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jesusissaviorFor sheer volume of eclectic content, it’s hard to beat this weeks Fundy Site of the Week run by David J. Stewart. The front page (43 clicks to get to the bottom!) alone contains dozens of topics ranging from 9/11 conspiracies to the claim that God hates Christmas. And just to round things out there are also claims of Satanic influences in the Vatican and then an entire page dedicated to…Hawaiian guitar? Pardon me for a moment while I stare off into space. With so many glaring colors and photos it’s hard to look for too long without feeling a little disoriented.

This site provides a classic example for the syndrome of Claiming to Be the Last True Fundamentalist. Even though David Stewart and David Cloud are obviously cut from the same cloth, they evidently have nothing good to say about each other

But never fear, the author makes it very clear that this is Not a Hate Site. Although where the love is remains unclear.

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  1. Wow. It’s like a Drudge Report for Christians who don’t mind high-contrast color schemes.

  2. I tend to have a fit of Vertigo when I look at that site. Does it come with an airsick bag?

  3. Thanks Darrell. I think that Stewart is a little bit more extreme and I do not think

    Cloud even knows what Stewart wrote about him. His sight(Stewart”s) does annoy me

    though. Stewart even thanks God for someone like Texe Marres( the name may be

    mispelled). And Marres is a real whack job.

  4. Hmmmm, I wonder if I should sue. I think I had a seizure from looking at that site again.

  5. I’ve spent many hours entertaining myself with the hilariously absurd articles on jesus-is-savior.com over the past couple of years. There are vicious attacks on just about every group of people imaginable on that site. The perfect place to go whenever I’m bored. I’m so glad you posted this for everyone else to enjoy!

  6. I feel more dirty after reading some of the stuff on this guy’s website than on the ordinary stuff I look at–and I don’t look at dirty stuff. I tried to find a way to contact the guy but his contact page has no contact information (although he says he gets lots of hate mail). No wonder Christians get a bad name!!! Doesn’t the Bible say we’re supposed to be innocent about what’s evil but wise about what’s good? People like this who search out evil to “expose” it are not doing any good–they’re only educating people in evil. This website is promoting a filthy mind. I felt gross after just looking at some of the stuff he was talking about on Disney (and I’m married too). Blech.

  7. You think this is bad? Try vaticanassassins.org. The wacko running that site is named Eric Jon Phelps. He’s an out and out, unapologetic white supremecist.

    Talk about a hate site. It is really very sad that many fundamentalists are more interested in finding people to hate than in finding people to love.

  8. Just wanted to say thanks that nowadays when I start typing in jesusneedsnewpr this site (Jesus-Is-Savior) is what my browser thinks I should be going to. 🙂

    1. Seriously, it’s like a Fundy Ripley’s, “Believe it or not!” Too strange to look away.

  9. I think some of you are wrong. What is wrong with exposing damnable organizations like the catholic “church”? If an organization teaches that sinful men can forgive sins and that works are necessary for salvation: why shouldn’t we as Christians call them out as phonies?

    1. That question calls for a pretty full answer; will admit I don’t have it. Still some phonies do want to act like “realies”, and any time is the best time to do something worthwhile. 😕 😉

    2. Take it to an ex-Catholic board.

      This place is for those who have left (or are leaving) IFBx Fundy style churches. It is the common background that makes this place click.

    3. What is wrong with reading for understanding?

      This post was not a defense of the Roman Catholic church. You ignored what was actually said in your hurry to find a possible point you might be able to defend.

      As to your question about whether it is right or wrong to “expose damnable organizations like the catholic ‘church’ [sic],” I invite you to turn in your Bible to Matthew 7:3-5. Read it, slowly, several times, and report back.

      I would have an easier time listening to IFB condemnations of Catholics if I didn’t know Catholics who were far more Christ-like than 95% of the IFB authority figures in my past. Catholics who believe in salvation through faith in Jesus Christ (as opposed to the IFB who believe that only members of THEIR congregation are going to heaven…a position that they berate the Vatican for holding). Catholics who consider me to be a fellow-believer even though I don’t follow their pope, and who wouldn’t understand if I tried to force them to follow one of the myriad IFB popes whose behavior is exactly like that of the Vatican they claim to oppose. Catholics who spend their time lifting up Jesus, rather than warring over minutae and damning each other to a Christ-less eternity as so many IFB love to do.

      The IFB need to face up to their own failings before they have the moral standing to criticize others.

      1. In the first place I left the IFB awhile back: I am not IFB. Also I felt the need to jump in since I feel that the article wasn’t talking about the good David was doing.

        I read Matthew: so is there a beam in my eye? Are they that hold to such damnable doctrines when it comes to salvation my brothers? Judge for yourself. I in turn invite you to read Mark 7,8,9,13, and Romans 11:6 and 1 John 2:21 and think about those verses in light of what Catholicism teaches.

      2. Lastly if you know Catholics who don’t listen to the pope and who study scripture and who believe in salvation by grace through faith, good.

      3. Also, that was mark 7:7, 8, 9, 13. I left the IFB partly because of doctrine and partly because of rules. But I think you will agree that there is a difference between believing the truth and believing a lie. That is why I brought up Catholicism since some of the Catholics I knew seemed to “lift up” Mary more than Jesus, are trying to justify themselves before God by works and such like and I thought it good that David did expose them.

        Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth. – John 17:17

        1. Michael,

          I never meant to attack you, or to lump you into any camp, but I see why you thought I did so. My point was simply that you said we were wrong, and you completely missed the point of the post. I disagree with Catholic doctrine as well, but that doesn’t mean I have to make overblown accusations against them, as that website did. You took one little portion, the anti-Catholic portion, out of veritable ocean of Crazy on that website, and used it to attack Darrell and the posters on this site, in defense of the Crazy. That wasn’t quite right.

          My comment about looking into Matthew 7:3-5 was intended for those Indy Fundies who rant and rave against The Others while taking The Others’ bad behavior to new depths of ridiculosity (not for nothing are many IFB pastors called mini-popes). That comment was not aimed at you, though I certainly understand why you thought it WAS. Mea culpa.

          The IFB would do well to consider your referenced passages (Mark 7:7,8,9,13; Romans 11:6: 1 John 2:21) before criticizing ANYONE else. They would also do well to read Romans 14 (all of it, in context, not just their favorite one or two verses from that chapter), plus the entire book of Galatians, plus Ephesians 4:14-15.

          Of course, if they actually DID read all those passages with understanding, they would be too busy cleaning up their OWN mess to have time for criticism of anyone else. And what is the fun in that!?

      4. “The IFB need to face up to their own failings before they have the moral standing to criticize others.”

        So true. Unfortunately, there are few in the movement that can see beyond their noses. I know one fundy pastor (had to marry his fundy woman becasue he got her pregnant) who to this day is a lofty and arrogant moG whose “ministry” is patterned after the IFB core of the BJU brand. The FBFI coddles these sorts, and rejects any dissent as “sowing discord among the brethren.”

        In the meantime, countless lives are ruined and faith is lost.


    4. So, let’s see: you look at the site, see that it has some cartoonish anti-Catholic stuff, and decide, hey, it must be good if it preaches against Catholicism. … You are a silly person. 😛

      1. @ J Heller

        And you must be a simple person, to assume such a simple explanation in order to criticize him…

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