A Blog Shout Out

I don’t usually promote other blogs on this site but I’ve been laughing so hard the writings of British fundamentalism satirist Revd Drayton Parslow that I couldn’t help but share him with all of you in hopes of encouraging him to write a whole lot more.

Check out his posts on:

Frisby Independent Baptists

Bridging The Cultural Gap

A Godly Decision-Making Apparatus

Pastoral Duties

I’m giggling like a group of fundamentalist teenagers reading naughty bits out of the Old Testament — only a lot manlier sounding than that.

14 thoughts on “A Blog Shout Out”

  1. “Generally in my experience the True Church can be recognised by the joyous outpouring of a heart that knows the love of God, expressed as an outward sign by a fixed and yet spontaneous grin at all times.”

    I like this guy already.

  2. Oh, joy!! You’ve discovered the delicious British wit…and what a way to apply it! Thank you for finding this treasure and posting it!

    We may have to go visit FIBC some Sunday! =-)

  3. “Bridging the Cultural Gap” was hilarious!

    truly I have become a fool for Christ

    This should be the slogan of fundy preacher boys everywhere.

  4. Yea, thou must stick with ye olde paths!!!

    (Referring to the “Frisby Independent Baptist” post…keep pushing them in the icy well!!!!)

  5. @ Lou Meland “And I thought the IFB movement was dead in England.”

    Not with American IFB missionaries laboring for the Lord to resuscitate it. Ours had to leave in November to raise more support back home and I have been quite happy at the base chapel. I am scared to death they will raise the needed $$ and come back! My husband isn’t quite as ex-fundy as I because he hasn’t seen the junk I’ve seen.

    I want to go to Frisby.

    h-e-l-p m-e……

  6. I’m still just LOVING the good Rev’d Drayton Parslow. I doubt I would’ve found him if you hadn’t recommended! I’m stuffing his ballot box with votes for blue colored Bibles and complaining about the heretics that would carry a blue Bible! 🙂

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