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    1. God can even use the cracked pots of fundamentalism to sow and water… but it is God who gives the increase. God’s will will be done inspite of man’s best efforts.

  1. As long as Schaap is a continent away, and these African churches can grow on their own by reading the Scripture rather than following men, I rejoice seeing this video. God wins, even with the clay of Fundamentalism.

  2. Watched the whole thing (for a change, lately)!

    Looks like they exported the whole kit & kaboodle! Including a replica pulpit, and have taught the locals how to dress in poorly fitting short sleeve dress shirts!

      1. @Don-

        That is the “Sell”! As you know, these organizations teach “doctrines of men” and jettison the Teachings of God….

        Juss sayin’ something we all already know.

  3. Seventh if you count RobM’s two posts as one. What’s with the matching shirts – first orange and then white?

      1. Oh you should see the Pastor’s School in Hammond. It’s an homage to all things tacky. Each day all of the Hammond Baptist staff men wear the exact same outfits and they change the motif each day. It’s hysterical. Once it was black slacks, white coats, black shirts and white ties. All of ’em! They looked like a bunch of penguins. It’s worth watching on-line each year just to laugh at the hideous haberdashery. 😀

  4. Look, you lot. You think you might have dibs on taking your crackpot religious nutcases to Africa, but NO. I’ll have you know that we British did it first, and we did it with STYLE. And when I say ‘style’, I mean, good old fashioned racism, a fair smattering of imperialism, and a more or less redundant understanding of cross-cultural mission. When it comes to imposing our deranged worldviews on people, we were the original, and the best.


    1. While I heartily agree you were FIRST, do you seriously expect me to believe that Britain has ever had anythingvas deranged as Jack Schaap? Ha! Top THAT! 😉

      1. Some of the Victorian missionaries were nutters. However, I expect Madcap Schaap would beat them to a pulp for sheer bloody-mindedness, heresy, and other unfortunate theological fallacies.

        He’s also less likely to die of the variety of illnesses that we Brits couldn’t quite cope with when converting Africa by bayonet point.

        1. Agreed. Though one takes an unseemly gleeful viewpoint of the mental image of Schaap at bayonet point…. 😉

        2. Does he even *know* how much he owes to modern medicine (a science which, like all science, he probably rejects as ‘worldly’)???

    1. Women attend PS. I have been to a few, in Hammond, in the seventies, myself. It boosts the numbers.

      1. But don’t they get rerouted to the nursery or the kitchen? Surely they’re not sitting there listening to the great Schaap;s instructions on how to be a great pastor (like he is! 😡 ).

        1. Well, we had to sit and listen to the great Hyles. Not sure about the great Schaap, because if I got within ten miles of Hammond, I would twitch uncontrollably.

    1. Hudson Taylor dressed like the Chinese people; he didn’t make them dress like him. (And he gained a lot of anger from his British compatriots when he did it too.)

  5. Ok, so these precious people in Africa do not need American-style Hylesism. But you know what? I praise God that the Gospel is preached in spite of all the error.

    1. God knows my heart. I want them to know Christ. My question is, will they? Or will they just know a wearying, burdensome oral law? 🙁

  6. What bothers me is Jack Schaap’s voice in the beginning of the video speaking a modern day Pauline greeting as if he can even compare himself to the Apostle. Talk about self aggrandizement.

    1. He comes by that self-aggrandizement honestly, directly from his FIL. His wife, too. His BIL, for that matter….

    2. I picked up on that immediately, and the only reason I read the comments was to see if anyone else picked up on it too.

  7. hmmm… “Let’s Go Soul-winning” – what a book title that would make!? 😉

    Seriously, even if the Great Commission applies to all Christians (which, though I have heard preachers scream this, they don’t believe it; none of them think that the baptizing part applies to every Christian – they say that only the church can baptize), the “1-2-3 pray this prayer to go to heaven technique” is condemning countless thousands to hell through a false sense of “I’ve done that”.

  8. Thanks to American fundies, there are now witch trials in Nigeria and Ghana, and the death penalty for gay sex in Uganda.

      1. It wasn’t *all* about you guys, you know. The French had a pretty big hand in things too. And the Italians and Belgians weren’t exactly gentle, benevolent civilizers (to put it mildly). Just about the only European colonizer who treated the Africans even remotely decently was (ironically) Imperial Germany. But yeah, it was long past time for the sun to set on that empire of yours. 😉

  9. There is a conspiracy afoot. This is all part of a diabolical plan to have another continent to sell poorly fitting men’s short sleeve dress shirts and women’s short sleeve suits. A place that does not know of Ralph Lauren. I think Walmart is behind this plot to make the world look like the Duggars.

    1. More than likely these were charitable donations. There’s a word in many parts of Africa, ‘salala’ (sp?) which translates roughly as ‘dead white man’s clothes’; i.e., clothes from charity drives in the US and Europe that are resold at local markets to the locals. I guess we know where old fundamentalist clothes end up. 😆

  10. Normally, you guys are screaming your lungs out calling these people racist. I’m sure you can’t wait for yet another three minute hate about old BJU dating policy.

    Now you’re mocking them for sending missionaries to Africa. No matter what they do, you will sneer.

    1. 1) These guys are from Hyles-Anderson not BJU

      2) You can be a missionary to Africa and still be a racist. I’ve know my share of racists who were missionaries to predominately black countries.

      3) The real issue here isn’t one of race. It’s spreading a harmful man-centered philosophy to the corners of the earth.

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