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Change (And a Hope)

After four years of blogging here at SFL and watching the community here grow, I’ve decided to launch a brand new blogging project on new topic that I’ve been planning for a while. Don’t panic, SFL isn’t going away.

You can read all the details about the new project at MyObamaYear.com. Come one over and check it out. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Going forward I’m going to be splitting my time between these two projects posting here on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday and posting on the My Obama Year blog on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I’m hopeful that scaling back the number of posts on SFL will also serve to make the quality of the material here even better by reducing the pressure to put a new post every single day.

Change is inevitable. I’m hopeful that this will be very good change.

Trying Social Media (And Failing So Bad That It’s Strangely Good)

To the amazement of alumni everywhere (and after spending years slamming blogs and forums that dared to disagree with it), Pensacola Christian College has caught the spirit of social media and has launched its own blog full of articles purportedly written by students and faculty. Since it has taken them only until 2011 to catch up to blogging, one can easily imagine that PCC will be getting a Twitter account about the time Haley’s Comet returns. I can’t wait.

However, my hopes that maybe this was a move to let real students say actually true things about their experiences at PCC were doomed from the outset. Evidently, everyone at that college uses the exact same writing style and sentence structure as dictated from Dr. Chapman’s little blue book to sing the praises of everything and everyone at Pensacola Christian. Also, the writers are apparently all named “Maribeth” and work for minimum wage in the college promotions department. Or at least that’s what I’m left to believe after reading some of these gems.

“Troy” writes:

I never actually attended “college days”, but I did take a trip with my senior year of high school to see what the college was like. It was a wonderful opportunity to really see what PCC was all about. It wasn’t until this trip that I realized God wanted me here.

Call me cynical but I’m guessing that God may also have opened his eyes to the fact that there’s a honking big water park on campus.

On another piece about Dr. Clyde Box, (cleverly named “Outside the Box”) a girl named Debi comments:

That was a really good message! Afterward, I got Dr. Box to sign my Bible, and that made my night! Especially after that message!

Well, sister, if that’s not a squeeeee! inducing moment, then I don’t know what is.

But as good as the comments are, they can’t beat the articles wherein “Megan,“ allegedly an actual student, writes the following (supposedly with a straight face):

Bible Conference week is a time set aside for rest, the beach, relaxation, research papers, sleep, and, most importantly, good preaching.

I was at PCC for four years. I can’t imagine an actual breathing student writing that and really meaning it. Bible conference was a time for wearing a suit 10 hours a day and listening to 9,876 sermons on fleeing youthful lust. Nobody ever, ever, ever in my hearing referred to it as “relaxing.” You would likely have been beaten with a wide-margin KJV if you had dared.

As if this love fest of all things PCC-related wasn’t enough, there are even helpful enrollment advisers who troll monitor the site with spam helpful answers.

Don’t bother trying to add your own comments, however. They won’t be approved. Only the beautiful and certifiably fundy are allowed to be heard on this bastion of blessed blogging.

Watching PCC discover social media is somewhat like watching the Clampetts discover indoor plumbing. They just don’t quite get it. When you take a medium that’s best used for discussions and open dialog and then censor it, polish it, and turn it into advertising, unintentional hilarity is bound to ensue.

A Blog Shout Out

I don’t usually promote other blogs on this site but I’ve been laughing so hard the writings of British fundamentalism satirist Revd Drayton Parslow that I couldn’t help but share him with all of you in hopes of encouraging him to write a whole lot more.

Check out his posts on:

Frisby Independent Baptists

Bridging The Cultural Gap

A Godly Decision-Making Apparatus

Pastoral Duties

I’m giggling like a group of fundamentalist teenagers reading naughty bits out of the Old Testament — only a lot manlier sounding than that.

100 Posts In

suggestionToday marks post #100 on this blog. Thanks to everyone who has had an encouraging word for me as I write these little bits of nonsense.

If you have suggestions for topics you’d like to see written about on here, send them along to stuffundieslike@gmail.com and I’ll be sure to put them on my list of ideas.

Also feel free to send pictures, cards, letter, large sacks filled with small unmarked bills, or whatever.

There’s still so much more to talk about. Onwards…