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The Baptist Standard

A while back we took a look at the Baptist Flag, a separated and sanctified flag for Baptists who don’t want to use the same one as all the other Protestants.

Well, in typical fashion, some Baptists have decided to separate from that flag and make their own “more Biblical” model. So now, in addition to the Baptist Flag, there is the Baptist Standard:

As the site explains:

There is no pledge, this is not an idol or a symbol of arrogance, but rather a statement and a stand that this is what we believe. This flag doesn’t unite all of Christendom, but separates Truth from error.

Boom! Take, that, Mr. Baptist Flag Pledge Man!

So if this new flag is all about separating from error, would it be correct to assume that it is a “Standard Standards Standard”? The mind boggles.

The Baptist Flag

For those folks who just consider the Christian flag to be too ecumenical there is now the Baptist Flag


There’s even a pledge to it:

I pledge allegiance to the Baptist Flag, And to the Faith once delivered unto the Saints. I will ever remain faithful to the tie that binds us together, The Book, the Blood, and the Blessed Hope of our Lord’s soon coming.

Onward, Baptist Soldiers!

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