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  1. Ok… the “singing” absolutely blows. Especially the really fat one. However, if this is how they make their living and people are willing to donate then it is what it is. I just can’t get past the KFC bucket. Seriously, they couldn’t find a kid’s sand pail or something? A collection plate? Shit like this is just one more reason I haven’t set foot in church since 1998.

  2. It appears to me that at least one of those ladies is blind. There’s some oddity to the “style” that suggests that there are some significant handicaps involved. While I know that fundamentalism can tend to excuse some truly awful music just because it’s done by insiders who have that mysterious knack of causing excitement among other fundamentalists, I personally don’t want to make fun of folks in the wrong way. Just me 🙂 Not mad at anybody, just pointing out that sometimes everything is not 100% cut and dried. If this money is for ladies that are handicapped and doing all they know to do, well, even though it’s a screwed up system of sorts, it’s possible that the ladies themselves don’t even understand that some doofus is using a KFC bucket to collect money for them. And the doofus is who deserves to be mocked, but it may be that the doofus is a family member who isn’t endowed with great mental abilities, either. So, I hope my attitude is kind, even toward those who do things that sometimes causes folks to mock them. And, as a Christian, I hope I can realize that even Christians with the most weird fundamental beliefs are people who love God and may genuinely be doing all they know how to do. Flamesuit on.

    1. Bernard, if you read futher up in the comments you’ll see that I address this and the general tone of the comments in general.

      1. Darrell – for some odd reason, the page was only displaying one comment, and I missed the fairly obvious fact that there were 153 other comments. Strange, really 🙂 I’ll try to dig back and see if anything I said was even remotely relevant to anything anybody else said, and if it was, it was unintentional. I was just throwing out what came to mind.

  3. Looks like Sister Bertha and Sister Doris have been to KFC more than once. I’m sure the MOG will have a word with them for it. At least they weren’t wearing “britches”.

  4. What in the world is this?! lol What’s with the KFC bucket, the matching outfits, and just the craziness?! Lol

    I am dying over here.


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