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I don’t have an actual post today but I do have this…

Which, although it really has no discussion-worthy insights into fundamentalism, is just weird enough to be entertaining.

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  1. Dang! He just posted 4 minutes ago and already there are four people ahead of me. Y’all are like vultures!

  2. This is almost up there with the musical version of “hide yo kids, hide yo wife” and “Charlie bit me”! 😆

  3. That is fabulous!! Fundy meets Emeril meets Warhol. Oh, and those demon saxo- I mean sexo-phones.

    1. I would understand the term “sexo-phone” if fundies were trying to sell saxophones. Do they really use that term to try to dissuade people from ever using/having/listening to a saxophone?

      1. Rob, I have no idea if Fundies would call it a sexophone, but it sure sounds like something a fundie would say, right?

        1. That would be a great pick-up line: “Hey baby, I’m in the band, and I play the sexo-phone.”

  4. That was terrific. I was inspired! That dude looked like John Hagee’s fatter brother.

      1. While I have issues with Hagee, I certainly applaud him in his support for Israel.

      2. Glad to see someone pushing back on Hagee’s Israel worship. They seem to be way over the top in favor of elimination of the Israeli state in the mid-east, which isn’t really an option (clearly supported both the right of return for Palestinians, and for the entire land from the Jordan River to the Mediteranian Sea to be returned to Palestine). I very much support Israel, but they are not without sin or fault in the mid-east problems they are part of. I don’t know what all Hagee supports of Israel’s actions militarily, or territorily. I kind of suspect he supports the most extreme expansionist “zionist” policies he can find in their political discourse of how to handle the disputed territories. Kind of sad to watch a church cheering the removal of person after person. I realize it’s irritating to have a service interrupted. Very different situation, but this seems like a much better reaction to unexpected protests (there’s some language here): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IeMtQ-SZtA

  5. BAM! Qualified!!!

    That was funny! The “I had wanted to smack you” part reminded me of the misogynistic tone of a lot of rap songs. I know it was taken out of context, but it made me laugh.

  6. BAM! That was surely some funny stuff! :mrgreen: BAM! QUALIFIED! My kids were in the room and they are like BAM! What on earth are you watching mom? BAM! And these are kids that like rap music! 😈 How do you find this stuff Darrell? I would love to have one of these videos made of a certain former fundy preacher of mine!

  7. Well, sad to say, but that had more worthy content than most of my former mog’s sermons.

  8. I love it! I think ALL sermons ought to sound like this. How do I get it to my facebook page though?

  9. This video reminds me of the 10 minute or so sequence in 2001: A Space Odyssey. Best watched on some kind of acid.

  10. Another Random “Crimes against Women” from todays Internets..

    If Phelps et al were Egyptians:


    He then offered the bizarre rationale that the virginity checks were done so that the women would not later claim they had been raped by Egyptian authorities. “We didn’t want them to say we had sexually assaulted or raped them, so we wanted to prove that they weren’t virgins in the first place,” the general said. “None of them were (virgins).” He did not further explain this confounding logic

    1. Ugh. Because, of course, these women not being virgins automatically means they couldn’t have been assaulted. *angry face*

    2. In my opinion, one of the worst parts about forced virginity tests in the Muslim world is that no seems to acknowledge that the tests aren’t always accurate – your hymen can have broken from a fall out of a tree when you were seven and no one would know, but if you have to get “tested” and that all-important membrane isn’t intact, your reputation is shot forever.

  11. Who the heck was that guy?

    Also, everybody who has ever painted their toenails black, please raise your hand! My hand is going up first! When I was progressing through the ranks of tae kwon do, I painted my toenails to match whatever color belt I was on. Black toenails were awesome.

    1. Ron Philips, Alpha’s House in Hixson, TN. By the way, he is not a fundy, but a converted Southern Baptist now turned Charismatic. Sorry to spoil it for you guys.

  12. I knew if I kept coming here long enough that it would happen …..Darrell has completely lost it!!! Goodbye cruel world~~

  13. LOL…I didn’t laugh until I got to the “paint their toenails black” part…because I just painted my toenails black last night. I guess my Mom was right all those times she harped on me for painting my toenails dark colors. Next thing is drugs.

    A+ for randomness, Darrell.

  14. I still prefer Unamed Uzbekistan Scientists…but this is okay enough in the meanwhile……

    1. Didn’t the Stones have a song about that? “I see my toe nails and I want to paint them black…”

      1. Maybe was some kind of stubbed toe situation? “I see a red toe, and I want to paint it black”?

  15. That was wild. I wonder if he’d have a stroke if he saw it, though! Someone should email a link to the church. LOL

  16. That was disturbing and now “bam, qualified” is stuck in my head! I think I need a palette cleanser.

  17. I never did figure out why that man in the suit wants me to paint my toenails black.

  18. Ooooooh…this has potential.

    Instead of the jazz track, I’d love to see some resamples of rapid-fire fundy “dynamic preaching” set to a good hip-hop beat track with somebody scratching a record in the background…and I saw plenty of preachers bust some moves onstage at Fundy U…

    MC Schaap, anyone?



  19. I am a long-time lurker; reading and enjoying many posts and comments on this site without speaking up. OMG this video is brilliant!! I had to watch it twice and it had me in stitches especially thinking of the heart attack this MOG would have if he ever saw it.

    I think BAM!! QUALIFIED!! Is gonna be stuck in my head all day. And even though it’s 4:30 AM, I have a strange compulsion to paint my toenails black. :mrgreen:

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