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Eats Kale
Hates fat
Is that…

Loves shoes
They’re for sure…

Foreign made
Black and White
Art house reels
Think they might…

Mental is as mental does
Passions all have cages
Keeping pure is paramount
So goes it through the ages

We Suffer

Suffering greatly here below
We will make it quite a show
To make sure the world will know
We suffer.

Loudly pray before we eat;
Suits and ties in summer heat;
They’ll be impressed at Judgment Seat
How we suffered.

Give ourselves back ten percent
Claim that’s what God really meant
So what if you can’t pay the rent?
You can suffer.

We deny all carnal joys
Plant a church in Illinois!
Our missions are the real McCoys.
Taught to suffer.

We’ve no need for earthly loot
The world exists to persecute
Would you come be our recruit?
Join and suffer.