A Thanksgiving Psalm

We’re thankful for the sun that shines and rain that blesses all
We’re thankful for the gift of life and good sales at the mall

We’re thankful for the KJV and Chick Tracts we can give
We’re thankful for the man of God who tells us how to live

We’re thankful for the clothes that keep our bodies out of view
We’re thankful for THE CALLâ„¢ you give to the special chosen few

We’re thankful for the man-made rules that keep our conscience strong
We’re thankful that we’re always right (even if we’re sometimes wrong)

But most of all We give Thee thanks in words of tongue and pen
For the greatest gift you’ve given us: we’re not like other men

(Feel free to add your own verses in the comment section)

124 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving Psalm”

  1. We are thankful,Lord, for those who tithe, if that’s all they can do,
    But those of us who triple tithe are the friends of God, tis true.
    We rob from Peter to pay Paul, with eternity in view,
    With hopes we’ll be first in line when we all get to see You.

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