A Snowball’s Chance

The description for this video reads: “Outside during a fire drill Dr. Schaap challenged a group of girls to hit him with a snowball.”

Does this whole scene strike anybody else as just a bit off? I can’t quite put my finger on it but the whole thing just makes me twitchy.

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    1. Well, Darrell, looks like your intuition is a little better than most. You nailed Schaap for what he is. I guess he was indicted and will eb sentenced for transporting a minor across state line for sex. that would translate into being a pedophile of some sort to me.

  1. I kept waiting for him to turn around to face the camera and with a creepy clown face on, then give the evil villan laugh. Oh wait, he did do the evil villan laugh.

  2. I agree with Darrell, it makes me squirmy. To me it doesn’t come across as amusing at all, but rather as demeaning to the girls. As if he’s saying, “I know all girls suck at throwing therefore I have no problem standing here because they can’t throw this far or throw accurately. If they do, we will either expel them or make them take two extra semesters of Biblical Womanhood and Christian Homemaking.” Granted there is part that makes me squirmy because it’s Schaap. And the viewpoint of the camera with him up higher, closer, and in a domineering position was probably just coincidence, but it doesn’t help the perspective any. Maybe the underlying issue as to why it makes me uncomfortable is that my experience with those who attain “hero” status in fundamentalism simply shows them as being petty narcissistic control freaks. And since I already know that Schaap is a narcissistic control freak I can’t see him doing something light-hearted and fun without wondering what his ulterior motive is.

    1. They are just scraping up some grassy little remnants from the side of the path. It isn’t enough for a decent snowball, thats for sure.

  3. I think Garrison Keilor sums this up best. Wonderful people are capable of atrocities, and despicable people are capable of wonderful, warm, human acts.

    1. I cannot possibly see this as warm or wonderful. He is creepy, and sultan-like in this whole shlameal. Vomit emoticon needed.

      1. My take on it is that he is making an attempt at *charming and playful* and (in my opinion) is failing miserably. It doesn’t matter when you are the cult leader though. Those girls adore him anyway.

  4. Condescending as all get out. What a lily livered coward, he can afford to let them throw from that far back. Would have have gone closer to them to give them a better chance? Noooo. I wish one of them had creamed him! ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

    1. I would pay so much money to throw one at him from behind. Yes, I know. Despicable. Shrug.

      1. That is exactly what I was thinking as I was watching it. I don’t think I have ever been in a snowball fight, but I have a great imagination. It would have been epic!

        1. All those long horrid winters up there, and you never were in a snowball fight? O Sims! Well, they are more fun when one is younger. I would not like to be in one now. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

        2. Any time I was outside in the snow was by force. After being abandoned on a corner in Chicago in a blizzard during bus visitation, I was afraid of being out in it for any length of time lest I lose a digit to frostbite. I grew up in Southern California and my only exposures to snow prior to college were the sunny days my dad would drive us up to the mountains to play in it for an afternoon. We moved back to SoCal after college, so my snow exposure has been limited to those four horrible winters. I am very happy for that, actually.

        3. I don’t blame you a bit. While I SAY I enjoy all four seasons, the older I get, the less I enjoy two of them…

        4. I notice most people who say they like winter are people who get to spend most of the winter indoors near a fire.

        5. Thank God for places like SoCal with no winters.

    2. “I wish one of them had creamed him” bad choice of words! Ewww, I hope none of them have. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

      1. ~~~~nearly fell out of my chair~~~~~ ๐Ÿ˜ฏ ๐Ÿ˜ฏ ๐Ÿ˜† ๐Ÿ˜ณ ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

      2. Did I say something inappropriate? You’ll have to enlighten me I guess. I’m confused! ๐Ÿ˜• ๐Ÿ˜ณ ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

        1. Not me… I think I am about THIS close || to getting kicked off here already. I think if you think about it for a few minutes it will come to you.

        2. This just proves that I am a crack up even when I don’t mean to be. As soon as I clicked on “submit” I realized what I had said and … too late. Dang. I sure am glad my mother doesn’t come here.

  5. I forget exactly how cult-like those long, bulky skirts can look … and in the snow, no less. Yeesh. Those poor girls.

    1. I agree that the girls look … strange in the skirts.

      It’s another weird contrast. The man in suit coat and khakis looking normal, the girls in long bulky skirts with down jackets looking awkward and dumpy.

      1. Goes right along with, “Keep ’em barefoot and preganant.” In the case of HAC, it is also “miserably uneducated.”

  6. It’s quite difficult to put a finger on Schapp and his dare. On one side, it’s an attempt to show that men are superior to women. One the other, it’s a type of foreplay. If the women were doing the same thing to a good-looking male student–or a good-looking young male faculty member, would the administration haul these women in? Whatever the case, I’m sure that it was a big ego trip for Schapp; he gets to be the big man on campus, and it is clear that he loves the attention. The crudeness of all this is adolescent in its mentality. It reminds me of boys who discover girls for the first time. They think that calling a girl “carrot-top” or “wart face” is a way of getting her attention and affection. When they mature, they realize that these antics are counterproductive. Having worked with junior-high kids for four years, I recognize the mentality.

    On the other hand, this scenario smacks of the fundamentalist mentality that likes to drag the office that should deserve respect into the mud. Why does my mind turn to the 1970s when Jack Hyles awarded an honorary doctorate to John Rice’s horse. I understand that the horse deficated right on the stage, and those that followed had to watch where they stepped. A Maranatha music faculty member also received an honorary doctorate right after the horse. He joked about it, but down deep I think that he believed that it cheapened the award.

    1. You are absolutely correct. That kind of play would NEVER happen between girl students and an ordinary guy student. They would have been reminded how inappropriate it was to behave that flirty way. When Jack Hyles was the king, he used to bring pizza and ice cream and come into the girls dorm and deliver it personally and the girls would give him love notes and swoon all over him. I am not sure if this is what Jack-hole was aiming for here or not. I will say this, if you deny a girl any attention or affection from guys her age, and keep her away from her loving father (if she has one) then when you show up with an ice cream cone and a good line of crap there is a percentage that will swoon. (just out of loneliness and desperation) There is also a minority who will watch in amazement and take pictures of the insanity. (That was me)
      By the way, I was there when they gave the doctorate to the horse. I wish I’d had my camera THAT day, (Not for pictures of the horse, but for pictures of the “nursery” they provided for the event. They had at LEAST 200 babies on the floor of a convention room with two college girls trying to take care of all of the. HAD to be some violations going on that day. The horse did crap on the floor, you are right. It was a joke and a travesty and a mockery of everything they pretend to be important.

      1. Sims,

        Back when I was teaching at Maranatha, I visited Hyles Anderson during Christmas break in January 1983. I stopped into Schapp’s preacher boy class where the guys were working on writing poems because Hyles thought that was important.

        I was absolutely shocked at what I saw. The clowinging around that occurred. Schapp had absolutely no discipline over the class. Someone prayed, and another made a joke about the prayer bouncing off the ceiling like a pingpong ball. Something went on outside the window, and a few guys got out of their seats to see what was going on. The class was working on a grammar drill dealing with sit/set, lie/lay, rise/raise (which, in my opinion is a totally worthless activity, but that is beside the point). The poems that the guys wrote were pathetic and showed that the guys were not taking this seriously. In fact, the poems were blatantly sarcastic in nature.

        By the way, Schapp started off at Pillsbury and got himself really pissed off over something that happened in the dorm. His younger brother remained at Pillsbury, and I had him for class. I was able to find out some news about the brother from time to time. Apparently, Schapp played the Horatio Alger story, married the boss’es daughter and advanced up the kingdom ladder Bob Jones style. Interestingly enough, Schapp knew who I was, so apparently he was at Pillsbury when I got my start. I never did have him for class though.

        Back then, I felt that he was a class clown leading a bunch of class clowns. From what I have read here, he never forgot the role. He’s still the class clown in the video. I had forgotten about all this, and somehow your response triggered this memory.

        1. He was in college when I was there, and we knew him as “The guy who was dating Cindy.” My husband knew him a little better, and even though he rarely says anything bad about anyone, we all were in agreement that this guy was nothing special. Of course being put into the role of Prince and Future King was way more than he could handle and for the most part he is just a phoney and a jerk. I feel very sorry for Cindy. I don’t think she deserved the life she ended up with.

        2. Well, my Sims, that depends on how much you believe a 19-year-old girl, raised by a megalomaniac, deserves to reap what she sows. She was haughty, arrogant, intellectually a lightweight, narcissistic, and more. But, I must agree with you, after all. What chance did she ever have? Pervert Dad was shacking up with the secretary in his office, passive Mom was suffering silently while enjoying the financial perks, while who knows what her brother was trying to do to her…

        3. Ok, enough of the sugar-coating, Seen Enough. Time for you to tell us how you REALLY feel!!! ๐Ÿ˜†

      2. When was the horse given a doctorate?

        Was that at Pastor’s School in 1970? If not, do you remember when it was?

        Thanks and thanks for the tales. Don’t let people forget!

        1. It was after ’76. Before ’80. They rented a big convention center-type auditorium for the occasion.

        2. Yes, the Hammond Civic Center, and it was indeed between the years she mentions.

        1. There was an article in **Eternity** magazine called “Twiddle DD, Twiddle DDumb” published in the late 1970s that addressed the fundamentalist contempt for education. The article carries the account of Hyle’s honorary doctorate on Rice’s horse. It was at a graduation, I believe. Most universities give out only one, and that person usually has done great things. Hyles would give seven or eight out to his friends, or people who were soulwinners and that sort of stuff. It is clear that Hyles didn’t understand what a DD is about. In fact, only medical doctors are really supposed to use the title outside of the University. Honorary folks are never to use the title. I know one who did and got in a lot of trouble because of it.

        2. Hyles understood, and scorned what he called the world’s take on education. His megalomania increased as his power did, and soon those honoraries were tossed around like lollipops. They were ever an object of scorn.

        3. I’ve been convinced for a long time that even Doctor of Ministry degrees (the earned post-M.Div. degrees) serve largely as a means of bolstering pastors’ egos (and salaries). I will grant that there are some D.Min. programs that offer excellent professional training in particular disciplines, and I know some people who have greatly benefited from them and who do wonderfully competent work in ministry. That said, however, I know others who hold the D.Min. who are no more competent (and in some cases less) than those with the M.Div., but who insist on being called “Doctor.”

          Reminds me of a cartoon I saw once in The New Yorker, of a judge donning his robe in his chambers and talking to one of the lawyers, saying, “When I’m home with my wife and family I’m a blithering idiot, but when I put on this robe, by God, I’m IT!”

      1. I think it was “Dr.” Bill Rice’s, of Bill Rice Ranch fame. I don’t remember the horse’s name.

        1. I’ve never been to HAC, and have no — I repeat, NO — desire to visit there, but from everything you folks have written about the place it sounds like a glorified (and I use that term loosely) junior high school. Aside from the suggestion that women (I presume they would be called “ladies”) can’t throw snowballs, and aside from the creepily condescending paternalism exhibited here, my first reaction to this video was that these women are adults who are being treated as though this were junior high recess. Maybe it’s just my New England sense of propriety, but I have a hard time believing that any college president with any genuine sense of the dignity of his office would even entertain the thought of doing this sort of thing.

    1. This is why we are friends. I would have been right there with you, and we would have ridden away in the paddy wagon together. With smug smiles on our faces. And a song in our hearts.

      1. And before the lacks-love finger gets pointed at us, walk a mile in our shoes, then see if you, too, do not feel that Schaap must be stopped at any cost. He is dangerous within his tiny area of affectation, he is despicable in his lies and power-mongering, he is delusional about his influence, and he is leading hundreds into the morass from which we had to be delivered. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

        1. Exactly. The major reason I left FBCH was because no one was calling him out on the heresy and lies that flow from his mouth. I just wish I hadn’t wasted nearly 80k on a worthless diploma.

        2. With you there, Qrayze. I also wish those who do not know his story would just butt out from commenting on those of us who do. He is dangerous, and nowhere does Jesus tell me to be an idiot about wolves ravening on his sheep. Honestly, the condescension toward females here shows that ome of us are perhaps still more fundy than we think. Or just moronic.

      1. LOL, why does that remind me of snow cones in the Himalayas in Monsters Inc.?

        This is all so luridly…fascinating. I never heard of these guys before coming to this site. I obviously don’t get around much. :mrgreen:

  7. Is it just me, it is Jack Schaap’s name very close to “jock strap”? I’ve never met him, seen the school, etc. Just heard the stories.

    It thoughts like those that got me into lots of trouble at fundy highschool and fundy u. But we did have ALLOT of fun… Years later, even my parents said, “allot of the stuff we came up with was pretty funny, and accurate…”

    1. I got in trouble for that sort of thing too. I had a principal whose name sounded a lot like “CowFart.” Sadly I was a teacher when I came up with that one.

      1. This. Yeah, we will be friends when we are back in diapers and bibs. At 53, I have never quite managed to control the inner pre-teen. Thank God. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Meh. . .I can see myself doing something like that with a group of teenage girls. Girls are funny. I like to tell them they throw like girls. (imagine that) It’s no big deal.

    I guess that I treat the women in my life (wife, teenage exchange student and her friends, a few teenage nieces, etc.) with enough respect, that a little teasing is understood as just teasing, and is never taken seriously. Maybe that’s why it IS such a big deal when Schaap does it?

    I don’t know. . .I still don’t see why this is so bad.

    1. I don’t think in itself this is so bad. The reason it grates me is because I know him. He is a jerk, so anything he does is going to be seen through that filter. Anyone else doing this wouldn’t bother me one bit. But I am jaded toward him and his antics.

    2. Yes, but JoeR, you are approaching this as someone who has not had the miasma in your lungs for years on end, the miasma that only Hyles and Schaap can create. As Sims says, this is creepy because HE is so twisted, creepy, insolent, deceitful, and power-mad. Personally? I cannot see myself ever seeing anything he does as NOT being creepy. I know how I sound, but I believe that, like his late FIL, he has an ulterior motive for EVERYTHING, and if he allowed himself to be filmed, such as here, you can bet on it. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

    3. I think you put your finger on it, Joe. In an atmosphere of assumed respect, this kind of play would just be … play.
      But when the central figure is known for continually spewing woman-hating bile, it all becomes something else.

    4. Maybe it’s not a big deal when you tell a woman in your life that she “throws like a girl,” but you would probably be standing close enough to her that she could have smacked you with a snowball if she was offended. Schaap isn’t anywhere near that.

    5. Agreed. This is getting out of hand, bashing fundies this way. OK, I don’t agree with this guy in a lot of ways, but even fundies are allowed to have some fun without being scrutinized to the enth degree. You guys on here never did such a thing with your daughters, wives, mothers, etc.? If you did, then you were belittling females! ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

  9. More than anything this reminds me of one of those “nice cop/nasty cop” games. If someone who routinely wields power over you and has the potential to make you very unhappy gives you the chance to hit back, how hard are you really going to try?

    I don’t believe those girls are really trying to hit him. Their aim isn’t that lousy. They miss on purpose, ’cause, y’know, power differential.

      1. Yes, she is, which makes everything we were caught up in just that much sicker and creepier. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

    1. Also, it is *feminine* to throw like a girl and miss by a mile. ~giggle giggle, tee hee~ Why, he must have been mesmerized by all that feminine charm flying about him.

      I am proud of the fact that I can throw just about anything and hit what I am aiming for. (I threw a marshmallow across the room and it landed in my husband’s hot chocolate. I can throw a football, baseball and basketball and make them go where I planned them to. I almost ALWAYS hit the trash can with my wrappers, and have won prizes at all the ring-toss type games I ever tried.) And I am still feminine. But when I was in college, I probably would have missed on purpose so they didn’t think I was too masculine or something.

      1. How well I recall Jack Hyles telling the dorm girls that the sign of femininity is how masculine you make men feel when they are around you. Really? *I* am, responsible for his insecurities about himself? Pfui.

        1. A while back, someone here observed that a real man doesn’t have to go around telling people what a man he is.
          The corollary is that a real woman doesn’t have to say or do anything to prove that she is “feminine” enough.

        2. Only a real man could handle as much woman as I am … and if some poor guy was all emasculated by my feminist leanings, well, that’s his problem, not mine. We’d obviously not be a good match. ๐Ÿ˜›

      2. I’m the same way. Granted, I’m a lousy athlete, and I don’t always get enough distance with my throws, but my aim is pretty much accurate–as my choir teacher found out in high school when she was in a dunking booth.

        And I would’ve aimed for Schapp’s face and hit it. Hard. And grinned smugly. ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  10. I wonder if HE set the distance and wouldn’t let them throw from any closer. Even if they had great aim and great arms (there is no opportunity for exercise there except walking a bus route and that doesn’t do much for your arms unless you count the thousands of doors you have to knock on) they wouldn’t have been able to hit him. He had enough time to move out of the way from any of their snowballs.

    1. I wonder what would have happened if one of the “girls” got a bulls eye?

      At Maranatha we had a college days, and Weniger sat in the dunking machine. He tried to get me to get in there even though he knew that I had a severe ear infection that April.

      Anything for a joke! It serves no purpose but to drag down the office, and then these people get upset when people lose respect. Often these people don’t have a clue. I’m on the Board of Trustees of a local college, and I have witnessed the same mentality in more subtle ways.

      1. Their idea of entertainment is pathetic. It seems like in order for something to be funny (to them) someone needs to be getting put down. They need to get some Netflix or something and quit trying to be their own entertainment. They are obviously not too good at it even after all this time.

        1. 1. AS IF they are ever going to condone the use of Netflix.
          2. AS IF everyone is not already using it behind their backs… ๐Ÿ™„

      1. That was a great find. It had all the elements of creepiness built in, making it easier to put my finger on what bugged me about the Jack Schaap one. (Besides J.S. that is)

        P.S. I LOVE the actor who plays Hitler. He is currently on Once Upon a Time as Rumplestiltsken and does the job of *evil lead* so well.

        1. Look up his “rural Scottish constable” series, Hamish MacBeth. He’s great in that, too.

        2. Love those books! If I can actually get to see the TV series, I am forever in your debt! Going off to look….

      2. WHOA! I did not think I still had triggers like this. I was wrong, so wrong. Not ever watching that again, and now need someone to give me a Vulcan forget-neck-squeeze…. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

      1. yeah, but this thread was already long gone way before Godwin’s Law was fulfilled

        Darrell sure knows how to throw raw meat to the Lions though, you have to give him that. Schapp stuff doesn’t even have to be well though out and clever, just a picture of him with no context would have a hundred nasty comments pretty fast, thats how raw the wounds are.

  11. See, if I had been there, in my college days, I woulda nailed the jerk. And then the look on his face would have changed from smug to shock.

    Snowball fights at Northland were EPIC.

  12. Standing there with both hands in his pockets… the awkward side-to-side movements… he wasn’t playing pocket pool… or was he?

    1. *Pocket Pool* LOL!!! I got from the demeanor he was saying, “I’m not the slightest bit concerned that you might actually come close to hitting me.”

        1. It must be me tonight but I had to read your comment a few times to get the wrong first reading out of my mindโ€ฆ He also leaned back with hands in his pockets which made it look like he was pushing his hips forwardโ€ฆ just sayin. ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

        2. Holy crap, this one took me all day to understand how it could be mis-read… Pardon me while I go gag….

        3. So sorry, Seen Enough, maybe I shouldn’t have said it ๐Ÿ˜ณ

  13. I know that this is the most obvious statement someone could make but…if I had the chance to hit Schaap with a snowball, I wouldn’t hesitate.

  14. Afterward, Schaap was heard saying, “It’ll be a cold day hell before I get hit with a snowball from a little school girl.” He then went on to make chauvinistic jokes and gloat about how great it is to be the leader of thousands of brainwashed people.

  15. It strikes me as funny that this scene was put on someone’s camera at all. It must be whoever Schaap was with at the time, and he must’ve asked him (it would have to be a male) to take a video of him teasing these girls. So it was something he did on purpose to make himself look great and the girls like fools. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

    1. As I mentioned above, this is a P.R. play for sure, because nothing he does is ever caught on camera by accident.

  16. Darrell from Monday: “For if we have learned nothing else in fundamentalism this truth abides eternal: that *we* should always hate and fear the *other* with a deep and fervent passion. But what does it profit us if all weโ€™ve learned to do by leaving the church of fundamentalism is to switch our name tags at the door and continue on as ever we were in that same path of despising the others who are not *we*?”

    “A bit off” and “twitchy” (from the OP) is certainly NOT despising. Some of the comments, though….

    1. I think of setting the lyrics, “chubby fingers stubbing at us, ” to music, Simsy. Ragtime? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. I guess “A bit off” and “Twitchy” are ok then? But other things are not? So what about creepy? Is that over the line or not? How about “Pervy?” Is that ok? I wish I had an actual map of what is ok to say and what isn’t. {sigh}

    1. But isn’t it refreshing when one is judging one for judging those who judged us so harshly in our youth? I love it. So concentric and Dante-ish. Not to mention self-righteous. ๐Ÿ™„

    2. I’m going to assume your comments are directed at my statement.

      Sigh. I never said that anything was “ok” or “not ok”. But since you ask, IMHO:

      * It’s “ok” to say “this is how this issue strikes me; what about you?”
      * It’s less than “ok” to make DEFINITIVE statements about what Schaap’s true motivations have to have been in a specific incident based on a 23-second video. Because that’s all that we have. Sure, one can SPECULATE on motivations based on track record. But that’s nowhere near what is happening in many of the comments.

      1. But Brendt, it’s fun to speculate on his motivations and make wild-ass assumption. Afterall, he does the same thing, from the pulpit. And we’re just in a little corner of the interwebz.

        1. And just to show how my sheltered fundy upbringing allowed me literary exploration but little media exposure: my first thought was of Davy Jones’ Locker. *rolls eyes at self*

  18. I freely admit to judging Schaap. I still have at least that much fundy left in me. I guess the only difference now is that I do it without trying to control anyone else in the meantime. I am not going to tell anyone else how to live, what to wear or what to say. But I do have my opinions about people like Jack Schaap, and I will not be ashamed of them. I earned the right to these opinions and I am giving them to you for FREE! So just say thank you and lets move on.

    1. Amen, Baby, and I will add, if you did not live the HAC nightmare, leave us alone who did. Also, Dear Sims, “moving on” only works for those who do not need the last word. But I applaud your statement here. :mrgreen:

        1. Noted, along with may or may not have been a sigh of condescension, but that would be judging motives.

    2. Not knowing the man personally or having had to deal with him, I am more than willing to cut you some slack. Like Jack Hyles, Jack Schaap is absolutely vicious to his critics (I have letters to prove it).

      Having said that, the video didn’t bother me at all; I do remember thinking two thoughts:
      1) He seems a long way away from the young women
      2) Who films such trivial junk? And then posts it to Youtube??

      1. Ha! He probably put it up there himself. Wanting all his followers to see what a fun guy he is. Wishing he had his father-in-law’s ice cream vendor cart and white ice cream guy jacket.

  19. I wish one of the girls would have been a D1 softball pitcher. It would be great to see her throw an 80mph underhanded pitch that hit him right in the balls.

    1. After Glow, I thank you for the loud guffaw! It was cleansing. Like a breath of fresh air.

  20. there’s a missed opportunity.
    having a camera rolling to prove you’re such a personable guy, a-hem, well, that’s corny.

  21. At first, I thought those girls should move closer and throw… BUT WAIT! While Schaap is distracted by those figures in the distance, the person holding the camera should take this opportunity to shove a handful of snow down the back of his shirt! That would be much more effective! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I have a theory that Schaap is hoping to patch up his public image by trying to take down all those embarrassing videos (basically, anytime he is preaching) in the name of “copyright infringement”, while at the same time putting up cutesy little videos like this. It’s not going to work, obviously, but that isn’t going to keep him from trying. ๐Ÿ™„

  22. I think I have just one more thing to say here. There are false teachers and evil people in this world and I believe that Jack Schaap is one of them. Do you ever wonder why so many people follow these guys? It is because they don’t ever see them without their masks. People who HAVE seen them without their masks are shamed into keeping quiet in the name of not wanting to appear unloving, and they continue throughout the years. This little video is just one example of a MILLION BILLION ways they hide the true nature of their deception. If I am going to be honest and truthful about that portion of my life, then I am going to sound like I am being mean. I hope anyone who might be considering going to that horrible hell-hole of a cult school reads this and thinks twice. I doubt they will, but I will do what I can. If you think that is unloving, you are wrong. It is just not loving the people who would do harm to other innocent victims, but rather loving the victims enough to tell the truth. I think if I had known sooner that there were people who weren’t afraid to say that this guy is NOT what he portrays himself to be I might have saved myself some years of imprisonment. I am not trying to start a war with anyone here, I am just trying to explain it the best way I can. I don’t go around picking on the people who I don’t have firsthand knowledge of, but when it comes to THIS GUY… My statements today were based less on this 23 second video than on firsthand knowledge of the cult he leads. But if you think THAT stuff was unfair or unkind, you should have heard all the stuff that stayed in my head and didn’t get let out here.

    1. Bravissimo, Sims. Well-said, cogent, and to the point. I salute you. I kick the morons. I salute you again.

    2. Just continue telling your stories; the truth really does have a ring to it. I love your stories (and those of “Seen Enough”; the truth needs to be told and people should be aware of how they do things.

      Many, many years ago, I was working with a youth group as a very young adult. One of them went off to HAC and worked as a security guard. He came back disillusioned at what he had seen. At the time, I thought he was bitter, because I only heard praise of Jack Hyles. Now I know better.

      Keep up the stories! I love ’em!

    3. Sims, it should be noted that in NONE of your comments do you do the thing which I decried. On the contrary, in more than just this one, you state unequivocally that your statements are based on Schaap’s track record and not on this video. Others were telling us DEFINITIVELY what exactly was transpiring down to exact motivations and thought processes (thereby, apparently thinking that the answer to the rhetorical question in Jeremiah 17:9 is “ooo, ooo, that’d be me”).

      Nor did I ever say, imply, or even think that you were being unfair or unkind or unloving. So I’m not really sure to whom your defenses against those terms are directed, either.

      While I’d bet the farm that you were scarred much more significantly than I by fundamentalism, I can also say without a doubt that Darrell would ban me forever if I used the language that I wish to use to describe the past fundies in my life.

      My original point stands. Darrell’s post on Monday cautioned us not to simply become a variation on those who hurt us. And three days later, some – again, not you – were doing just that.

      1. If you’re going to throw around vague accusations in a public forum, could you at least tell us which posts you have a problem with? So far, all we know is that it wasn’t Sims. Without a rule or an example, how is anyone supposed to know what you want changed?

        1. LA LA LA… It wasn’t me. My reputation remains untarnished and I am no longer in fear of being banned (except for my unintentionally dirty comments earlier which were entirely unintentional but extremely hysterically funny *to me*)

        2. Sorry. You can’t claim “vagueness” just because I didn’t name names. And I’ve said a LOT more than just that it wasn’t Sims (just ask Seen Enough, for whom I am a great sedative).

          I do find it strange that the two folks who could stay awake long enough to get on my case about my alleged “accusations” are two of the few who DIDN’T commit the actions which I decried.

          And where the bleep did I ever say that I wanted something changed?

        3. Oh, I get it! You’re not going to name names, and you don’t want anything changed, you’re just here to annoy people!

        4. Oh, dear, Sims! Your “LA LA LA … It wasn’t me” comment made me LOL!

        5. Papa Bear, you are to be commended for how well you illustrate my point. You take a couple of pieces of information and make DEFINITIVE statements about my motives based on those pieces of information.

          There, I named a name and wasn’t vague. That better?

        6. “I do find it strange that the two folks who could stay awake long enough to get on my case about my alleged โ€œaccusationsโ€ are two of the few who DIDNโ€™T commit the actions which I decried.”

          I think that says something about the effectiveness of your communication skills.

          “Sure, one can SPECULATE on motivations based on track record.”

          OK, since you make it a guessing game, I was just SPECULATING. I’m still SPECULATING on what your original point was. And because you made a DEFINITIVE statement about my thought process, I’m SPECULATING that you don’t get sarcasm. I could be wrong, and it wouldn’t bother me if I were, but I’m SPECULATING you’ll try to have the last word.

  23. This is upon occasion a funny, witty site that says good things. But this posting has proven the true nature of this site. You guys are bitter and have let your bitterness cloud your judgement. This video is absolutely nothing. It is just some college kids having fun and not being as uptight as you are.

    Some of you really need to get past the Womyn’s Studies majors that have polluted your minds and perhaps go back and get a real degree in science or engineering. And you talk about how a degree from a Christian college is worthless? Hypocrite much? And the weird, sexual innuendos that this is somehow “inappropriate?” Can you get your mind out of the proverbial gutter for at least a few minutes a day?

    I like this site and find it is actually spot on at times. But when you post garbage such as this you make yourselves look like a bunch of perverted, whining hypocrites and don’t do much to give yourselves much in the credibility department.

      1. The “true nature” of this site is for people who have left the clutches of an oppressive religious system. Clearly you’re not there.

        Yes, some of the comments go off a bit in the ditch.

        But if you’re only here to criticize, and not to learn, heal or grow, maybe you should take a long break.

    1. “Can you get your mind out of the proverbial gutter for at least a few minutes a day?” I hope I’m not wrong in speaking for all of us here in saying that the answer is a hearty “yes”, yes we can. :mrgreen:

  24. Well, Dang, Brendt… Evidently you haven’t known me long enough to know it is ALWAYS ALL about ME! (just ask my kids) So, like Emily Latella from Saturday Night Live I will just say… *nevermind*

  25. I’m no fan of the Good Doctor, but Darrell, you’re hurting your credibility by trying to make something out of nothing.

    1. What exactly was I making? I said that the scene made me personally feel a little off.

      So are you saying that I have no right to feel a little off about something or that I wasn’t being honest when I said it made me feel twitchy?

      I think you’re making something out of nothing with regard to my comment.

      1. You have a right to feel whatever you want. But by showing someone interacting with his students in public at a distance of 30ft,and then acting like it was something creepy, you make it look like you’re out get someone. I don’t know anyone in the IFB community well, and for all I know, Schaap is sick child-molester in private. But this video does nothing to indicate he is.

  26. The weird part is that it’s obviously cold enough to have snow on the ground yet the girls are all still in skirts???

    1. The girls there wear skirts year ’round. Doesn’t matter if it is 80 degrees outside or 20 below 0. Proper attire on women is non-negociable and has nothing whatsoever to do with the weather. This is especially true when the girls are expected to spend all day outdoors in Chicago visiting door-to-door sometimes in blizzards to build up their bus routes. No exceptions. No sick days. No bad-weather days. No pants. No way. No how.

      1. Sounds like someone is bitter…This is the most hateful blog/chat I’ve ever seen.

        1. Dean Ohman?

          FWIW, I’ve never met people more bitter than the ones that troll around the internet accusing everyone else of being bitter.

  27. He is like Putin posing for a cameo. It’s just a wonder their are not any pictures of Schaap riding a Harley, killing a bear, or walking on the beach with his shirt off.

    1. I’d bet there are. I’d also bet there are a bunch of Hugh Hefner-esque photos of Schaap in existence as well. ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

  28. Finally de-lurking. So I see this post yesterday. Have my regular SFL laughs and sighs. Today, I get on Facebook for the 1st time in months (not a fast, I just don’t get on it much). Looking through the list of folks that I can friend request, I come across an old classmate : WHO IS NOW ON STAFF AT FBC HAMMOND โ— Did not get that vibe from him in HS. OMG WOW so of course I had to comment. And if their web presence has gotten better, he’s good at what he does.

  29. From a distance, the long, flowing skirts make the girls look like older women who have already borne children. You’ve got to love fundy fashion!

  30. Wow I have never read such criticizm in my life, since when is it right to tear down someones reputation over a snowball fight. Wow I don’t’ see Jesus criticizing… who are we to judge anthers actions?

    1. Just being human gives me the right to recognize & speak the moral bankruptcy that is HAC & Jack Schaap. I don’t need a permission slip to call wrong wrong.

  31. this is all a pointless waist of time. Why don,t you go do something productive rather than waste time thinking up insults โ“

    1. How much padding is on a pointless waist?
      Is your apostrophe British?
      Insults and observations are not the same thing.

  32. how come the video was removed? i would have liked to of seen it? i was born on HAC campus in 1975 and grew up there and then returned for college early 90’s…..kinda shocked by this.

    1. This descriptions covered the video pretty well. It was a puffed-up egomaniac trying hard to act natural while asserting a dominant position at the same time. I’m assuming the video was taken down in order that no one remember the association of Schaap with First Baptist and H-A in the future!

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