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    1. But yes. I will definitely miss seeing the posts every day. I hope I’ll survive this period of no-Darrell-ness. But I guess my hope would be better spent hoping that your move goes well. 🙂

        1. Someone should find an old post with only a few comments and get a discussion going. (There’s a lot of discussion fodder there, but it’s hard to start one because often any new comments get quickly lost because the new comment notification thingee on the right margin only shows the newest ten, so comments can end up going unnoticed.

      1. Maybe everyone should comment on whatever random post pops up on their screen. We could see how many discussions we can keep up with at once.

  1. Have a good smooth move Darrell. Having moved many times over the years I know how much work it is. I hope nothing of major importance gets broken!

    I will miss checking out SFL first thing every day, but hopefully the notification of new posts will be working. (I’ve missed getting a few of them). 🙂

  2. My favorite packing story: my in-laws came to help us pack once. I appreciated the help but didn’t really need a soap sliver (about 1/8th of a bar) wrapped carefully — it could’ve been tossed.

    I also didn’t need my birth control pills packed away in a BOX!!! I think MIL wanted grandkids! 😀 (I am not kidding; she really did put them in a packing box, but I found them before it got taped up. And we weren’t moving across town but out of state!)

    1. Okay, i thought the soap sliver was funny, till I got to the birth control!! 😆 😆 😆

  3. Darrell, you have my sympathy. If I ever have to move, I may just light a match. I hope for smooth everything! And for happy babies who adjust well! God bless you.

  4. I have vowed that if I ever have to move again I will only pack clothes, Pictures, (my books of course) and one or two sentimental items… E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G else will be auctioned off and we will start fresh.

  5. About 7 years ago our house burned to the ground. (in the wildfires here in California). If I had to move again, I wouldn’t move anything. I would just pack a bag.

  6. I just helped my daughter and SIL move 2400 miles, from Pembine, WI to Emeryville, CA. That’s enough moving for me for a while. I’m with Don, clothing, books, and pictures. Not much else.

    Pack well, drive safely, and enjoy settling in to the new place.

    Vaya con Dios

  7. Having moved recently you have my deepest sympathy. Hope everything goes well.

  8. Living on a military base, it was easy to see when someone was going to move. On the trash day before the move, trash would be piled at the curb. It was a dumpster diver’s paradise in the spring. I’ve come been given some really nice stuff that didn’t make the cut.

    Best wishes to you.

    1. We had this neighbor on the last base we lived on. He would wait until someone moved out of officer housing (he was a captain), and would collect anything he thought might be useful in a doomsday situation, and occupy their now-vacant storage building with his collections.

  9. How dare you continue to live your life while my entertainment needs go unfulfilled.

  10. My sympathies. I hope the move goes well, and we’ll try to keep the food fights and wild parties to a minimum while you’re gone. . .TO-GA! TO-GA! TO-GA!


    You never know how much useless junk you own until you have to UNPACK it…

    …What possessed us to even pack THIS… …why did we even consider hauling THAT all the way here…

    I have boxes in the basement from two moves ago that we haven’t even opened, haven’t missed… and yet, will probably get moved a couple of times more…

  12. We moved to England almost three years ago with no furniture. Our stuff (clothes, pictures, kitchen stuff) went in air freight containers. Even then, with all that sorting and leaving 90% of it in storage in Colorado, there is stuff we brought that I have not used and wonder “why in the world did we bring that?” When we head back to the US later this year, it’ll take a ship to get it all home! We have discovered the fine institution of the British auction! Oh, my! 😆

  13. Hoping the move goes smoothly. Don’t unpack the computer first unless you need it for work. Unpack the kids’ toys. They’re more important. :mrgreen:

  14. Uh-oh. I think the last time Darrell anounced he was going to be away we had a major troll invasion.
    We must be prepared. Use the troll food sparingly, it must last.

    1. Darrell went & dropped some serious troll stink bait out there before the big break too! I feel my theory that he just loves punishing his commenters is just too easy! 🙂

  15. And good luck with move D. I think it is wise to move the rebel base on ocassion so the Empire can’t zero in on your location. Just a bit of advice, do not move to Tatooine.

  16. I lost a lot of stuff a year ago. Wasn’t fun. I hope your move goes smoothly, and your new accommodation feels like ‘home’ quickly 🙂

    1. Also, I think that picture should have the box upset down.

      Also, also, I’m already feeling nervous about troll invasions etc. Bah.

  17. When we moved across country many years ago, I vowed never again. It was a complete disaster! However, you all know what happens when one says, “Never!” right? Yeah, we moved a few months ago…with a bigger family & more junk.

    Wishing you & yours a minimum of tears & temper tantrums. It’s not pretty when Daddy has a meltdown. 😀 It’s not easy moving with a new baby, either, but it can be done. 😉 Hope your new digs feel like home very soon and the kids adjust quickly.

  18. I hate moving. I’m 60 and have moved only two and a half times in my life (the “half” is that I still own my immediate former home, which is still partially furnished and which I’m trying to sell [to no avail, of course, because of the economy]). I’ve decided I’m going to keep pastoring till I’m 102, because I never want to move again.

    Don’t laugh. I had an acquaintance who was a full-time pastor until she was 95, when she finally decided it was time to retire. Never shoulda done it — she passed away about two months later. But what a career!

  19. Just a thought – on some other blogs I follow, when the blogger is away for a while, they get a guest blogger to sub. There’s definitely some people round here could do a great job writing a couple of guest posts, I think.

    But obviously that would depend how Darrell feels about it.

  20. I have an old baby grand piano that has been moved at least eight times in the last 20 years. My husband’s back thankfully hasn’t given out yet!

  21. I hate moving. Did it 2 years ago this May. We closed on our new house the day my oldest graduated from 8th grade. This was after living with my in laws for a week, after the house we sold’s closing and our new house closing did t happen on the same day.

    We closed on the new house on Friday, started to move stuff in on Sat, and I left on a mission trip on Sun., with my oldest son and the rest of the Jr. High. It was not fun.

    1. Last time we moved, my SIL died the day we passeds papers and my husband flew up for the funeral the next day. We had told our church we were moving on that day but I think a lot of people figured we’d put off moving until after the funeral. Nope. We got mostly moved in before he had to leave, and I spent the rest of the week cleaning the old apartment with the help of friends. The only thing we had left to do when he got back was return the apartment fridge to its rightful spot.

      So I get it when you say that kind of move is not fun.

  22. Ughh, Darrell, I’m right behind you. We just picked up the key to our new place. We weren’t expecting to have to move, but suddenly the owners who supposedly had relocated need their house back. We’ve got a wicked month ahead of us. We still have way too much stuff even though we did an interstate move 9 months ago. Thanking about you and praying for you all. Totally not fun. :*(

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