Your Nominations, Please

As the year draws to a close I think it only fitting that we take some time and remember the best moments of 2011 here on SFL. I’m going to do a “best posts” roundup later in the week but today I thought we might take the time to nominate our own personal favorites in other categories as well.

So submit your nominations for Favorite Commenter,Best Discussion, Most Entertaining Troll, Best Forum Thread, Most Outrageous MOG, or whatever-it-is-you-enjoyed this past year.

122 thoughts on “Your Nominations, Please”

    1. A special thanks to him and to all the others who have gone to the front lines to send back field reports. Well done!

      1. “Awwwww, shucks, ‘twern’t nothin.”
        I have enjoyed the time we have all spent together on here this year. I appreciate you all and thank you for being my friends.

  1. OOH! This is going to be FUN! I wasn’t here this time last year! And now I annoy you all all the time!!!

    Don’t have any nominations though, I’m going to have to think now 😎

        1. Thanks!!!

          I feel really dumb now. I’m studying IT so I should know this right? Good thing I’m just first year 😕

        2. Not to worry. I’ve been doing web development for about a decade and I still accidentally switch HTML and BBCode and vice versa.

  2. I was going to say Camp Meeting Girl for favourite commenter, I always look forward to her comments.

    But John’s Mom was pretty awesome too. Since ‘she’ didn’t stay for long though, maybe ‘she’ could be my nomination for best guest commenter.

  3. I think I’ll have to sit back and see what those who have been here longer have to say. I’ve only been here since around August. My favorite topics usually have to do with women’s issues but I couldn’t name a specific post. Or favorite poster, though I seem to laugh most at Don’s posts, and enjoy reading whatever Seen Enough and Sims have to say about their HAC days. But I’ve enjoyed this site so much since I found it and it’s the first thing I check on every day when I get online. Thanks again Darrell, for this site! :mrgreen:

    1. You crazy, courageous little guy, you. Of course it won’t work. If you are TRYING to get kicked out, for some reason you just slip through the cracks. But you will have a much more fun college experience than if you are afraid of your shadow.

  4. I have to say Sims first, but that looks so BLATANTLY biased, that I must also add that I laugh out loud a LOT at Don, Big Gary, and Boymom, though they are by no means the only ones. I am glad RobM and Beth are on here already, because that reminds me I laugh at them too. Boymom is the one, I think, that I would nominate for stand-up comic. If Boymom ever goes on the road, I want Sims and I to be groupies.
    Don really researches and knows his TRUE Bible, as opposed to FUNDY “scripture,” and I always always ALWAYS appreciate those posts.
    ApatheticOrWhatever and this last foray to the front lines was heroic!
    I have loved reading about Macushlalondra’s emergence from fundy-dum, as well as HeadNotBowed, etc. CampMeetingGirl gives me the twitches. Natalie was the first person on this blog I faithfully back-tracked, in order to read all her posts, because she has that sharp little needling to her answers that just kills me. Tiarali is always so kind, as is ThatOtherJean, who is also very to-the-point with exactitude! I am going on too long, but one more: if Darrell had not kindly answered all my emails when I first found this site, I would not have stayed. There is a lot to understand and learn when one first finds SFL.

    1. Did you miss anyone? {looking around} At least I was up there FIRST!!! Did you mention Natilie and her Butt Cushions?
      I agree on the Boymom/Stand-up comic part and also think Don is the perfect combination of humor and intelligence.
      So many others make me laugh, and a few make me THINK. I wish I could meet all of you in person.
      I would like to nominate Seen Enough for best memory of anyone I ever met. She remembers names of people and things that happened CENTURIES ago. (well, SEEMS like centuries…) I would like to give a shout-out to George who seems to faithfully show up here and there to make his presence known.
      Thank you Darrell for this site. It has become such an important part of my morning routine. 😎

      1. Centuries? CENTURIES???? Yes, I probably missed someone I do not want to hurt, yes, I mentioned Natalie.

        1. How old do you want these people to think we ARE, anyway??? Remember, *I* am still available for the man of my dreams. You know, tall, broad-shouldered, carrying a gigantic KJV…do not sell me short, Sims!!! 😉

        2. Ok, so here is my personal ad for you…

          Not quite dead yet widder woman with a lot of love to give looking for a studly younger man who can fix furnaces and is willing to play Naughty Student and Demerit Dean.
          Actual education is not required. If you are the one I am looking for, I will be your Sugar Momma.
          All interested applicants must pass qualificaion requirements set forth by my good friend, Sims.

        3. a studly younger man who can fix furnaces and is willing to play Naughty Student and Demerit Dean.

          You know how people are always claiming they almost spit a drink out when reading stuff on here? Well I literally almost spit out my off-brand Sam’s Cola when I read this.

          That’s just funny.

        4. SIMS!!! SIMS!!!! How did you KNOW???

          As for YOU, Darrell, you SHOULD be slapping our wrists. Sigh.

          “Studly” kills me. Thank you for thinking of my furnace, and I might add, he should also know how to deal with water heaters, cars, and general fix-ups. And NO, Sims, those are not euphemisms for naughty things!!!

        5. I thought General Fix-ups was kindof what *I* was doing here for you. Ok, if you want HIM to fix you up as well, you GO girl!

        6. Also, his education IS important! I mean, he at least has to use correct grammar, because I am not dealing with any “ain’t got no” or “you did good” types. (shudder) He does not have to love Shakespeare or Poirot, as I do, and I will not make him diagram compound-complex sentences, but please! When he opens his mouth, there cannot be a balloon above it that says “Duh!” 🙄

        7. Darrell, you just made Sims’ day. Sims! Stop making it look as if I am a REPROBATE! Heavens, just call HAC, they can make me look like that–YOU are supposed to make me look transcendent.

        8. Darrell is the same age as my son (The one who threw up on Jack Hyles) and just as funny. I didn’t mention his AGE but only the fact that he is MARRIED. I thought we were looking for a YOUNG studly guy for you. Try and keep up dear.

        9. “How old do you want these people to think we ARE, anyway???”

          I think I’m the same age as you (a mere child, that is).
          In other words, not young enough for stud services to Seen Enough. Besides, I’m married.

        10. Uh, BG? I love to read you, and all, but I think you may have read omething between the lines that, uh, was not there. All my best to Mrs. B.G., and, uh, I am doing fine as the Widder Seen Enough. Oh, yeah, and Happy New Year! :mrgreen:

        11. You do know I’m just teasing you, don’t you, S.E.?

          (Unless, of course, I’m not. 😉 )

        12. HAHAH!!! OMG! That is STILL FUNNY! (To me anyway) I don’t quite understand why, except the brevity of the statement kind of just saying it all. Hahaha (I am easily amused)

        13. O my Simsy, pray do not trivialize my gift of outstanding humor by saying you are easily amused. The only thing that matches my comedy is 😐 my humility. That one brief phrase now seems as if it will never die, so I am determined to make it a result of wit and not snit….

        14. Yes, Big Gary, I do know you were teasing, and I salute you and your humor. Always bright spots, I assure you. 😀

      2. Although I didn’t get mentioned, I like reading both your posts and “Seen Enough”… having been an a HAC-type church, your tales mean a lot to me.

        1. Oh yeah! And to Guilt Ridden whose name pretty much describes my every waking moment.
          Also, let me add, I love some of the very clever names that people have thought of for themselves. I wish I had thought of some of them. I just went with my own. DUH!

        2. I totally wish I’d chosen a cool name! At the time when I joined, there were some detractors maligning the site and I decided to stop lurking to say that just because SFL pointed out problems with the IFB didn’t automatically mean we were scoffers and unbelievers, but later I wished I’d been more creative! I do have a fun name in chat!

        3. Well, I had to choose an alias because when I was at the cultic-like church, when I posted here, I was raked over the coals in a message (not by name, but railing against “blogs”). Names weren’t named, but I had members come up and ask me what I’d done. Anyway, anonymity was a requirement.

  5. I personally love the trolls that flounce off shaking the dust from their shoes when they realize we’re not going to cower at their incredible Bible-waving, Sin-pointing, Bitterness-discerning skills. Unfortunately I think I can only name maybe one: Fred maybe??

    1. I like how they all think they are going to tell us something we haven’t already HEARD a billion times before. Like maybe, just maybe, if they say it *just right* and use just the right combination of words that we might SEE THE ERROR of our ways, Glory, Hallelujah! And come out from among them and… You get the idea. Like we don’t all have immunity to them due to a lifetime of overexposure.

    2. I could name a bunch of them, but I’m afraid they would come back if they heard their names.

      I do have a grudging affection for their undying conviction that we would agree with them if we were only as smart, wise, and divinely inspired as they are.

      1. Big Gary, that reminds me of something I saw recently on facebook:

        “you will also stand before God and give an account for how the home was led and how the children turn out. You know the truth of the Word of God and you will not be able to give an answer… We will continue to pray for you. And, as time permits and the Spirit leads, we will point out your error.”

        If the man who wrote this really has the Spirit of God within him, how can he NOT see his extreme presumption and arrogance?

        I am in awe at his smug self-confidence.

    1. Yes! That was delightfully entertaining. How I wish I had screen shots of some of the “profiles” that SFLers posted there.

      1. Has anyone revisited the site to see how they are faring since we gave them all that free advertisement and attention? (that they obviously didn’t appreciate)

  6. I always enjoy reading the posts and comments. Even if I don’t comment myself it is always entertaining to read what others have to say about the posts.

    I nominate any entries that come from the Everlasting Book of Commandments. They always make me chortle.

  7. Anyone remember the troll who posted in mostly uppercase? I think we even dubbed her “uppercase “. Sorry, I don’t remember her name, the subject matter or when she posted except that it was in the last year. I’ll dig around the blog for her and report back.

    1. I second this. In fact, the very first SFL post I ever read was Bro. KOB’s. I read it and was like, “DAMN! That is GOOD! I wanna read more of this blog.” Unfortunately, this turned out to be Darrell’s blog, not KOB’s blog. Alas. I have had to make do with SFL.

  8. I read every post and sometimes send some material Darrell’s way. I enjoy the site and shake my head at a lot of the stuff that is still out there. After being raised in an extremely fundy family and now being able to have my own beliefs and standards, I am thrilled where I am in my life. A part of my healing from the past world of fundyland is that I look back on things that I experienced and saw and instead of being bitter, angry, or wanting to pull all their fingernails off with a pair of pliers one by one, I just look and laugh. I promised my two boys that they will never have to experience all that I did and, though I am happy they will not have to, I am who I am today because of my fundy past. Though we laugh at ourselves here and also take quite a bit of frustration out here too, SFL, IMO, is a place where healing can occur and the process to take yourself to a more balanced approach can begin. So, to this end I say this, Darrell and all the others that post and comment, I appreciate you all and thank you for making this site a great place to laugh, to cry, to scratch our heads, and to be honest with one another. This site has been a God send for me.

    For my nomination this year, which is for none other than personal reasons, was the day I logged on and saw my dads church sign on the front page of SFL. It was titled “Man-Centered Theology”. I will never forget thinking, man those people are going to think that I threw my dad under the bus! I also appreciate all those who guessed the scrawls on my Bible too! Horrible choirs and preacher boy contests always rank really high on the most horrible lists for me because if they would have had cameras back in the day, you would have seen me in some of those videos. 🙄

  9. Pastor’s wife and CMG are my favorite commenters.

    I also really enjoy reading Sims and Seen Enough reminiscing about HAC – I always think “I bet my parents were there for that or knew those people”.

    I also nominate all posts from the Independent Baptist Book of Everlasting Rules and Requirements. 😀

    1. Thank you; I wasn’t trying so much to be clever; it’s a description of how I felt all of the time in the abusive, cult-type church, especially over the matter of “soul-winning” (and all of those posts tend to be favorites of mine).

  10. Was “Bam! Qualified!” from this year? I can’t find it… but if that was 2011, then it is my personal favorite. (well it’s my personal favorite anyways) That and “Honolulu! I wanna go there!”

        1. I just watched it for the first time. I feel queasy. he is disgusting to watch. and even worse to hear… Ugh. 😡 🙄 😕 😯 👿

  11. My favorite troll this year was Jonathan. And you can’t mention Jonathan without mentioning the excellent work of our resident Trollbane, Mark Thomas. Always able to sniff out a troll.

    My favorite forum threads are any that deal with Calvinism, gay marriage or evolution. Always a good time. :mrgreen:

  12. I think Don is winning so far. I enjoy his humor and his use of scripture. He has actually encouraged me to dig deeper in the Bible to find answers to the many questions in my little journey. I was not raised in a very fundy fam, we were pretty balanced, but there were alot of things taught that I just shake my head and think “where in the world did that teaching (doctrine) come from. Don’s humor mixed with truth and his frustration over “pharisees” in the fundy world makes for a good combination.

    A close second would be Pastors Wife. No matter what the hot topic is she ALWAYS points back to Christ. Always. I love it and enjoy her use of scripture as well.

    My nomination for “most intimidating fact checker” goes to Big Gary. I don’t even want to comment on anything he has to say, because I know I will say something wrong or stupid and he will catch it. I am shaking right now and have reread this paragraph six times looking for something wrong…

    No one has mentioned Shoes yet, but he does have a most unique way of looking at things.

    I agree with Jonathon for the worst troll nominee.

    This might all be over with shortly anyway, I heard through the grapevine that BJU and HAC have made offers to Darrell for the domain name, since this site generates more traffic than theirs…

    Happy New Year everyone!

    1. I nominate Pastor’s Wife for SFLer of the year. As indicated by BDW, always points the way back to Christ, which always, always resonates with me, always (using alot of “always”)using scripture in context, which is huge for us folks that are “escaping” fundyland, and she hardly ever corrects my poor grammar.

    2. Ouch! I’m really not trying to intimidate anybody. It’s just kind of a reflex with me. I’ve been, at different times, an editor, a teacher, a newspaper writer, a researcher, and a translator. Either those jobs made me a stickler for accuracy, or being a stickler for accuracy was what landed me in those jobs to begin with.

  13. I still consider myself a newbie here (and this site worse than TVTropes for getting lost online!) but I think everyone here is pretty good. Big Gary however has my vote.

    As for the trolls, I figure they think it’s just a matter of how many times they repeat themselves: each one figures he or she will be THE ONE to finally reach the right number of iterations of the same theme to break our resolve and have us all repent in sackcloth (or culottes, or culottes made of sackcloth) and ashes. 😉

    1. Ewww!

      Sackcloth’s bad enough and so are culottes, but culottes made of sackcloth?! 😯

      Eww!! Just… EWW!!! 👿

    2. That is such a perfect (though horrible) image: repenting in sackcloth culottes!

      It is amazing how they think we don’t KNOW Scriptures.

      1. Are those sack cloth culottes accompanied by the little white sneakers, those little socks with the pompom, and a pink (offbrand)polo shirt?

        1. Of course! 😉 It’s not official unless you’re wearing all the priestly vestments as described in the Book of Condescension.

  14. Although I love Pastors Wife, I just get all excited whenever I see Natalies name in the postings. I guess she just turns me on!!

  15. With insightful commenters like Don and Pastor’s Wife and Scorpio, intrepid reporters like Don and Apathetic or Whatever, the wonderfully skewed viewpoints of Don, Natalie and Shoes, and our own comedy team of Sims and Seen Enough, how is it possible to choose a favorite? I can’t.

    I can’t even choose a Most Outrageous MOG: although David Grice and Sam “Bull” Gipp are high in the standings, how to rate them against Jack “Slap Your Grandma” Schapp?

    I love the Women’s Conferences posts, but nothing can beat “Fundy Sex Week.”

    Even our trolls have been fun, since they’ve all eventually given up and gone away.

    I’ve enjoyed it all, Darrell. Thanks!

    1. The Comedy Team of Sims and Seen Enough

      The Comedy Team of Seen Enough and Sims

      Hmmm…. One of them has a certain ring to it…. 😉

    2. And George. We can’t forget George, who is the reason Schaap is spelled wrong in my first post. I spelled it right when I looked it up, George! What gives?

  16. I think that Shoes’ logical puzzles and equations were the highlight of my year (were those both in 2011?). My favorite comment was Darrell’s “pagan fertility bush.”

    PW is always my favorite commenter.

    1. AND, Kevin, who is nother poster this sieve-like brain omitted, I not only like to read you, I like your picture-thingy, which has a name, but the coffee has not hit the brain, yet.

    2. Shoes!
      I haven’t heard from Shoes for a while, but I have to nominate his numerology tours-de-force for comments of the year. They were truly awe-inspiring.

      1. Or maybe that’s HER tours-de-force. I don’t know if Shoes is an Oxford wingtip or a high-heeled, slingback pump.

  17. I was thinking about how I would enjoy some guest posts by some exfundie females. ours is a unique suffering, internal dialog and all. It’s gt to be fearless, though. No pulling punches.

  18. I have decided that I am the only poster I can like. I have either disagreed or seen the potential to disagree with all of you, therefore I must separate. I will read your posts and comments for “study purposes”, but only read my own in public.

    My favorite posts were almost any FWOTW, especially the Whiter Than Snow Appliances ( as well as the ABeka Church. That was GREAT!

  19. The first post I read on here was called “Christ?” and Darrell had photoshopped Jesus out of a Lord’s Supper painting and issued a challenge to count how many times a fundy pastor said the name of our Saviour versus the number of times he said “I.” Suddenly I understood why I never got anything of substance from the sermons. As much as I have struggled with my spirituality for the last few years, reading that post and ultimately finding this site is what has pushed me over the edge. At first, even though the post made sense, I was horrified by all of you, but the more I read the comments, the more I saw some true Christianity and realized that just because someone isn’t a fundamental Baptist doesn’t mean they aren’t a Christian (please tell me some of you who’ve been firmly entrenched in the IFB all your life understand. I know it’s a nutty concept, but if it’s what you’ve been told all your life than you do actually believe it, and it’s hard to let go of that notion.) In a comment above, Pastor wife wrote, “Just because SFL pointed out problems with the IFB didn’t automatically mean we were scoffers and unbelievers.” It took me awhile to get that, but it’s true. And I nominate Pastor’s Wife for best comment-er. I truly wish that were Pastor’s Wife.

    1. George, this is only my fifth or sixth comment on this site. You’re really going to start picking on me already? That last sentence should read, “I truly wish that SHE were My Pastor’s wife!”

  20. **Side Bar**
    If, God-forbid something should happen to me, you all will take care of george won’t you? I’m just saying, you know… that george will be.. yeah, I’m not worried, I know you all would care for him.
    *Now, back to our reguraly scheduled de-programming*

    1. Don, I think you know we love you!!! You don’t have my permission to go anywhere!! Haaaaymen people? 😎 You are awesome. 😀

      1. Oh, I don’t “plan” on going anywhere, but I played some of the games on the kid’s Christmas present this week and came face to face with my own mortality (no heart attack or anything… but even that was not for a lack of trying) I like to have died from a mere boxing game, I couldn’t tell the stars I needed to punch in order to continue from the ones floating around my head for real… It hit me (the puns never stop) that I am an out of shape, overweight, big lumpy turd. That’s when I got to wondering about george and wanted to make sure that if something did happen to me that he would be taken care of. *The brain types funny things during times of oxygen starvation, so just disregard my previous.

        1. I am out of shape and overweight but I am NOT a turd… I wonder if I need to spend less time reading SFL and more time exercising??? Hmmmm, ….nah. :mrgreen: but do take care.

  21. I would like to nominate Bro. Cecil for quote of the year. On Baptists: “Get over it. It ain’t nothing but a name above the door. It didn’t get you what you got, and it sure ain’t gonna get you where you are going.”

  22. Who ever did the numerology posts, those were always my favorite! Been around for quite some time, just rarely post, but I love reading everyone’s comments. Also favorite troll is definitely John! Lol

    1. I think that was Shoes. His posts are awesome! But you have to be careful: he’ll be proving you’re the antiChrist before you know it!!

  23. I’m gonna go ahead and nominate myself for something. Not sure what, because I’ve only managed to make 4 or 5 comments this year, but I’m sure at least 3 of them were glorious.

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