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  1. Seriously though, major fundamental balls here – what if God doesn’t like the college – or the wallpaper in the men’s room? Won’t they have to answer for it some day?

  2. I just had to look it up… interesting, I guess. Now that they’ve been on SFL, will they be the next to close?

  3. Although slightly faded, Lee Roberson & JR Faulkner’s signatures are proudly displayed on my sheep skin…pretty close to God’s…Roll Tide!

  4. I have passed this sign many times and I can’t believe I never thought to submit it to Darrell. Cincinnati, OH representing! I will tell you this, though it may not be affiliated with Fundyland as we know it, their students are very conservative.

  5. Stop this ridicule immediately! Many Doctors of Theology have been passed from this institution. We owe them a great deal.

  6. Oswald Chambers used to teach there. I think the school was around before The Fundamentals were even published.

  7. I agree the sign is funny, and the name of the school is . . . well. . . a bit presumptuous, but God’s Bible College has been around a long, long time and is academically respectable as Bible schools go. It’s in the fundy camp, but a different breed of fundies — old-fashioned Holiness Methodist. Theologically (and, to an extent, culturally) they would be where the Church of the Nazarene and the Wesleyan Church were a hundred years ago.

    1. regionally accredited (North Central Association) according to their website

  8. I know a girl who went there, when she first told me where she was going even I was taken back for a second. I thought she might have a terminal illness and was alluding to her home-going…

    1. Rotfl!

      There should be a post on the weird ways fundies talk about death.

  9. I have two violinist friends who graduated from there, and I accompanied one of their senior recitals there. It’s definitely a Wesleyan holiness school. And both the women are kind, hilarious, and full of spunk.

    One of them told me once how the college got its name — I think someone deeded the land to God, and since He wasn’t around to sign the documents, the Wesleyans stepped up to the plate for him. 🙂

  10. And by the way, Dar-El, your hovertexts are about my favorite thing on this site. I’ve even tried to find apps or mobile browser tricks just so I can see them when I’m reading on my smartphone.

    I still haven’t found a way yet — if anybody knows a trick for Android, especially for the Opera browser, I’d love to hear it.

      1. You must have sin in your life, because I use Chrome and I can see hovertexts. 😀

  11. Dear SFL Reader:

    God went to Bible College? I didn’t know that!

    Christian Socialist

  12. https://www.cappex.com/colleges/Gods-Bible-School-and-College

    310 Students, 260 undergraduates, 50 non-degree.
    $6,000 TUITION/YEAR
    $1,000 FEES
    $3,850 ROOM & BOARD
    $550 BOOKS
    (BASED ON STATS FROM 2013/2014)

    So a total under $12,000 for the academic year. Less than half of what Clearwater charged! Smaller student body. They don’t have any coursework of a heavy nature.

    They have three math courses, such as they are:
    MATH 101: College Algebra
    MATH 122: Statistics
    MATH 213: Math Concepts and Applications

    It is my own personal opinion that a person desiring the work of a Pastor should have to pass at least two semesters of Calculus and Statistics. They need to learn to think.

    It is when you get to the Student Handbook that hilarity begins.


    * You are not allowed to live off campus unless you are at least 25 years old.
    * They sound as vigilant as BJU and PCC about what is on your computer and cell phone. They spy on you.
    * You must have permission from the school to date someone. You must get permission from both sets of parents! No physical contact! Must be visible at all times. And if they think you are spending too much time together, they will stop it.

    Sounds like an interesting place, but definitely not for me.

    1. I went to a small Bible school that disallowed dating for the duration, but since it was literally just a place to go learn about the Bible and was nine weeks long, their main concern was that they had a semester where two students decided they were getting married something like week five and it became a huge distraction to everyone else. So they basically said, “Hold off two months, then do what you like.” I felt this was a good move.

      1. I don’t necessarily agree with that policy, but it seems fair.
        If you can’t chill for nine weeks, something is wrong.

    2. * GBSC is a training program committed to preparing disciplined Christian “soldiers” who enter the war for righteousness in a sin-cursed world.
      Us vs them mentality. Also, why are Christians always “soldiers”. Would Jesus have been a soldier?

      * For the “natural man,” the pull to please oneself and to gain the approval of a worldly society is strong and natural. Recognizing this pull toward self-pleasing and the world’s approval, GBSC has rules intended to offset this temptation and build into students habits of self-denial.

      * male students are to keep their hair cut in a style that is obviously short. Women are to refrain from cutting their hair as long as they are students, including summer and vacations.

      A summary of their dress code (there is much more, however):
      * Clothing for GBSC Ladies – Form-fitting clothing, shorts, skorts and pants are prohibited. Modest necklines are required. Sleeves need to be at least two inches below the elbow. Skirts must be worn at least two inches below the knee—whether sitting or standing. Skirts or dresses with splits/slits are to be sewed or have an under-pleat.
      * Clothing for GBSC Men – Form-fitting clothing and shorts are prohibited. Sleeves need to be at least two inches below the elbow. Shirts are not to be worn unbuttoned.
      * Make-up and Jewelry – Make-up and nail polish are forbidden. All jewelry is forbidden (including wedding rings).

      This place may be stricter than HAC. I do appreciate how they inserted bible verses into their 66 page handbook. At least we can better understand where their rules come from…

      1. “Sleeves need to be at least two inches below the elbow.”

        Because…elbows are sexy?

    3. It is my own personal opinion that a person desiring the work of a Pastor should have to pass at least two semesters of Calculus and Statistics.
      Amen and amen! Actually, I’m with John Locke on this one – it should be required of all University students, as it is the best teacher of clear thinking.

    1. Your links are just going to pictures… 🙁

      However, if this is a Beer and Bible study, I have a friend that goes to one and LOVES it. 🙂

  13. I read GBC’s statement of faith, they are ambiguous about assurance of salvation which would result in immediate disqualification by the IFB camp.

  14. An institution of the Conservative Holiness Movement – think “fundamentalist Methodists” or “old fashioned Nazarenes”. Though culturally quite similar to some branches of IFB, theologically both groups would disqualify each other. They both leave a trail of broken lives in their wake.

  15. Ahh, my family heritage 🙂 My Grandfather graduated from there in about 1960-1. It is a Methodist/Holiness school. My Grandmother’s parents were Pilgrim Holiness (I’m a liberal compared to them). My Grandparents were kind of mainstream, we did watch Grand Ole Opry, Hee Haw, and Statler Brothers, and Nashville Now on Saturday night. I’m a fundamentalist by heredity. However, some of my family disapprove of me being a Baptist (eternal security/calvinism and all) instead of being Methodist or Christian & Missionary Alliance. When my Grandparents married in 1956, wedding bands were still taboo, but my Grandmother talked my Grandfather into buying her a wedding band for their 25th Wedding Anniversary (I would have been a very wee fellow then). My Great-Grandparents, and Grandparents have always been dear people in my life, and I’m thankful for their influence, even if they were Methodist fundamentalists 🙂

  16. Maybe Dog the Bounty Hunter opened a bible college and hired a dyslexic sign maker?

  17. Now we’re getting into my corner of Fundy land. I lived on the campus of this college the first year of my life (so I don’t remember any of it). But so much of my family is still tied directly to this college. Aunts, uncles, cousins, family friends. If you want to know how I grew up, research God’s Bible School. If they believe it, teach it, think it, say it, that’s what was applied to my upbringing.

  18. When God signs you diploma, it is not recognized by the military. Sorry chap, I guess you can’t be an officer.

    1. Yup. That happened to my ex-MOG’s son who went to PCC. He wanted to go into the USN. They said sorry, kid — you’ll have to go enlisted. He decided not to.

      Funny thing is, MOG has a regionally accredited degree. His parents were big on education and all their kids going to college. They have all gone, or will go, to FU. Unless they go professional ministry or nursing, they will all be effed by that so-called degree.

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