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  1. This is an HAC group? They certainly look incredibly socially awkward enough to be HAC people, and all Bible/education majors makes me think HAC.

    1. These are the guys tour groups from West Coast this past summer… The only thing worse than watching a video of them is hearing them in person.

    2. The HAC groups (when I was there) sounded way better. It was like a sin unto death for any tour member to go off key like these guys. The college has changed a lot since I was there tho, so their tour groups may sound just as bad now.

    3. “Step into the cause”? What the crap does that even MEAN? SMH… Fundies. No match for Madison Avenue.

      1. You should have seen the drama that they did entitled Step Into The Cause… Words defy the horrible acting, mixed signals sent by the guy and girl who had to “flirt” onstage, and the sermon following the drama attempting to make sense of it all.

        1. 😯

          ….This one polish guy may or may not have been in that particular drama….though that fact can neither be confirmed nor denied.

      2. I’m sure those teens who sat through this went away with the impression that they had stepped in … something.

    1. I know there are some that aren’t, but it tends to be a magnet for home schooled no social skills. Just from youtube videos (not experience) seems to be more so than PCC/BJU, but they have way more than the general population.

      1. I am going to have to agree with RobM. I think that they take pride in being far from the “socially acceptable” norm. It makes them feel like a *peculiar* people and like in being different they are perhaps just a little better. I know when I was there we all felt so superior to those heathen compromisers at BJU and PCC and BBC. We were MORE different, so we were MORE better!

  2. Song – nice. Never heard it before. Umpteen introductions, bbbboooorrrrrriiiiinnnnnggggg. Why do all of these tour groups insist on introducing themselves and what they’re studying inside of the song? As if anyone really cares. Just sing. πŸ™„

    1. Oh, c’mon Mac. You know they’ve gotta throw the name out there in the hope that some loose IFB chick may give them a glance of ankle after the show!

      1. They want the crowd to know that they are legit…i.e. We have John Davidson from Calgary Canada! OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH CANADA they have students from foreign lands and he wants to teach math! They must be a real college.

  3. “He’s coming soon, there is no doubt”. Lol. I’d say after 2000 years some doubt has been cast.

      1. Actually, he’s a Middle Easterner. Top of their Watch List. And he has a beard and he dresses funny. He’s sure to get profiled.

  4. Is there anything or anyone you people won’t criticize? Have you ever considered that you are so hyper-critical that you render yourselves illegitimate and not to be taken seriously when there is an actual issue at hand? Sort of like the boy who cried wolf.

    1. “Is there anything or anyone you people won’t criticize?”

      Not that I can think of at the moment. :mrgreen:

    2. I don’t criticize dog. I love dogs. And extra sharp cheddar. And beaches. Wow, I can think up more…..

        1. You do, you do! Look at how you deduced my age! BTW, have you seen Will Smith’s biceps??? πŸ˜‰

    3. Witty observations are not criticisms. In addition, the video was posted with NO observations, so you are free to praise these young people to the heavens.

      1. There is a comment now. Someone asked if there aren’t any Christians in the Phillipines?

        1. Most people in the Philippines are Christians, but many of them are (hushed voice:) Catholics, so maybe that doesn’t count.

    4. I understand your desire to defend this group. I will say right here that I didn’t even listen to them. I have heard enough of this stuff to last me awhile. If my son or (back in the day) boyfriend or husband were singing in a group like this I would feel inclined to defend them too. It doesn’t change the fact that they are promoting a false religion and using cult-like tactics to drag other young people into their pit. It is sad.

      1. “off key”, “socially awkward”, “looks like Eddie Munster”, “velociraptor” – These are just personal attacks, not witty observations. Smug comments like these are what makes me tire of coming to this site, or at least reading the comments. There’s so much that could be said about the style of music and the questionable theology of the song that going for the personal assaults really just seems intellectually lazy.

        The smug, dismissive attitude toward anything that appears different from what you have established as the norm sometimes comes very close to the same attitude I have seen in many IFB circles.

        So, yeah, Laru has a point.

        1. You could make the case those were personal attacks if these fundy u’s didn’t put out these ultra cheesy performances as a way to sell themselves. Might not be making much, but if you are going on the road to try to attract more kids into fundy u, you should be mocked for doing so. I don’t consider that personal.

        2. usernametaken…I must agree. It is apparent that you are so intellectually advanced and beyond the average drivel posted by the jamokes on this board. Therefore, I anoint you and your brilliance with the mantel of leadership.

          You have wisely pointed out the condescension by condescending and pointed out the hypocrisy of the hypocritical. Bravo! Oh great one. Now if I could just find a sagacious theological observation in your post…oh wait it’s not there. Learn to laugh part of the problems with fundies is they take themselves too seriously. I bet your a closet fundy.

        3. I have to agree here, guys. There was nothing witty about the snarky comments here. These singers may come off as overly formal and cheesy, but they are no more so than a typical corporate presentation. And they are not performing for you, they are aiming at a very specific audience. For that audience, this is an appropriate presentation. Yep, they went off key. Other than that it was pretty good.

        4. All of these young men believe I am going to hell and that I will be tortured forever. They also believe that during the tribulation period they will be sitting in their god’s sky box, while those of us who went to real colleges and got real productive jobs, become victims of their god’s version of a Michael Bay movie.
          Some probably blame gay people for the recession.
          I only wish for these young men that WalMart and Target are hiring.

    5. This is like a minority playing the “race card” Fundies do the same stuff. They have the “bitterness/critical card”. They get all flustered when questioned or someone makes and observation and all they have is the old “bitterness/critical card to play. It’s just that people can call there bluff now. Throw the card away get a new trick.

      1. Agreed, AND I must tell you: I love that you used the word, “sagacious.”. One of my favorites. Yes, they need to find a new trick. The bitterness accusation is so overdone.

      2. I tend to agree with the criticism of some of the comments: it **is** pretty low-class to mock the way people look.

        I’m all for mocking the un-Biblical, man-centered errors in fundamentalism, and the cult-like problems in many of the churches, but the comments about a person’s appearance are just cheap shots, unworthy of the excellent posts and observations usually made.

        I’ve heard preachers who make fun of the way others look, and I consider their behavior unChristian and low-class, but that doesn’t give me the right to respond in kind.

        1. I admit, I thought of commenting on a couple of the guys’ looks but, you are right, that is pretty immature and I am sure I have done a bit of that in past posts. No one is responsible for their God-given physical features and I bet if Darrell posted random pictures of us many of us would get made fun of and it would hurt. 😳

    1. I was kind of wondering about the ad placement. Did they get paid for that? Maybe a little donation to a scholarship for inner city preacher-boys?

      1. That my friend is the sign of compromise. They are slipping down the slope towards neo-evangelicalism or worst yet open theism.

        Yes it is the classic camel’s noes. See below to understand the slippery slop as taught by Eugene Volokh
        1. Holding microphones (a practice disdained by BJU)
        leads to
        2. Sliding vocals
        leads to
        3. Singing southern gospel
        leads to
        4. Singing CCM just without the drums
        leads to
        5. Singing in front of godless signs like aeropostal ect…
        leads to
        6. Neo-Evangelicalism
        leads to
        7. Having Dr. Dobson in you church
        leads to
        8. becoming Emergant
        leads to
        9. Worshiping Satan instead of Christ
        Mark it down this is were it all ends up when it’s said and done.

    2. Abercrombie has been unofficially banned (or at the least demonized) at WCBC (by way of a 2007 chapel service message preached by Dr. Chappell). But so was Starbucks and lacy men’s underwear.

      It was a doozie of a message. He also managed to slip in some metaphors in which he compared the intelligence of the male student body to a “box of rocks” and decried the “surfer culture” that he thought he saw too much of among the soCal students at West Coast.

      Anyway, he was probably right about that.

        1. I meant “underwear.” That image has George so distracted he can’t type straight. (Pun intended.)

        2. I am not sure… Perhaps Dr. Chappell had inside information because he often accused the college men of having “lace on their underpants.”

        3. It was all in good humor though. Being told that you have lace on your underwear and that you are dumber than a box of rocks really got us fired up for the Lord. Afterwards, we all went out soulwinnin’ and bus callin’ for a couple hours. Many decisions made.

  5. What do these people have against the left hand? I couldn’t figure that out the other day when I visited Chappell’s Funhouse and I can’t figure it out now.

    For people who brag about being different, fundies sure do like conformity.
    Suits are the same knowledge contained in the heads is the same microphones are held in the same hands etc etc etc.

        1. Trust me, if I were your mom, I would no longer be cool. I would just be that white noise in the background of your life. πŸ˜‰

    1. Yes. It is that desire to “be a clone,” and that fear of individuality, that is so sad. πŸ™

  6. Hi, my name is Jeff, (wife applauds). I’m laying on the couch, getting ready to study the back of my eyelids.

    1. :snort: Took me a minute to get the joke, but then I almost woke the kids.

      πŸ˜• So…your wife’s excited that you’re dozing on the couch, huh? Doesn’t work in this house, but hey, whatever gets her going… πŸ˜‰

      1. That’s just teaching the young’ns to worship the men. “Hi I’m so and so awesome face preacher boy” from “boring boring” screaaaaaaammmmm. Just like the Beatles see above Eugen Volokh’s paradigm.

      2. Look, my wife’s job is to submit and if she doesn’t like it, she can ….o wait … here she comes… gtg!

  7. oh! my! God! i know the guy from canada!! it was only a matter of time before someone i knew showed up on this site! lol

    1. I’m kind of still waiting; I saw an evangelist that I’ve met, but so far, no one I could say that I know well.

  8. Wonder how many of them graduated? How many are doing jobs within their stated field? I always wonder that when I see Christian college groups, especially those from unaccredited (or barely accredited) schools.

    1. Excellent point. One of the primary things that started my questioning of HAC and its bizarre methodology was graduating, getting a job in an extremely good Christian school–yes, unusual!–and realizing that the ONLY thing that had prepared me for my calling was the nine weeks of student teaching I had done, and my own love for literature, grammar, poetry, and composition. That beginning to question phase is crucial to coming out, of course, so I have felt,for thirty years now, that HAC had its own self-destruct mechanism built right into its system. The guys graduating who believed they were ready for real ministry to a hurting world were in even worse shape. Most flounder for a while, and in despaiir, get a job in a factory. πŸ‘Ώ

      1. What burns me is those schools/churches that teach that there’s no higher calling for anyone than to be a preacher. As a result, there are guys sitting in the church, paying their dues every week, and feeling second-rate because they’re not a preacher (for whatever reason). Then there are those guys who thought they heard the call to preach, only to find out the phone was ringing for someone else.

        1. Well said! The highest calling is to do God’s will. Someone whom God calls to be an accountant but preaches instead has FAILED to do His will.

    2. I agree with “Seen Enough” (almost typo’d the name as “Soon Enough” – boy would THAT put me in bad). One of the many reasons we left a former fundie church was that it was a sin (according to them) to do anything but put your kid in their school, and some of the teachers didn’t have a clue about basic grammar and speech. We didn’t want our kids sounding ignorant.

  9. The only homeschooled kids/young adults I have EVER encountered personally that “had no social skills” have been autistic. Just sayin. πŸ™„

    1. I homeschooled my eldest for her first couple of school years, and I met a wide range of homeschoolers. Some of them have kids who are very active in their community, and they’re just normal kids.

      But I did meet a few families who homeschooled and who either lived on an isolated property in the middle of nowhere or deliberately avoided social interactions outside of the home. Their kids were socially awkward. But it wasn’t the homeschooling, or else it would be standard for homeschoolers – it was the isolation.

      I don’t doubt that some fundy families who homeschool do have socially awkward children.

      1. In fact the ONLY socially awkward home schoolers I know are in isolated circs such as you describe. I have occasion to deal with home schoolers and really, kids of all flavors, weekly if not daily. I see home schoolers of every variety, and see the same with traditionally-schooled kids. Home schooling does not make them socially awkward; their strange circumstances do. Those who are involved with other kids, families, etc., do fine.

      2. Socially awkward people are everywhere and from every kind of circumstance, I would say the awkwardness comes from being raised fundy not from homeschooling per se.

    2. Agreed. I’ve met homeschooled kids, usually from larger families, who were as socially skilled as any of their contemporaries. I’ve met others that had been homeschooled and for some reason were out in the world now, and some of them were extremely socially awkward. However, while some of them improved noticeably after being thrown into the larger world, a few of them have not improved at all. It’s not always the schooling, sometimes it’s just the way kids are.

    3. It just depends on why the parent is homeschooling. If they’re doing it because it provides more flexibility, the family moves a lot and it’s the only way to get a consistent education (the reason a lot of military families homeschool), or it gives you more time as a family, then great. If the family is homeschooling to keep the kids away from other kids and outside influences, it’s a complete failure, because the object of education is to help the kid survive in the real world.

  10. Is it just me…or is there something unsettling about all the girls hooting and hollering in the background like groupies. LOL!

    1. I wondered about that too. I actually felt bad for the guys who would say their name and then nothing from the girls. Awkward. πŸ˜•

    2. Just wanted to say – excellent observation! This is what happens from watching too much CCM (heh).

  11. The first thing that struck me the most about this was how everyone cheered when each young man introduced himself. It was like people in a stadium cheering when each player is introduced and runs out onto the field (or court). The similarity was not lost on me: these guys are Jesus’ winning team!

    The second thing that struck me was that, even though they sang quite well (if a bit off-key at times), most of them had a glazed-over look in their eyes, as though they felt coerced into doing this, were scared to death, or both.

    I feel for the earnestness of these kids. It’s just . . . so . . . misplaced.

    1. To be fair, though, how many college freshman do you know that wouldn’t be nervous to do a public performance like this?

      I sure was.

        1. If I had some I would post it.

          But alas, any such performances are probably only available in the PCC library archives.

  12. Sorry, kids. The VELOCIRAPTOR comment was a little out of line.
    Lord knows I was incredibly awkward at seventeen (and I wasn’t homeschooled, either) – eager to make a good impression and having no idea how to do it.

    That said, I’m not sure why you expect civility of me. I don’t expect it of you.

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