E-mails From Fundies

Today’s e-mail comes brimming with probing questions…


I sometimes browse through your material you post. While some of your
criticism is legit, most of it is about as accurate as saying that all
Democrats are immoral liars because one of their great living leaders,
Clinton, was unfaithful and lied under oath.

I did have a couple of questions that I hope you are competent enough
to respond to.
1. Are you a Christian? That’s fine if you are not, I just wanted to
know where you were coming from.
2. If you are a Christian, what group of Christian’s or “Churches” do
you associate with?
3. Does your church or your movement associations influence your
opinions…or are you stupid all by yourself.

Thanks for taking the time to read my email. I’ll be looking for your


This made my day. Seriously.

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  1. Dear J,

    1. Yes, I am a Christian. Thank you for giving me your affirmation if were not. I come from Pennsylvania originally.

    2. I don’t associate with any of Christian’s groups that I know of. I am not sure who that is that you are referring to. My son has a friend named Christian, but that young man doesn’t own a church.

    3. I do not own a church either, so I guess I would have to answer no to your question as to whether my church influences my opinions. As far as being stupid, I try not to blame others for my own mistakes, therefore I guess I would have to answer “all by myself”.

    I hope that this was a competent enough response.

    Take care and God bless.

  2. As long as we are starting off conversations with last resort insults, “My dad can beat up your dad!”

  3. I enjoyed reading the responses. I am honored that you felt my email worthy of posting. I do feel a little misrepresented since you titled it as “email from fundies.” I did not indicate that I was a fundamentalist in my email and would rather that you did not assume that I am.

    My friend sent me this link because I left a “fundy” church and he assumed (as most of your disgruntled type do) that I had a deep hatred for allowing myself to be led astray by this cult. Unfortunately for him, I still have a deep love for the people of that church and had no ill-feelings toward them. I’ve found that no matter what type of church I attend, there are imperfect people and imperfect leaders.

    As for my logic, the politeness mixed with insult, and placing Christians in “associations,” was all simply the type of propaganda I see being proliferated on this site.

    I enjoyed reading the comments. Often, an insult will invoke a response, either of defense or attack. An insult will also reveal the true spirit of the one being attacked. The comments indicate to me what I already assumed about those using this site.

    One comment challenged me to read instead of browsing. I have been reading. Hence the comment I made about some of what you post is legit. Another attacked my logic saying:
    “Right, the logic works like this:
    All Democrats are immoral liars.
    Bill Clinton is a Democrat.
    Therefore, it’s inevitable that Clinton would cheat on his wife and lie under oath about it and bomb Serbia too.”

    The problem with attacking my logic is that I was basing it on your analysis of “fundies.” You say:
    All fundies are ______
    Therefore, it is inevitable that any single fundy will do _______.

    Let me be honest. My behavior has been shaped by those who lead me, and this includes stupid behavior as well. I did not agree with everything that Fundies taught, and there are certain things that I would do that I have changed because they just did not make sense. But to launch an entire website against one (according to you) tiny insignificant group of people you refer to as fundies, is counterproductive. My favorite article you posted is the article about Missions and the assumption that every fundy thinks they are the only church that has the truth. You are cynical in your tone because you point out that fundies make up such a meagerly small percentage of the world. They are so small that they are insignificant. After reading that article, I asked myself, “then why is this guy wasting his time on such a meagerly small percentage of the world population?” Then I thought, “wow, the tone of some of his other articles make it sound like fundamentalism is responsible for every child molester and sexual abuser that exists.” I know this is not what you said, but it’s how I felt after reading your articles. If fundies are such a small group, where do all the other abusers come from in the world? Catholics have pedophiles, Pentecostals have them, every protestant group has them, the fact is that they exist, not because of a group, but because of Adam’s sin. What I agree with you on is that it is a shame and sin for any group to try to cover it up!

    The point of my email was, in fact, to point out that an “association” does not absolutely indicate or fully influence the behavior of all it’s adherents. Your response was clever, you said, “I can be stupid by myself” and that you did not want to blame-shift as you assume that all fundies do. Your response was the point of my email. Just because you are disgruntled by a few fundy leaders (I am as well) does not give you the right to associate their stupidity with every other fundy. They, I, and you can all be stupid by ourselves.

    Thanks for your time.
    J. Martin

    P.S. My heart goes out to anyone in any “land,” not just “fundyland” who has been abused or mistreated.

    1. “An insult will also reveal the true spirit of the one being attacked. The comments indicate to me what I already assumed about those using this site.”

      Joey, I believe your behavior would be indicative of a troll. And now you are responding to almost every response so you are a spammer too. Good job.

      1. Thanks. Actually this is my first time using a forum…so I’m kinda new at it. Sorry to come across as a spammer. Teach me thy ways oh Scorpio…if that’s your real name… 🙂


        1. OH, and I realize that this is not a forum but comments on a post. Thought I’d through that in before I’m attacked…I am a beginner after all.


  4. Joey, it’s throw as in “Thought I’d throw that in before I’m attacked” But hey it’s okay, don’t feel stupid, I did the same thing in another comment I posted. I said “toe the line instead” of tow the line. Now that I typed it again, I realize my mistake was a typing error, the w is right next to the e. 😎 I heard George is the blame for this.

    1. ha, didn’t realize the ‘ugh’ was right next to the ‘ow’ in autocorrect. Sometimes technology gets ahead of us, doesn’t it. I think I’m throw using autocorrect. 😆

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