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  1. Okay, so once again, the stupid four-points hankie, and the apparent belief that a photo of him screaming as he thrusts out his Bible is somehow impressive. Also, the GODFATHER? I mean! I guess fundy theory’s that Bogey and Cagney are so long ago that any worldliness does not count any longer, but really, the Godfather makes those two look extremely tame. Just. So. Asinine. πŸ‘Ώ πŸ™„

    1. seriously man the 4-point pocket square is super lame. the only time anyone should have a 4-pointer is with a black tux.

    1. Sorry, unacceptable. I have a friend from overseas coming in an hour or so, and I need your comments NOW. Get to it, please.

        1. Wow, for having nothing to say, look how many times I have commented so far. I am on FIRE! I want to make a little commercial for myself. Hmmm… where to begin… I will need some old movies… some cheezy music… a computer program that does that fire burning off the previous page… I think I can figure out how to put in a text bubble. Yeah, I can do this. Stay tuned folks.

        2. Excellent. I meant I would not have time to wait, but hey, yeah, she would love to see this site. She is a missionary, and NOT a fundy. 😎

  2. George put the apostrophe in there, not I. Also, Sims, we are impressively close to first today. This is only the second time I have made the top three.

  3. I think I would have been first, but George and I were battling the forces of darkness and he kept putting random letters in there that would have made it not say “second” but rather “swxohs” which would have made no sense at all. (It is still quite early over here on this coast. George has been up for a while though.) πŸ˜€

  4. “It’s gonna cost ya” Yep, and if it doesn’t cost you by hitting your wallet it will cost you in the mental anguish later.

  5. ok, if I’m going to be charitable – it’s possible these guys are trying to have a bit of fun and a bit of humility and enjoy themselves.

    On the other hand, the idea of – sin is on the rise, call a certain evangelist – is amazingly arrogant. And it completely takes God out of the picture. Sin is on the rise, so yell at people?

    How about, the world is sinful, it’s been so since Eve developed a sweet tooth, it’ll be sinful until the end. Love people and show them Christ because we have a genuine relationship with them and we care.

    Oh wait, I forgot, we’ve got to be separate πŸ™„

    1. And then there’s the point that these guys are going to attempt to combat the sin in the world by going into a church and yelling at the people who agree with them that sin is on the rise out there in the world.

      Maybe they should start by combatting the sin that is within the church…

      1. Oh, they do that on all the *other* days. What they REALLY need to do is combat the sin in their own hearts!

        1. Nope. I am going to revise that. What we ALL need to do is let JESUS do something about the sins that we still commit even though we are 100% forgiven and free!
          (I didn’t want the fundy apologists coming on here and telling me I had something in my eye)

        2. I think the major difference there is that when people leave fundydom they are overwhelmed by the real world and come into a very quick knowledge of just how much they still have to learn and grow.

          While you’re still there, safely surrounded by that fundy fortress, you do no wrong, you KNOW you do no wrong, and your men will shoot down anybody who dares say otherwise.

        3. Or at least, that’s been my experience. I’ve learned so much in the last few months, but the biggest lesson was how much of a spiritual infant I still am.

          You’d think five years of good ol’ fundy preaching would have given me some meat, lol!

        4. Yes, when I exited Fundy-land I thought I knew the ENTIRE Bible. (I had spent a significant amount of time hearing about it my whole life.) But now that I have been REALLY exposed to good teaching I realize every day how much there is that I DON’T know, and am fascinated at how new it all is every day.

  6. Having a bit of fun might be ok… but it is all so self-centered. Like you said, “Call this evangelist…” But I think I have seen these pictures on his website. I think maybe some faithful church member may have made this up out of photos he could obtain, but still a HUMBLE pastor would have looked at it, laughed and chucked it in the back of his desk drawer. NOT put it up on the internet for all to see.

  7. I think I would have preferred a Ghostbusters theme. Sin is on the rise – Who ya gonna call – Sin Busters

  8. I come from a personal friend of Mr Johnny Hamblin. That friend promises his undying friendship if you would do him a small favour.

    1. Yes, I remember that offer. And the last time, one of the guys in the car was blacked out, wasn’t he? πŸ™„

  9. Do they require a minimum fee and a guaranteed level attendance before they will answer the Callβ„’ to bring their brand of revival to an area?

  10. If they are going to pretend they are cool and hip, they should at least make the captions appropriate:

    Barzini is dead. So is Phillip Tattaglia. Moe Greene. Stracci. Cuneo. Today I settled all family business….

    1. I don’t think these bozo’s ever consider any accounts/”family business” to be settled! πŸ™‚

  11. I was quite shocked at the music.

    I am uncomfortable with the exaltation of man, as if any preacher is cure for sin… I know the One Who is a cure from sin, and no evangelist has come close.

    So, if there’s “Fire in the pulpit”, can we turn the water hose on it?

    Screeching and yelling at Christians doesn’t accomplish much; tell the truth and let the Holy Spirit work – you will then see TRANSFORMATION of people and not people CONFORMING to the leader.

    Some of these people don’t seem to think that the Holy Spirit exists or has any power.

  12. I don’t get it—first criticize them for no sense of humor and not using anything with a beat or out of hollywood…now criticize them if they do??

    I think it is a step up and out of normal fundy weirdness and should be applauded.

    1. I didn’t think it was that funny. Did you? It was definately fundy weirdness. (in my opinion anyway)

      1. Nobody has a problem with them trying to exhibit a sense of humour – they just need to do so without the arrogance and the self-righteous attitude. Only GOD can make a difference in the world, and all an evangelist can do is point others to Him. An aknowledgement of that would have been welcome.

        The absence makes me wonder if God is a part of their ministry at all.

  13. I still haven’t figured out why an evangelist with his celebrity status would need a promotional video. If you follow his tweets, he loves all this attention from SFL. It adds flavor to his sermon illustrations. He has several little drooling lambs that are wannabe’s on tweet that fight his battles for him i.e., Guy Beaumont & etc.. We all know of someone in the work place that charms the boss to get ahead…well one of his acolyte boys made him a cute video! In the real world = Brown-tongue. UGH!

  14. Sometimes I think if an IFB preacher farted and said excuse me, some of you would find offense that he farted and the rest would find offense that he said excuse me.

    Bigger issues with this man is his false teachings and abuse of the sheep.

    but i digress.

    1. When many of the IFB preachers fart, it sets off a chain reaction that works its way through the congregation (to the tune of “How Great Thou Art”) but leaving a crappy taste in everyone’s mouth. Thus the need for breathmints and Binaca breath spray.

  15. According to the youtube channel description, it’s a parody thing. Too bad it’s not actually funny. I dunno if it’s friendly or not, but at least it’s not meant to be taken seriously.

  16. Confusing on so many levels. Peter Gunn, Bogey Cagney the Godfather and a pracher?? I couldn’t follow the story line. Was there one?

  17. Instead of a Godfather-themed promo video, some of these preachers should go with Judith Sheindlin. Judge Judy seems to be a better fit for their kind of preaching.

  18. WTF?! “Sin is on the rise” so we call a preacher???! 😯 I understand the parody is taken from “crime is on the rise” but the blind worship it takes to set up these preachers the ones who take care of sin is staggering. Ever heard of the blood of Christ? Probably not, it eliminates middle men like Hamblin… This really got to me… πŸ‘Ώ

  19. It’s not worldly music anymore. It’s from the 50s and age sanctifies it, right? How about “Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do when they come for you, bad boys”.

  20. Marty Braemer made this promotional video while he was banging the teacher/librarian who was married to one of the deacons. Dr John Hamblin was not the sin fighter that Marty portrayed in the promo since the affair continued after the video.

    Maybe Marty can have Dr. Hamblin speak at this current church in Florida which is a shell having declined to just over 200 in Sunday morning attendance

  21. OK since I was tricked into watching it by the “worldly music” comment… πŸ™‚

    What is up with that? They can’t be fundy. There was a guy who didn’t have a suit jacket on, and no real fundy would know about the Godfather! Also, I’m pretty sure I heard a drum or two in that song…

  22. John Hamblin is “progressive” I guess lol I mean, he has a twitter in the first place 😯 And then he makes fun of facebook, but I digress.

    He is so….random in his preaching style. Says the most random things. Recently he had the congregation turn to a Bible verse, and says, “The sounds of Bible pages turning is like angels’ wings!” What does that even MEAN?? Has he heard angels’ wings? I’m confused.

    Ugh, I’ve heard variations of the “sin is on the rise” etc etc. Before our first conference with Shelton Smith the preacher said that if we had an unsaved family member, co-worker, fill-in-the-blank we couldn’t get saved, we could just bring him to SS’s message and he could “get them saved.” Um, excuse me?! It completely floored me.

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