14 thoughts on “The King James Bible Song”

  1. “Just priests and nuns could read the Word in Latin”?

    Well, the Bible was already published in English by the Catholic Church by 1611. The Douay Rheims NT was published in 1582, with the Old Testament published in 1610.

    Most people were illiterate at that time, but educated people learned Latin.

    Homilies in Church explained what the readings said.

    Bibles were very expensive before the age of the printing press. There was no conspiracy to keep the Bible from the people. The common people simply couldn’t afford one, even if they could read.

    I get really tired of the King James Bible people spreading misinformation.

  2. Johnny Horton is rolling over in his grave.

    “There was no conspiracy to keep the Bible from the people. The common people simply couldn’t afford one, even if they could read.”

    Precisely. But to go back even further than the Douay-Rheims, there were incomplete English (Anglo-Saxon) vernacular Bibles as early as the 600s. It’s a pretty modern anti-Catholic conspiracy theory that has some kind of “power” being wielded over the scripture-deprived masses.

    And what is it about Fundy song parodies that makes them impossible to sit through? I only got through about two minutes of that poor old guy HoleyHands linked us to.

  3. Can we say “revisionism?” Not that fundies would ever be guilty of selectively rewriting history or anything (Trail of Blood, anyone?).

    Besides, that’s not very fundy-friendly music. You can almost dance to it!

  4. Is it just me, or is it not a surprise to anyone that the link HoleyHands posted is set to Southern Gospel music?!

    Worldly country music, BAD!! Country music with different words, GOOD!!

  5. That music was SINFUL! How dare they play anything past a BPM of 120! I think it came in at about 180 there….shame on them

    And Holeyhands video……………I’ll leave it at that.

  6. Not only the Douay-Rheims but the Bishop’s Bible of 1568 and the Great Bible of 1538 which were authorized translations by the Anglican church. I will be kind and assume that this is largely ignorance and not sectarian revisionism.

  7. Thanks to Lisa, Jordan Poss and David in Atlanta for setting the recpord straight!!

    Fundys seem tgo have trouble remembering dates.

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