Christian Womanhood Follow-up

Someone posted a link to this video in the comments of the last post and I thought it was worth promoting to its own post. We’ll see how long it takes FBC Hammond to disable embedding on it…

I got a couple of giggles from this video not the least of which was thinking about how “celebrating girlfriends” takes on a whole knew meaning when you think of it in the context of Jack Hyles.

146 thoughts on “Christian Womanhood Follow-up”

  1. First of all, she said the wrrrd RELEVENT…whoo! someone finally informed her of a word that the “cool churches” are over using. 🙄
    And second, i can only imagine what a HORROR fest a sleep over with “girlfriends” will be like there…
    Loud screaming, loud singing till the wee hours, and standing on pews to praise HER. It’s bringing back memories of “girl’s night” with jack hyles at HAC. gag

  2. Why do pastor’s wives have to ask Mrs Schaap if it is “okay” for them to have close friends? It’s because of control of what we can and can’t do in the fundy world. Why is this question being addressed? Can we not, as human beings, answer this question without any guidance. It’s a pretty basic question that one shouldn’t have to go to Mrs Schaap for.

    1. Not only is it ridiculous to have to ask but her answer implied that they should have pretty much other pastor’s wives as friends, sounds clicky to me. And it makes me sick the way fundamentalist always say that what they do and how they do it is “God honoring” so as to take a stab at all other real christians who aren’t fundy. 😈 🙄

    2. This is the other side o the “Pastor’s” coin. One of the things that preachers are taught is that the only close friends they can have are other pastors. Familarity breeds contempt and if a pastor wants to maintain his god-proxy then he cannot allow mere mortals to peak behind the curtain.
      This also applies to the Pastor’s wife. The sheeple must see the pastor’s wife as a paragon of all the womanly virtues. If you let anyone in, then they may see a chink in the porcelain and then they will have some measure of “control” over you… or at the very least you will lose your control over them.
      I know of preacher boys who have been taught that you must not let anyone in too far lest you lose your air of authority. These also preach that there is only one who has authority in the church. These also claim that only other preachers/pastors/missionaries know the burden of the pulpit.
      BULL GIPP artists everyone!

      My advice to anyone who reads this, who is in a church where the administration practices this emperior worship… GET OUT! Run, do not walk!…but run to the nearest exit! Your sanity my depend on your escape from such a cult of personality. The spirit of Diotrephes abides in these, and you would do well to abandon them to their love of power and their vain empires.

  3. I watched it with the sound down and thought it was an ad for a local A/V technology school. O.o

  4. 17 different workshops that deal with relevant issues that women face today. How I’d love to see what those issues are. NOT!

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