Providing Independent Baptist Alternatives to Internet Phenomena

nosocialnetworkingThe great thing about the Internet is that it brings a great diverse group of people together to collaborate, talk, and share information. Unless, of course, you’re a fundamentalist. They don’t generally like having to interact with diversity preferring rather to create their own enclaves of Christianity.

With the growing popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace, it was only a matter of time until an enterprising fundy decided to provide a much cleaner, more wholesome alternative — and try to make a little cash in the process. By this shall all men know that ye are His disciples, that ye form your own exclusive clubs and keep the sinners at bay.

Newly on the scene to stand in this internet gap is Edify One Another an IFB social networking site which states “As Independent Baptists, God has burdened us to create a place online that was separated from the world, but utilize the cutting edge technological advances to promote spiritual growth thru the fellowship of the saints online.” Finally an answer to the question “What Would Hyles Download?”

The best part? You can access to all of this for only $9.97 per month!

Online separation: only the holy may click here.

13 thoughts on “Providing Independent Baptist Alternatives to Internet Phenomena”

  1. Haha, that’s ridiculous. You have to pay $100 a year just to meet and talk to other IFBs who may or may not believe the same way you do. So, what happens if you join and find out that everybody there hates your favorite preacher because he believes it’s ok for women to wear pants? Hmm…. and there’s no way to find that out before you join. You just pay the fee and risk it.

    Sounds like a scam to me. (and I bet there aren’t many people on there, so joining it means you don’t get to meet anyone anyway… except some random weird people)

    Oh, and what missionaries do they support with the money you send them? Hmm…. you just never know. Sounds way too fishy. I think Facebook is a much safer alternative. 😀

    1. Actually, by my addition, you pay $119.64 a year. But before you believe that, take into account that I think it’s OK for women to wear pants.* 😉

      *Full disclosure: I think it’s OK for women to do almost anything they want to do.

    2. Fundies, thy ability to walk into a full head-on with irony with eyes wide open never lets us down.

      First, create a separated (anti)social network.

      Second, charge for it.

      Three, invite only the most contentious people on the planet to join.

      I smell success….except for the fact that the link shows their “account as suspended”.

      I’d love to see an archive of the meltdown that happened there.

  2. Forums on any topic imaginable!!!

    I bet I could get kicked off in less than 15 minutes.

  3. “We know that evil Facebook is free and easy to use, but we believe in bearing the cross of annual fees and poor user interfaces!”

  4. why does thier have to be a cost to everything fundies do. Does everything need to center around money? Facebook supports humanitarian organizations and its still free, couldnt they find a way? Filthy money grubbers =(

  5. Nathan, one only has to look as far as the empires of Hyles, Roloff, Rice, Jones…. Just follow the money $$$$$$$

  6. @ Jenni, you found one I hadn’t read yet! 🙂

    Favorite line: “By this shall all men know that ye are His disciples, that ye form your own exclusive clubs and keep the sinners at bay.” SOOOOOO good!

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