate-filled fundyism over there! I speak from experience.

  11. This quote is great: “I may well have to stand alone on the issues I am presenting here. If that is the case, so be it. Alone or not, I will still be right.”

    taken from “Independant Baptist Indifferent Baptist Idiot Baptist”

  12. Found this website a week ago. Considered launching a DDOS attack for the first time in my life, lol.

  13. Wow…did anyone read what he said about Beth Moore..?? I got so angry I had to stop reading…

    1. Me too! His biggest gripe was that she ministers to all women regardless of their denomination and she isn’t KJVO. What you mean she wants all women to have a relationship with Jesus…HERESY just HERESY!
      I cannot believe people actually attend this church and believe this crap. Every article was a gripe or complaint about something or someone else. Doesn’t the Bible say something about grumbling and complaining……

      1. I tried to read the Beth Moore one and it wouldn’t open when I clicked on it. The music doesn’t play either. The only redeeming thing is that from the picture of the “congregation” it doesn’t look that big thank goodness! I am going to try and listen to a sermon, I don’t know why, glutton for punishment? It is taking forever to download, hope it doesn’t break my mac! These are sick twisted people to be sure. Anyone guest preaching at this church is guilty by association in my opinion. I think a lot of snail mail should come his way from us! Then he will preach about his persecution… ๐Ÿ™„

  14. I e-mailed him/the church and asked him a few questions about the Christian love they talk about in the church covenant and then the article on Baptist Idiots. Also asked him if African Americans were welcomed in his church. I was very polite-just wanted some things explained to me. Let us see if he will reply. ๐Ÿ˜•

    1. Sara, I actually sent a very similar e-mail, though I was little more pressing about his use of the “n” word. I was incredibly polite, though. I wonder if we’re the only ones, or if they have a whole stack of e-mails about love to answer today.

      1. Nice work Morgan! I would like some answers from him…but I doubt he’ll write back. After all I am a woman and he’s unsure of my race. BUT if anything maybe, just maybe, he’ll check himself for a minute and wonder….’maybe I’m missing something in my faith.’ Here’s to a miracle!

  15. Under the Preachers and “N” jokes:

    (Thanks to all our Church Proof Readers who help me to make necessary corrections so the
    articles are more readable. THANK YOU!)

    Is this an aside to some members who said, “Dude! You can’t say that!”???

    Out of curiosity I went to the missionaries link. There are some people I know there (through my parents). I will have to ask If they have any idea about one of their supports and if it matters to them. Well well well….

    1. Good idea about writing the missionaries; a godly missionary will not take support from anyone that offers it… it would be a very interesting discussion to start.

    2. I think they missed one. When he said, “Youโ€™re as disgusting
      as a TURD CHUNKING MONKEY in a zoo.” I believe he meant chucking not chunking.

      1. Yeah, that one bothered me too. Unless he meant that the monkeys sat around with butter knives and cut their poo into chunks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. “That’s why we have no prayer in the school house, no commandments in the court house, and a negro in the White House.”

      1. Definitely LEAVEable! I just read the article on interracial marriage, well, most of it and it is WHACK! What a bunch of scripture twisting. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

  17. My wife is black; my children are those “mix breeds”, and reading that hate, regardless of who it comes from, hurts me deeply. It is a shame that someone would call themselves a brother and have those feelings against my family because of the color of their skin. They are DOGS?!?!?! The Lord will reward him according to his works. This almost brought me to tears, which quickly turned into the type of tears that would like to drive down to Texas and whip him and his silk panty wearing IFB tail.

    1. It’s bad enough that anyone would think such a thing, but for him to try to justify it Scripturally is a travesty.

      I’m so glad we serve a God who declares that in Christ we are ONE. To Christ, your children are precious, so obviously this pastor does not know the mind of Christ.

    2. If you need backup I’ll be happy to help you relocate his nose somewhere south of his brain stem.

    3. I am so sorry, Michael! If I thought someone had referred to my precious children as dogs, I would be beyond upset! Relegate this oaf, mentally, if you can, to the manure heap. After all, he has tried to hand us all a turd, and I do not handle or accept turds. May our Savior grant you His peace, today! I am sorry this idiot’s rants exist. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

      1. I did see in one of his articles, a reference to a turd chunking monkey; I believe he might be one.

    4. I hear you. As the father of two black daughters I’m just thankful that this kind of drivel, while more common than I would like it to be, is not so common that my children will ever be subjected to it firsthand.

    5. Much as this character deserves it, I don’t think violence will solve this problem.
      Just keep calling him what he is, for all to hear.
      And please know that real Christians love you and your family for who you are.

  18. And when people like this spew this crap about my marriage, I always want to ask them what they expect me to do now? Divorce my wife and abandon my children? Have I sinned the unpardonable sin by marrying a “n*!%$r”? Is it too late for my soul? Should I just stay married to her and leave them in the basement like “dogs” and throw crumbs down there every once in a while. I am VERY angry right now!

    1. ๐Ÿ™ I am sorry this link has caused you personal pain. That was not my intent when I submitted the link to Darrell.

      Appleby Baptist is an evil church that does not represent the True and Living God. Christians should be their biggest critics.

    2. I was wondering the same thing. Since interracial couples are unwelcome in his “church,” what does he believe is the “biblical” course of action? Not that I care to find out. When I started reading this I thought it must be a find from the 60’s. Unbelievable that such hate and BS is spoken from a pulpit today.

    3. My parents church is a pretty fundy, KJV, anti women-in-pants church. (Although my folks aren’t KJVO and Mom wears pants) In spite of this, they welcome any and all. They have quite a few mixed couples, and I wonder what ol’ Anderson would think of my Dad (white) being a deacon in a church with a black pastor.

  19. I laughed out loud when I read his thanks to his church proof-readers who made his writing more readable. ๐Ÿ˜†

    This guy is a pompous moron. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

  20. Although I am a Caucasian male, racial discrimination and prejudice is one of the most revolting and offensive things I know. Reading his articles on N__ Jokes and Interracial marriage, I honestly felt like crying. It is just disgusting and, I believe, anti-Christian and divisive to the nth degree. ALL tongues, tribes, and nations will one day sing unified before the throne of God. There will be no racial decimation then, so why have it now?

  21. if you are looking for a church that exalts the Lord Jesus Christ through Bible singing and preaching

    danged it I would’nt mind seeing that singing Bible…

    1. george, that’s “danged if I wouldn’t mind seeing that singing Bible”

      Again we have a group of people who worship the written word more than the living word. They make the written word the forth member of the “Trinity Quartet.”

      Our priority is preaching the Word of God. Nothing is more important to God than His Word. Godโ€™s Son has a name that is above every name (Philippians 2:9) and He magnifies His Word above His name (Psalm 138:2).
      It is the Word of God that converts a soul (Psalm 19:7). โ€œFor God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting lifeโ€ (John 3:16).
      It is by the Word of God that the souls of men are born again (I Peter 1:23). Our church enjoys good fellowship together and we have some of the greatest, Christ exalting, singing you will hear anywhere. Such praise and worship in song prepares the heart to hear and receive the Word of God.

      According to this there is a blurring or a blending of the written word and the living word and if I read that first paragraph correctly then to them the written word is glorified more than the name of the Son of God.

  22. i can’t believe those racist sermons were preached in 2010!!! i do think that a lot of the traditionalism in the IFB movement has to do with wanting to keep a pre-civil rights mentality. think about it. 1964-65 was when a lot of (positive) change happened in our country, allowing for more and more FREEDOM to abound for people such as woman, and it was morons like this at the rallies to stop it. when they realized it wasn’t going their way, they started preaching from a different perspective (in the sense that they may have no longer preached directly against integration), by simply changing the racism to fear of not truly being saved or having a heart problem if you do something they don’t like (such as thinking for yourself, women in pants, etc)

  23. Just read the Baptist preachers article…. I want nothing to do with the god this false prophet is presenting. This is not just a case of an ignorant racist making a faux-pas but this is calculated hate wrapping itself in religion.
    That the Lord would rebuke this man and his congregation for the hate, the lies and the false god they are promoting all while claiming to preach the word of God. May God have mercy on such as these.

  24. They have a Kid’s Music section under their music link. While many traditional fundy-approved songs are listed, I noticed “Jesus Loves the Little Children” was not.

    Considering their twisted beliefs about race, it does make sense. ๐Ÿ™

    Jesus loves the little children
    All the children of the world
    Red, yellow, black and white
    They are precious in His sight
    Jesus loves the little children of the world

  25. Why doesn’t stufffundieslike show up when I google Appleby Baptist Church Nacogdoches ? We are obviously not trying hard enough.


    1. More people need to include the term “Appleby Baptist Church Nacogdoches” in their responses to maximize SEO, maybe? ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

      1. See the next post, which is a “Give this church a more truthful name” game.

        Follow the format, people! ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  26. You would think a church with a name as nice as Appleby Baptist Church Nacogdoches would be a decent place to visit…but sadly, it is a vile den of racist, unbiblical, misogynist crap.

    They should change their name from Appleby Baptist Church Nacogdoches to something else. It would be more truth in advertising.


    Appleby Baptist Church Nacogdoches to _________________

    Any ideas? ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

    1. It turned up on my google search. Anyway, here goes. Change the name from Appleby Baptist Church Nacagdoches to: Unrighteous Indignation Baptist Church ๐Ÿ˜€

  27. I wonder which IFB pastors, churches and colleges are affiliated with Appleby Baptist Church Nacagdoches?

    1. Appleby Baptist Church in Nacagdoches is on Phil Kidd’s itinerary.

      Why am I not surprised?

      1. And, interestingly enough (seeing his objection to this in his “Tulip Sniffers” diatribe), apparently he was given a topic on which to preach!

    1. Hi Jay. Ok, so here is the thing. It would be an entirely different website you are looking for if that is what you want. There are certainly a lot of places you can find the fundamentalists promoting what (in their opinion) is “good.” For most of us the unifier is that our experiences have been B-A-D and for me personally, because I was surrounded my whole life with fundies who called that bad “good” it has been extremely difficult to distinguish what IS good and what is bad when it comes to doctrine and preferences and traditions. I am happy that there is a group of people here willing to point out the bad and help me realize that I am not, nor was I ever, crazy when I noticed the inconsistiencies and deciet and outright hypocracy and was told that it was normal, ok, godly or “good.” So if you want to look for websites that celebrate what is good about the fundies, go ahead. I bet they are very popular.

      1. Yes, very popular with borderline nut jobs, unfortunately, Jay. Why try to find gems in a manure heap? Time to disassociate yourself with a corrupt movement.. Please do not kid yourself into thinking any IFB church IS independent. One thing SFL settles once and for all is that this is a gigantic network, and they hang together. Going down in flames together, too, from the look of things, lately.

        1. Things that are good that I got from fundy-ville:

          1.) I know how to take notes in outline form. I also know how to draw every animal imaginable small enough to fit in the margin of a notebook.
          2.) I have memorized a lot of scripture. Of course I am now in the process of re-learning the application to all of it.
          3.) I have enough casserole recipes to write my own cookbook (and may some day do just that.)
          4.) I wake up at 3:00 almost every morning as a direct result of being awakened at that time to get up and do my fundy chores and bus routes back when I was young.
          5.) I can live on practically nothing and know this because I have done it when my husband was a slave for the church.
          Darn it! I was going to try to make this humorous, but instead it got serious. It is sometimes hard to think “funny” about certain things.

        2. Because it is tragic. I took away these good things: my late husband, and a nose for manipulation.

        3. @Sims… what your wrote both made me laugh and reflect. Thank you! I think we should really write a “Fundy Casserole Cookbook” sometime. (Complete with Biblical Standards for our aprons)

      2. Actually, I only used the term fundamentalist in my response because it easily sums up what most of us would see as “bad” in Christianity. The point I really want to make is that we need to be careful, because if all we ever point out is mostly the wrong and bad…will anyone ever be able to come away from what is being said here and know what a Christian looks like. I’m not sure unless you mean that a Christian is the “opposite” of what is represented here by bad examples. That’s kind of dangerous. In a sense, we all dislike fundamentalism because they tend to be known as “against everything”. Yet, if all that is represented here is against all that is “fundamentalist”, isn’t that kind of their strategy??

        1. I have seen here many times where people mention or even dwell on how wonderful the church they are presently in is, or how great it is to live in the freedom that Christ presents. I think the point here is that the IFB movement, although pretending to be a Christian group is for the most part missing the point. It is illustrated with these websites and sermons and stories from people who have lived through it. I don’t know why people who are in it don’t see it, but I was in it and didn’t see it for a very long time. I see it now though.

    2. I’m going to go ahead and say it. There isn’t any good. Seriously. Any good in fundamentalism is in spite of fundamentalism. I wouldn’t spend my time talking about what is good in Nazism either. The philosophical underpinnings of fundamentalism are rotten to the core, and so is anything that takes root in it.

      1. You said it. This is precisely what I, too, believe about fundamentalism. Shudder. Best to run far, and run fast. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

    3. Fundyland is sick – very sick and in need of drastic reform. Either aid in the cure or leave them behind…letting them keep the name to further denigrate.

      If you keep the association, you will be bound to be lumped in together with them.

      Fish or cut bait.

    4. I thank Jesus that not everyone is like this Pastor – there are many, many churches outside of fundamentalism. AMEN!

  28. The PDF on Ronnie Sutton was corrupted, but I ran it through Google’s “view as HTML.” Money quote:

    Another nut says, โ€˜Ronnie was set up.โ€™
    Really? Was it at the Texaco Food Mart on Highway 25 in Aberdeen,Mississippi or at her HOUSE where he stalked her, and was ARRESTED?
    (Youโ€™re an IDIOT!) (Youโ€™re just too STUPID for me to talk too.) (Iโ€™ll bet you pastor a Church.)

    I just had a mental image of a snake eating its tail.

    Full text here: http://bit.ly/vWsVd7

    1. After reading this and trying to translate it into proper English to understand what Anderson is saying, I would like to quote as closely as I can the late Ludlow Porch, (greatest radio personality ever)

      The problem with using the word whom is that when you use it correctly you sound pretentious. When you use it incorrectly, you sound like an idiot.

  29. Ok, I finally got up the guts to go to the website itself. I noticed that the women’s class is listed separately to the adults’ classes. Because, you know, women are not adults.

    1. LOL! I read all the comments about ‘Lord June’ and didn’t understand until I went to the ‘about us’ page and read it for myself. ROFLMAO!

  30. Disgusting article on interracial marriage. Makes me sick to my stomach. I refuse to read the other article.

    And, he calls himself a minister of God’s Word? I know God doesn’t approve of the way this man represents Him.

    1. Elaine, people like this are not ministers of God’s gospel. I would feel pretty confident in calling him a false teacher….one of the people that will be standing before Christ, saying, “Lord, Lord, look at all the kids I brought in on the bus ministry, and all the “soul winning” I did.” And we all know what Christ’s response to that is.

      He clearly hates black people. 1 John 4:20 says there is no way he can love God.

  31. This has to be brilliant satire. Churches like this don’t really exist anymore, do they? The website is pretty accurate for the genre, but it’s the open race-baiting by the pastor that doesn’t seem to pass the sniff test. By the way, nice touch on the “N-word” article – “Thanks to all the Church Proof Readers who help me to make necessary corrections so the articles are more readable.”

    1. Sorry it is real.

      I previously posted a link to a conference this idiot, Dennis Anderson, preached at and noted this fake church is on Phil Kidd’s guest speaking itinerary.

  32. Racism and discrimination within the IFB have been alive and well for a very long time. My firsthand experience with it occured at FBCH when I was a teenager. Until that time I had naively believed that racism was a black/white issue; I had no idea that some people hated anyone with any color in their skin. One of my parents is Mexican, the other “pure white.” In my early teens there was a boy who liked me, and I in turn liked him. We were not permitted to officially date, but we sat together in church often, with supervision by both sets of parents. One Sunday evening before the church service a big shot evangelist who sat in front of our family decided to set my parents straight. He proceeded to berate my parents about how they had sinned against God by marrying all those years ago. That they had further sinned by procreating. That I was causing the young man who liked me to sin for being involved with him. That anyone I or my siblings ever married would be cursed for marrying us. That our future children would be still greater sin against God.

    As I write this, I have had a huge breakthrough. I think this is the very moment I started believing the lie that there was something grossly wrong with me – that God probably regretted making me, that He probably really did not love me and no one else ever would. In fact, it is probably THE event that triggered my now life-long struggle with crippling depression and suicidal thinking. Wow. Ok, need to see the therapist now.

    1. (((ex-koolaid junkie)))

      And SHAME on that so-called man-of-God who by his ignorant and unbiblical racism caused a young person to question God’s love for her.

    2. Not sure if this will encourage you any, but my (non-Hispanic) son and DIL may well end up living in Mexico, to work and minister in orphanages there. My dream-come-true would be if they adopted Mexican children. I, too, was at FBCH and HAC, to my sorrow; but not all of us drank the koolaid, and many of us simply love our Hispanic brothers and sisters. You hang in there, and hold on to this: no one made a mistake when they “made” you. God made you, and He cannot make a mistake.

    3. Sending you a hug ((((ex-koolaid junkie))))

      God knew precisely what He was doing when He made you!!!

    4. Sadly, that was only my first experience in a long line of them. I was repeatedly told throughout high school and college that I was “off limits” for my half-breed heritage. I was told this by parents of young men, and guys alike. Repeatedly told “You are *exactly* the kind of girl I want to date/we want our son to date but I/we have a conviction about interracial relationships. Then my parents split up and it was another layer of disqualification; not only was I half-breed, I was from a broken home and many IFB won’t let their kids date someone who’s parents are divorced. I began to think there was no hope at all, but I guess God was bigger than all their bias and judgement, because He gave me a terrific guy who doesn’t care about all that crap!

      1. BTW, thanks for the encouragement, it really means a lot. I have a feeling that I am on the path to something really good. Figuring out what wounded me so deeply in the first place make me feel a little less crazy – if that makes any sense!

      2. All I can say is you went to the wrong church(es) and the wrong high school(s) and college(s). My devoutly Christian parents and grandparents would have been delighted for me to date someone like you, and my church would have had no problem with it.
        That’s probably little comfort to you, except that it may help to know that the whole world is not like the environment in which you grew up.
        As they say, “It gets better.”

      3. I went to a IFB School where I was told that if I wasn’t black that I would be a great guy to date. Furthermore, once I was joking with girl and I was told to “stick to my own kind.” It was a decade ago but I still remember how hearing these things just hurt. So glad I am no longer associated with that nonsense.

  33. Some of those articles would qualify as hate literature in many places. This guy should be in jail, not in front of dozens of gullible sheep every Sunday.

  34. Ugh! Who the hell does he think he is. My parents are an interracial couple, but I have never viewed them as such. They just are. The fact they some people can’t see another persons shade of skin is just disgusting. Absolutely sickening. And then claiming Christ supports their bigotry? #%&! them. …maybe I shouldnt read this sight at night when I’m tired and grumpy ๐Ÿ‘ฟ โ“

    1. There are plenty of us ex-fundies out here, who despise racism. When I meet new people, race/ethnicity is not on my mind. I cannot imagine how awful it would make me feel to be confronted with such hatred, and I am sorry you have had to deal with this. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ Just remember, they are making noise, s o you know about the bigots, but the good guys are here, too!

    2. P.S. yep, there are plenty of nights, and mornings, too, when I give SFL a miss, until I am more able to cope! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  35. “There are three things I have learned about Baptist Preachers in the last thirty-six years of ministry. (1) They are too Ignorant to know much of anything, (2) They are too Lazy to find out, and (3) They are too Stupid to care. For the most part, they are Two-Faced Back Stabbers.” (from p. 2 of the “N–” article)

    Someone may have already commented about this…I haven’t bothered to read all of the 200+ comments on here. I agree wholeheartedly with this statement, but definitely not for the same reasons he has (that, and I think this statement applies to him more than most…). Ha!

    1. A true case of the pot calling the kettle black.

      It’s horrible when people indulge in the lowest desires of their heart (in this case, name-calling) and EXCUSE it by putting a spiritual label on it.

      1. I utterly agree. I am so thankful to have found this blog and people who are like-minded in their views of Christianity. I may not come from a “traditional” fundy background, but I was raised Southern Baptist, and the hypocrisy I see across Christianity as a whole hurts me to my very core. Not that all Christians are so, but it is a pretty prominent trend overall….

    2. At least he’s an equal-opportunity hater. He doesn’t hate just black people and women, but most other people, too, including even Baptist preachers (I’m not clear on whether or not he excepts himself there).

      I guess we’ve got to give him some credit for being consistent.

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