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    1. He is not just an embarrasment to the IFB’s, he is an embarrasment to all mankind.

      Some people just need medicine

  1. Please don’t call him a “fundamentalist preacher.” He’s just plain mental.

    And yet, I’ve heard many of these same arguments put forward by fundamentalists preachers — albeit in somewhat less abrasive fashion.

    Exposing your thigh being nakedness and “breeches” being God-ordained as men’s clothing are commonly enough taught in fundy circles.

  2. I wonder if he realizes that he is prompting his congregants to think lustful thoughts about his underwear.

  3. And isn’t this the same guy who talked about pissing? Methinks he just wants to use naughty words like pissing and buttocks from the pulpit.

  4. I think Pastor Anderson is genuine and really sincere. I am just surprised by how ignorant he is. Another product of extreme fundamentalist education unfortunately.

  5. @ Bob:

    Sincerity is no excuse for ignorance, especially coming from a person who has been given the authority/responsibility of preaching. Your last sentence hits on the problem exactly.

  6. “Exposing your thigh being nakedness… are commonly enough taught in fundy circles.”

    So how do you define immodesty? Everybody has standards. How do you arrive at yours?

    FWIW, I concur with Bob Hayton.

    And, no, Jesus didn’t wear pants (I think Anderson would consider me a liberal for saying that). The passage that He is citing is referring to underwear…the Levitical priests didn’t walk around in Bermuda shorts. They wore the “breeches” under their garments to conceal their nakedness. This was a statute specifically for the priest’s dress code.

    1. “Thigh” was a euphemism in ancient times. Similarly, there’s the phrase “gird your loins” when they mean “make a breechclout so your penis and testicles don’t swing in a way that interferes with work/fighting.” Unlike your rod and tackle, ungirt loins aren’t going anywhere.

  7. Education? What’s that?

    From http://www.faithfulwordbaptist.org/page2.html:

    “Pastor Anderson holds no college degree but has well over 100 chapters of the Bible committed to memory, including almost half of the New Testament.

    “Originally from Sacramento, CA, Brother Anderson was a member of Regency Baptist Church. On November 12, 2005, Brother Anderson sought counsel from his pastor, Stephen Nichols, about starting a church in Phoenix, AZ. They discussed and prayed about it and decided that Brother Anderson would move to Phoenix immediately to start the church. The next day, on November 13, 2005, Pastor Nichols called him up on the platform of Regency Baptist Church in the Sunday morning service and had the church pray for Brother Anderson as he would be going out to start this new church. Faithful Word Baptist Church began 6 weeks later as an independent, autonomous Baptist church.”

  8. Not surprisingly, the church website also links to some “sermons” by Jack Hyles.

    “We reject the teaching of Calvinism and believe that God wants everyone to be saved.” Boy, talk about a straw man.

  9. While it’s definitely not necessary to have a college degree to be used of God (Jesus and most of the apostles didn’t have any “higher education”), this guy is just plain retarded. He and his followers have made some of the most outrageous, blatantly ignorant statements about people they don’t like just to get responses one must assume.

    Yeah, he’s a doofus.

  10. Haha.
    I love this guy. His preaching vids on youtube are great. I’ve gotten hooked on them. This is one of the best. The “pisseth against the wall” sermon was great too. Completely wrong and off-point, but the dude is entertaining……..
    Funny thing is, I come from an Independent Baptist background………..I’ve heard crazier stuff than this in church.

  11. Ignorance is bliss to some fundies. The guy is emotionally-driven and is making a fool of himself and other fundies. That passage was specific to priests who had to walk up stairs or ramps to a high platform in front of the people and the “breeches”, as the KJV puts it in Exodus 28:42-43, were to keep people from being able to see up under the robes as they climbed and walked around the platform above the people (ie. brazen altar, main courtyard of the temple). Some historical drawings show them like underwear- they were a cloth wrapped around, brought through the legs and tucked into the waistband. One has to be careful when taking an older English version of the Bible and trying to interpret terms that were common to 1611 (2000 years after the cuture referred to) as entirely accurate in describing the ancient culture. It is best to refer to the orignal languages and historical documentation and other artifacts when studying an ancient culture. Here’s an interesting website( by a guy who appears to be a fundamentalist as well but more balanced) on the pants vs. coat vs dress issue. http://www.actseighteen.com/articles/women-pants.htm Also, a totally different spin on the history at: http://www.templeinstitute.org/priestly_garments.htm

  12. My wife and I watched this and my wife turned to me and said “this is making me sick to my stomach”
    lol…I thought she was joking, but she was for real. she made me turn it off because it was so nauseatingly wrong.

  13. We like to call him the Pissing Preacher. His wife is so proud to be raising the next generation of racists. What whack job fundies they both are!

  14. “…well over 100 chapters of the Bible memorized”

    Me thinks that especially for a pastor, that is a ridiculously small number to be bragging about.

  15. Whoops, that last was supposed to be a reply to this:
    “…well over 100 chapters of the Bible memorized”

    ‘Me thinks that especially for a pastor, that is a ridiculously small number to be bragging about.’

    I do, too.

  16. Catch his rant on male OBGYN’s

    Doctors are perverts and, as fundie nuts are want to do about these delicate matters, he goes on to suggest that unspeakable things happen during women’s exams that are too shameful to ever mention but trust him….he knows all about it and it’s really…pant…pant…is it hot in here….really bad.

  17. You have to check out this letter and YouTube video of this jackass turning a 5 minute traffic stop to alert him that his license plate was out into a huge mess.

    And of course…he’s being persecuted. 🙄

    1. It didn’t have to go this way. When a routine stop (equipment violation) does not go according to routine then things are going to get weird. Yeah, the cops were overreacting – but Anderson was being very uncooperative and I don’t blame them for being suspicious of him and his passengers. How many people are uncooperative just to prove that they have a right not to cooperate? Most uncooperative people have something to hide…

  18. Do NOT get me started about Anderson (I will not call him a preacher or pastor). That guy just peeves me to no end.

    I’ll just say that he’s an attention-loving child that needs to go back home to mommy.

  19. *facepalm*

    Nothing needs to be said…

    *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm*

    He’s a self parody! 😯 🙄 👿

  20. Typical emphasis on the outward appearance. I wonder what this guy reads and watches for him to believe he needs to jump on his soap box.

    “This is the truth from histor..”

    Good grief. What a nut.


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