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    1. I hope not! It would be obscene (first word that came to mind) to penalize a gal like this for just having fun!

      What I predict is that her family will soon find it and yank it to avoid the “appearance of evil”. Sad.

      Rock on, sista! :mrgreen:

    2. The human spirit, no matter how trampled and hedged in by its own superstitions, fears, desire to conform, will every now and then burst out, almost like a song, and kick its heels and laugh simply because its alive, and the energy of God’s breath is still in there somewhere, coursing around like electricity. And then it seems to retreat again, into the conformity and under the rules it feels it has to maintain to preserve itself.

      1. Well said and how very true. Describes much of my 15 years in fundydom. Been out a year now and it’s nice to feel refreshed again with the joys of life.

    3. I’m afraid so….

      I saw the public church discipline take place in both the pente church; and later in the fundy church.

      The funny thing was that church discipline was not limited to the one person doing the misdeed, it applied down to the whole family. In this case, the dad would be disciplined for not having control over the family and allowing the game in the house, the mom for dancing and appearing to approve of the game, and the kids for playing the game, and encouraging mom to do the dance steps

  1. How do we know for sure that this was a fundy mom? Maybe it was just someone who happened to be dressed up after a holiday event.

    1. I don’t want to name any names so you’ll just have to trust me on this one. The video comes from a very reliable source and my description is accurate.

      1. I was tending to think like grace2live. Your reassurance, Darrell, makes this very, very funny!

  2. She must not have ever heard disco or she’d be a better dancer like I was back in my pre-fundy days. Now there was some dancing music! :mrgreen:

  3. Disregarding the overtly sexual moves of her dancing, I’m appalled that one of the dance moves has her bowing (IN WORSHIP!) to the one-eyed monster named TV! This is what happens when you take prayer out of the public schools.

    1. Amen Brother! Keep preaching the truth! I would disagree with you slightly though. I would say that this comes as a result of giving women the vote, repealing Prohibition AND taking prayer out of schools.

      1. Not to mention the proliferation of all those perversions of God’s perfectly preserved Word that have corrupted our Christian Culture which was handed down to us from our faithful Founding Fathers.

  4. Time to repeat that old joke:
    Q: Why are Baptists so against sex?
    A: Because someone might see them and think they’re dancing.

    1. Correcting the wording:

      Q-Why don’t Baptist have sex standing up?
      A-People might think they’re dancing! :mrgreen:

      1. I like my version.
        Back when I lived up the street from a modern dance school (long story there), I saw dances that were done horizontally, and in every other possible position (and those aren’t euphemisms; they were real art dances).
        So just because you aren’t standing up doesn’t mean you aren’t dancing.

      2. Jews don’t recognize Jesus as Messiah.
        Protestants don’t recognize the Pope as leader of the church.
        Baptists don’t recognize each other at the liquor store.

    2. I learned a slightly different version:

      Q: Why don’t baptists like sex?
      A: Because it might lead to dancing!

      I like both of yours as well.

  5. Aww, this is what it’d look like if my mom tried something like this. She’s not even a quarter as Fundy as my dad is. Cuteness!

    1. Actually, it is kind of cute, or, to borrow a phrase, oddly adorable.
      She’s getting her groove thang on, and the youth off-camera saying “Go, Mom! Go, Mom!” adds something, too.

      So I join in saying, “Go, Mom! Go, Mom!”
      Happy 2012!

        1. Agreed, and I think it says something about Darrell, that he calls it oddly adorable. God bless us, every one.

    1. Possibly to show that some do have fun? Refer to the child’s statement! “Go Mom!” Seems to me like she must be a fun Mom in spite of being fundy!

  6. I’m actually a little concerned about the woman in this video getting caught by her church and receiving discipline.

    I myself have gotten found out about things I have posted here. Just a couple comments and I’m getting talked to by one of the assistant pastors.

    1. So I see my old name has been swiped on here. Hope I didn’t get you into too much trouble 🙂

    2. I hope the video won’t get anyone in trouble.
      On the one hand, I know how oppressive some Fundies can be. On the other hand, it’s hard to imagine more innocent fun than this dance.

      If anyone does get into trouble over it, though, maybe it will be the push they need to get out of that madhouse. Here’s hoping.

      1. My husband and other dads got a call from the M 0 g because our kids were discussing Jonny Cash during lunch and recess at the fundy day school. We were reminded that talk of worldly music, movies, etc was forbidden and cause for demerits. My husband responded in an attempt to be funny, “because you’re mine, I’ll walk the line.” The humor was lost on our pastor who was taking it all way too seriously.

        That call was definitely one of the straws on the proverbial camel’s back. So yes, if they are called out on this it could be a good thing in the long run. I hope so. I can’t help but like this funky little fundy mom. :mrgreen:

        1. I discussed Johnny Cash with my English Lit. teacher while I was at BJU. We got some strange looks from some of the kids. Most probably had no idea who we were talking about.

  7. Thanks for sharing Darrell! It’s good for all of us to remember that Fundies are also human 🙂 And occasionally “oddly adorable” 😉

  8. The lady in the video is a friend of a friend of mine. I am pretty sure we went to the same Fundy U. I think “oddly adorable” is the right phrase. That was a lot of fun to watch, and refreshing to find someone who admits being fundy but is not full of herself.

  9. I hope my kids didn’t put ME on youtube. They have a video of me doing that exact same dance. Yikes.

    1. ATTENTION, SIMS’ KIDS! This is Auntie Seen Enough. Get it on there, and I will send you MONEY, yes, MONEY. Hurry!

      1. My kids are so spoiled they would probably do it just for the mere opportunity to humiliate me. Lets hope they never see this. 🙂

  10. She must be a recently-converted fundy who hasn’t quite given up her evil music yet? I can’t imagine any of the fundies I know of being okay with dancing to Black-Eyed Peas or even having such an evil game in their home to begin with!

    1. Wrong. This is my mom. She has been fundy for over 30 years. Has a great testamony though. Was a drug dealing hippiie with my dad. Lived in the Village in NYC in the late sixties. Hung out with famous people(james taylor, andy kaufman, rodney dangerfield) she babysat matthew perry when he was a child…..

  11. I’m less worried about her church disciplining her (since no good fundy visits YouTube, or at least admits to it), and more concerned about what she did to her kids when she found out that they had put her on YouTube!

    “Go mom! Go mom!”
    \ 😀 / \ 😆 / \ 😛 /

  12. You do realize that if we ever have an SFL get together that now we will have to bring along Just Dance 3 and have a dance-off!

    I’m not sure all of us will be oddly adorable, but we’re surely be a spectacle!

    1. *shudder* No, no, no… no one can handle seeing me do that.. too much awesomeness for mere mortals to handle. For those who do not instantly die of shock, the rest will die of asphyxiation brought on by uncontrollable laughter. 😯 😈 :mrgreen:

      1. Ah. Me too. Nooo, wait, I AM adorable… but not when I dance. Then I am more like a femal version of the overweight guy on Hitch.

    2. That wouldn’t be pretty. I spent too long thinking that any excess movement was wrong. A robot could dance better than me.

  13. 1. this is why ifb’s hate dancing so much

    2. she will loose her job as church sec. for this

        1. Absolutely! What disturbs me is that Sims wants me to watch the silly guy try to dance, but those biceps are mesmerizing. It is my inability to focus that… Wow, check out those biceps.

        2. I agree. I have to admit, I was looking at his chest. But his face isn’t painful to look at either.

        3. Thoroughly! (And his buns are quite nice too.) Ok, I’m done. My husband looks just like that.

        4. What a lucky woman you are, Sims! I hope someday God blesses me with a husband that looks like that! 😀

        5. Seen, you aren’t doing much here to advance your claim that you don’t go for younger men. 😉

        6. Well, Will Smith is 43 now, and he was 37 when the movie came out…I figure he can’t be *that* much younger than Seen Enough (based on comments I’ve read…yeah, I’m a lurker more than a poster)…and even if he is, you go, girl! 😀

        7. Note, Cheddar, I never said it was a bad thing. I’m just saying Seen’s previous denial lacks plausibility. 😉

        8. Ha ha, I knew you didn’t mean it as a bad thing, Big G. 😉 I was just pointing out that he’s not as young as he seems. He just ages well. 🙂 It probably says more about me that I am attracted to a man almost 20 years my senior. Lol. Oh, Hollywood…

        9. That’s about what I guessed your age at! (I’m a tad proud of myself right now). 😀

        10. You know, Seen, I couldn’t see them very well in this clip, so i had to go watch the movie all over again. And even then, I couldn’t see them…so now I’ll have to watch Independence Day…and Men in Black…and Bad Boys…and I Robot…and…. 😉

      1. Except for the “Q-tip move”, I think the chubby guy is cute, it’s his confidence. Us chubby people can get our sexy on too!! 😎

        1. Kevin James is adorable…and funny, I agree. It’s just…well….he’s no Will Smith. 😉

        2. Okay, okay, he pales in comparison to Will Smith 😀 😉 pun intended!

  14. I think that this oddly adorable mom will be all right. She is on her way out of fundy-dum. At least, I want it to be so.

    1. We got her to wear and even BUY some jeans over break, and she also read… The Shack! We’re TRYING!! 🙂

      1. All kidding aside, I am so heartened by this news! Bless you or trying! I want her to taste the liberty that is in Christ! 🙂

      2. The Shack was so eye opening for me. You mean God IS love, not lovING at times? Realio, trulio, unconditional love? He doesn’t just dispense favors when I’m good, yet is hoping I fail so He can let fly His wrath? 😯

        I believe that book struck the first blow to the Fundy sarcophagus in which my soul had been encased, allowing me a glimpse of the light & liberty outside. :happytears: :amen:

        1. Even though I disagreed with a lot of The Shack doctrinally, I did think it was a very helpful book in helping break down the picture I had been given of God. (I also don’t think of God as a large black woman, but I digress…)
          We need to KNOW God in order to worship Him. I don’t believe that I was able to do that until I was far enough from the IFB movement to be able to recognize Him.

        2. I believe the Lord uses varied items to open our eyes and bring us out. I will not scrutinize the lever that pries open the sealed sarcophagus of legalism. In my own life, the tools were many and some unexpected, but all were so so so used by God.

  15. inside every findy is a funky person wanting to shake their groove thang. unless you kill it by imprisoning with laws and dealing a final death blow by bashing it over the head with a KJV 😈

  16. She was doing a little too well to have just discovered dancing. Methinks she’s been dancing a lot when no one’s looking.

  17. First time posting and I messed up already (commented on yesterday’s post) :roll:. Anyway, been reading for a few months and guess I’m ready to talk. Got an Xbox 360 for my…yeah, for my kids …and love to watch the dance games. My dancing is horrific.

      1. Thanks. Good thing, because if dancing was ever a requirement for anything in my life, my life would’ve gone in a way different direction. 🙂 I’m severely white.

      1. Thanks. Unfortunately, the “pointing and laughing” image prompts flashbacks of a few selected Friday nights in 7th grade during the Kool and The Gang era.

  18. Oh, too cute! 😀 I do think she was having awash too much fun for a Fundy, though. And no true Fundy would ever allow a gaming system in the house…and if they were luke-warm compromisers, they would use it to play NASCAR games only, and always with that ungodly music muted. 😈

    (I tried to convince SO to get an Xbox for m- er, the kids for Xmas just for the dance games. 😉 No luck, though, sigh.)

    1. *awash?* Dang you, autocorrect, that was supposed to be “waaay.” And no, it wasn’t George’s fault…this time. -looks hard at George-

  19. She rocks! I wish fundys would let lose…even if it is just for a short while. It does the soul wonders!

  20. Yo’ Mom!

    You do it to Bossa Nova music?

    Christian Socialist

    PS: Anyone else save that video to hard drive? LOL!

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