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blacklist Have you ever feared that there may be people out there in the world you disagree with you but are not sure who they are? Well, fear no more. Steve Anderson has put together a list of all those who are teaching the ‘heresy’ of repentance for salvation on a site named (aptly enough) The Repentance Blacklist.

Leaving no heretic unnamed, Steve cuts a wide swath through fundamental and evangelical circles listing both the living and the dead. I never thought I would see John Piper and Lester Roloff side by side on any list but there they are — equally guilty of the perversion of taking verses like Acts 17:30 seriously.

Make sure to check out Steve’s four sermons explaining his position on the subject.

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  1. Steve has a good start on his list but is missing many offenders. He is accepting nominations for this coveted honor at report@repentanceblacklist.com . I nominated my own Pastor and provided several additional names for inclusion.

    It’s too bad he doesn’t have a list for laymen. I’d like to get in on it.

  2. Anderson terrifies me. Fortunately I can comfort myself with the fact that, since he’s the only on who’s right, he won’t have legions of lynch mobs out there looking for people who mock him (read: me).

  3. Did you follow the link to his church’s website? Wow.

    The “Our Pastor” page describes the (remarkably) brief counsel he received from his pastor and immediate send-off from the home church, then turns right around and disclaims any and all affiliation with that church.

    The “Doctrine” (loosely speaking) page has KJVO & anti-Calvinism (expected) but I was rather surprised to read that they are “non-dispensational.” Non-denominational – I’d understand that, but simply cannot believe that there would be a hint of covenant theology happening in that church!

  4. Wait a sec, he’s an IFB pastor who sees CHICK TRACTS as heretical!?! Granted, I’m staunchly opposed to them myself on both theological and methodological grounds (though I wouldn’t use the “h” word), but wow, never thought I’d hear that from an IFB! Frankly, I’m kind of surprised at who DIDN’T make his list, considering the issue he’s taking on.

  5. Some of those essays on his church website are real gems. “Why Bible College is Unscriptural and Wrong ” gave me a great laugh.

    Also, it seems that his church website has some embedded widgets that contain malware. So be careful clicking through to his church site unless you have a decent antivirus solution installed.

  6. Hmmm a list of foods that will help or harm your memorization of the Bible. This ought to be good.

  7. Wait…this guy who has never been to college is qualified HOW to claim that the RV1960 is heretical because it uses a different word for Hell than one that came 50 years earlier, then tops it off with “Can anything good come from the 60s?” REALLY?? Given his view on the world and how he thinks God think about immigration I doubt he knows Spanish at all. If HS Spanish is all he had, he’s absolutely not qualified to even say “Reina-Valera.” Quit importing embarrassing English controversies into other languages.

    Also: note that the “Big Three” that teach the truth are: Jack Hyles, Curtis Hutson, and himself. Funny how the only other two people who teach the truth also…started…Bible colleges…which we know are institutions of the Devil meant to drag people away from the local church. How’s that work?

    At least it’s funny reading some his nonsense. If not for that there would truly be no good reason for him to be on anyone’s radar.

  8. but what are these pastors’ Scriptural positions on border patrol checkpoints? that is the real question…

  9. This is the “Jesus wore pants” guy! What a messed up theology this man has. Never attended Bible College. His “qualification” for being a pastor was the fact that he had memorized a good portion of the New Testament. Too bad it didn’t sink in.

  10. Seriously. Too often people mistake recall for intelligence. How often have you heard someone trot out a litany of useless trivia only to be called “smart”?

  11. This is the “pisseth against the wall” guy. Ridiculous. Mrs. Anderson (either wife or mother), please unplug his computer. His gospel impact isn’t unlike that of the preaching demoniac girl in Acts 16. Mercy.

  12. How did this guy end up on the fundies website? Why would we consider him a fundamentalist?

  13. He considers himself a fundamentalist. If you stop and consider him, he’s really the logical result of a highly illogical system of belief and practice. He’s the Ãœbermensch of fundy thought.

  14. One of my favorite essays that is on his church website is called, “What is wrong with male gynecologists?” Of course not mixed throughout his other teaching is a myriad of teaching on why women should not work outside of the home.

    As someone else mentioned, he is the one who had a sermon where he questioned the masculinity of men if they ever urinated sitting down. What a piece of work.

  15. “If you have a complaint about this website, tell all your little repentance friends about it because we don’t care…. naa-naa, naa-naa, naa-naa, naa-naa, naa-nuh!”

    Wow I guess we were told, hungh? What an insignificant little ignorant twit!

  16. Upon comment moderation, this will probably be removed, but I have a question for you as Mark above said, “maroons:”

    What does repent of your sins mean?

    I have literally heard about 10-15 different definitions for it. Does it mean to stop sinning all together and be perfect?

    Does it mean to stop the really bad sins?
    Habitual sins?
    Have a godly sorrow for sin?
    Start to turn from you sins?
    To have a desire to turn from your sins?
    To not like to sin?
    To hate sin, but you still have sin?
    There are many many more possibilities and combinations of these possibilities.

    Here is what the Bible says:

    1 John 1:8 – we all HAVE sin ———–> that’s present tense by the way!

    Its easy on a forum to say that you have fully repented of your sins (whatever that means), but I have never met anyone that I knew personally that would claim this. If you live, work, and spend time with someone you quickly realize that they are not perfect.

    I could show you hundreds of Bible verses to prove my point, but do not have the time. Repentance in relation to salvation is repenting of your unbelief. Repentance after salvation is an act of God, its called regeneration. Anyone that claims they have repented of their sins before they were saved without God’s help is a “maroon.”

  17. Wild man, I doubt anyone here disagrees with you. Steven Anderson is as much a nut however as the people on the opposite end of the scale.

  18. Stephen Anderson nobody holds a candle to your preaching. They mock you, they call you a nut, but if they are christian, they know you are right. You preach the bible. Thank you for making your sermons so available. As a side note I love this site because there are alot of fundy nuts, Stephen L. Anderson is no nut. He talks the talk and walks the walk.

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