Occassionally Chuckling At Themselves


My hat is off to the good folks at Maranatha Baptist Bible College who evidently have the gift of being able to poke a little fun at themselves.

Check out their listing for a Masters In Bus Ministry with courses like:

BM 103: The Bus Ministry and Homeland Security
BM 210: Corn Crossbreeding and Home Ethanol Distillation
BM 302: Negotiation Skills and Pre-Adolescent Biting
BM 305: Petroleum Industry Futures Trading
BM 306: Long Bus Routes and The Exodus: Reformed Theology Examined
BM 409: Assigned Seats?: Calvinistic Thought and the Bus Ministry

(thanks to melissa for the link)

10 thoughts on “Occassionally Chuckling At Themselves”

  1. Hey, that’s my alma mater! I’m wondering who’s going to get in trouble for that and how quickly it’ll get pulled.

  2. It was an April Fool’s joke from the communications office–it was only published internally (until people started sending links to it to other people :^)) and it’s pretty obviously not real–not planning on pulling it any time soon. :^)

  3. lol, I am a current student at Maranatha and only recently found this site. Maranatha is not as extreme as some Fundamentalist Colleges *cough* PCC *cough*

  4. I am a current student, too. What I find funny are there were people here who actually believed that it was a real program…lol 😀

  5. James you are lucky. You are attending after the slide into liberalism. =) I Had a friend who was there in the late 70’s early 80’s. It was extreme. During his time there adherence to the dress code was strongly encouraged even for the summer break.

  6. James, I didn’t think PCC was a fundamentalist college. Was I wrong? I knew it boast of having a majority Baptist (though not all fundementalist) student population, but accepted all denominations, whereas Maranatha was exclusively fundemental Baptist. Can some one enlighten me?

    1. Apparently you’ve been brainwashed by Baptist Fundies that only Baptists can be Fundies…

  7. PCC is most DEFINITELY a fundamentalist college – one of the most extreme. As for all denominations – yes, all legalistic, IFB-type are welcome! So the Baptist name is less important…but the doctrines and legalism are what they count. Dresses on women, KJV only, no rock music…etc., etc. They specifically request charismatic students not attend in their handbook – why I didn’t attend, since at the time I was a closet-charismatic in a hyper-legalistic fundamental world!

  8. You’re just a lesser fundy if you’re not of the same IFB camp as the fundy in question. Outwardly one camp will praise and acknowledge another camp but behind closed doors each bunch will puff themselves up as being the best with the most.

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