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Preaching Against Obscure Things

peggedAs a result of living outside of popular culture, fundamentalist preachers often end up preaching against a lot of obscure and outdated things. Lyrics from popular bands may not be as shocking as the ones from some little known death metal band named the Flaming Satan’s Army of Human Sacrifice so inevitably the latter’s songs will be the ones quoted. As an unintended consequence, many teenagers also find a lot of new music this way that they would otherwise have never heard about.

There are also the sermons against Mohawk haircuts, Baywatch, Vanilla Ice, and a host of other things that have long since passed their prime as pet sins. And it’s not just preachers that tend to form their standards from bygone times. Fundy colleges and schools will make new rules to combat fleeting fads and enshrine them in their rulebooks, leaving students years later scratching their heads and asking “what are pegged pants?”

The good news is that if the worldly ways of years ago happen to come back into vogue, fundamentalists preachers will already be preaching against them.