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Making History Again (And Again Nobody Notices)

Last year we featured a trip to Washington by a group of fundy pastors who wandered about, met with a few staffers, sang on the Capitol steps and then congratulated themselves roundly on how they’re changing the course of our nation’s future.

Well…this week they’re back at it again.

(notice the cover of the New Testament this guy is handing out)

…and of course the Internets are full of their tweets

…and again they make a photo op out of singing on steps

…and again it’s a lot more about being seen than actually accomplishing anything.

I’m sure Washington will never be the same.

Making History (and Having Nobody Notice)

So apparently a bunch of fundamentalist pastors went to Washington D.C. this week and did this:

One participant was so excited that he wrote this:


These fundamentalist pastors did this and this and hung out with this guy.

Then they stood outside the Capitol and did this:


And while standing there they sang this and this (sideways!).

Unfortunately, because the media is SO BIASED they received absolutely no coverage for all these historic things they did, prompting one participant to write this:


History was made but the world marches on unchanged. What a tragedy.