FWOTW: Whiter Than Snow Appliances

Do you have a small business you’d like to promote online? Are you a fundamentalist? Why pay for two separate websites when you can promote both things on the same page?? Witness while you work!

It’s a great idea if the only people you ever hope to have as customers are your fellow fundies.

169 thoughts on “FWOTW: Whiter Than Snow Appliances”

  1. Did you notice that he linked up to SFL on the migraine-inducing page? He said we’d call Jude “hateful.” I’m not sure what he’s talking about there. Of course, that goes for just about everything else on his site, so it’s no big deal.


  2. Painful as I found this website, I think my husband about fell over when he saw it. Poor thing…he designs websites for a living and just couldn’t quite bear to see something like this.

  3. My identity is going to be well hidden, but, sadly when I was young and naive I used to work for this guy cleaning his appliances. The guy is a total wack job. This just made my day to see his website being poked fun at!

    1. Could expect no less from fringers who’s apparently now a 7th day adventist according to ip address 🙄

    2. This website included a reply in their “news” section since Darrell deleted their comment. “We didn’t like what you said, so we’re going to try to get you in trouble with someone.” Yeah, that’s not bullying at ALL. 🙄 That’s also NOT extremely childish.

      Its strange that fundies do this, and then think that people will somehow think better of them…

      1. Darrell and his cronies started this fight. No one asked him to troll Christian websites to belittle and mock them. Why don’t you whining atheists and bitter babies go troll some Islamic websites? No, you won’t do that because they won’t put up with your blasphemies, they’ll just cut off your apostate heads.

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