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        1. Caesar Augustus, I think. Julius never got to be emperor, just dictator for life–which ended shortly thereafter.

      1. Heh heh, I see now that back in January Bassenco also referred to Guy as a “poster child.” I won’t quote it out of context, but follow the link to see the full discussion.

        And if anybody’s thankful that he’s better than other men, it’s him.

  1. Not sure that the line is claiming to be better than other men… However, Guy is a big jerk.

    1. Oh no?
      How do you interpret it?
      “The Pharisee, standing by himself, was praying thus, ‘God, I thank you that I am not like other people: thieves, rogues, adulterers, or even like this tax collector. 12 I fast twice a week; I give a tenth of all my income.’”
      Jesus goes on to say that the Pharisee exalted himself.

  2. I’m just thankful that I’m not like them anymore. Is that a pew selfie? Could this have been taken during the sermon? Someone needs to contact his MoG and check the timestamps on his phone to make sure it wasn’t during the sermon, offering, sangin, or 2 hour’s of announcements.

      1. That’s actually a pretty wonderful defense against a wide array of charges:
        “I’m not a fan of shoplifting, but I couldn’t resist.”
        “I’m not a fan of sexual harassment, but I couldn’t resist.”
        “I’m not a fan of crystal meth, but I couldn’t resist.”

    1. I don’t always participate in #selfiesunday, but when I do, I make sure my impressive double chin is prominent.

      The most interesting Mog in the world

  3. One of the required prayers in Orthodox Judaism, for men, is to thank G-d for not making him a woman.

    I’ll bet there have been plenty of broken engagements over this.

    1. To be fair to the hebrews, the prayer is not about woman = bad, but about accepting the sex God assigned. I suspect transgendered individuals need not apply.

        1. No.

          Actually, in Orthodox Juadaism, the prayers of women are pretty much irrelevant. You need at least 10 men (of the male sort) to make up a minyan. Women and children are not counted.

      1. “Thanks for making neither. Or both. Or … thanks for my parents who chose it for me before surgery is an infant and they guessed right”

      2. No. I respectfully disagree. Jewish men of the ultraorthodox variety demonstrate a contempt for women I find completely appalling.

        The Scriptures (OT) are not any kinder. Women are worth three-fifths of a man. The period for uncleanness in a woman after childbirth is twice as long for a girl baby as it is for a boy baby. Men can be redeemed from slavery. Women cannot. Men can divorce their wives. Wives cannot divorce their husbands. A husband can nullify his wife’s vow to God, but a wife cannot nullify her husband’s vow.

        “Accepting the sex you were born into” is an easy way for a man to say to a woman, “this is your lot in life. Bear it. Put up with it. Don’t try to change anything because your status will never change.”

  4. I Facebook stalked him and one of his kids has the same name as mine. I’m thankful my Rowan doesn’t belong to him.

        1. Ahh but the trick is that they put “an envelope” in the plate, you know a “starter” envelope, (whether it actually has anything in it or not??? ) it lets the people see he is tithing (to himself), thus manipulating the sheeple into giving lest they come under conviction by the strong hand of Zeus’ and or find themselves the subject of a future sermon on sacrificial giving.

  5. Hmmm. These pharisees sure love to be seen, don’t they!

    Well, I am thankful. On Thanksgiving, it will have been 8 years since my heart attack at age 49. I am in a period of transition. We shall see where I am led, where things go.

    I am thankful to be out of fundamentalism. I am thankful for my family, who are themselves at a variety of places in their Spiritual life, none of whom are where I am! May I have grace to be patient.

    And I am thankful for SFL. It has allowed me to meet others. It makes me wish to meet so many of you in person! I will be on and off during the week. May the Lord bless all of you greatly.

      1. Thank you! I appreciate your kindness. I always enjoy reading your posts.

        The grace and wit of people here make this a great community.

    1. rtgmath:
      Thank you for providing such good conversation. Thank you for keeping those of us on here who sometimes “defend” fundamentalism on our toes. Thank you for being willing to share your story with us. Thank you for vehemently arguing with me, but remaining civil and respectful. I too am encouraged by your presence here on SFL, as I am by the rest of you.

      All of us who make up this community should be thankful to Darrell for creating SFL. Thanks Darrell!!

      1. Thank you rtgmath for your thought provoking posts and for being so honest about the pain you have exprienced . a lot of people here can relate. I can. I pray you will experience whatever healing you need and that God will draw close to you and that you will draw close to him. Keep posting.
        Darrell, thank you was starting this blog/forum and providing a safe place for discussion, sharing, argumrnts, venting and therapy. God Bless You!!

  6. From his FB page. Apparently between the 18th and the 19th, he forgot what he preached on.

    Guy Beaumont
    November 18 at 3:20pm ·
    Church in a bit!
    Can’t wait to talk about saving grace!!

    Guy Beaumont
    November 18 at 9:56pm · Edited ·
    Women dressing immodestly and saying “well, guys shouldn’t look” is like a cigarette smoker blowing smoke in your face and saying “well, you shouldn’t breathe it in”.
    Random thought at 12:55am.

    Guy Beaumont
    November 19 at 8:01am ·
    I don’t what y’all did in Buffalo, but you need to repent!!!

    1. Might we have some details? It is hard to take seriously a one-liner (or two) that gives no supporting information. You could be a troll.

      Certainly that is not the purpose of this site.

      1. But rtgmath, that could be construed to be the purpose of this site if one equated Christianity with IFB “Christianity.” A young man I work with just last night upon hearing that some churches “require” members to tithe, stated that that makes him feel sick and that’s one reason he would never attend church. Talk about a few bad apples! Anyway, likely the legalism and hypocrisy of self proclaimed Christians has ruined any prospect of my young friend ever wanting to have any connection to God.

  7. This was one guy (or should I say Guy? LOL) that I had not heard of until coming to SFL. When I first saw his Twitter, I thought it had to be a parody account or something. He is unbelievable.

  8. Well, I’m a nobody, but I’m thankful that God loves me.

    I’ve never heard even the most egregious IFB pastors say anything like the OP. I’m sure that there are many who believe so, or at least give the impression that they do. It comes out in the people who attend, who look down upon the SBC churches because “we” have “high standards” (and after all, having ‘high standards’ is how the world we know that we are His disciples).

    1. I hear you, Guilt Ridden. I used to say the same sort of things about myself. I put myself down because others did. I personalized the hurt and the shame.

      I am determined to eradicate that mode of thought. You are not a nobody. Neither am I.

      And I am determined not to let anyone, anyone ever do that to me again. Be it parent, pastor, spouse, child, employer, or even God Himself. I am not now and never have been worthless. No matter who may mock me or hurt me or attempt to shame me, I will never again regard myself that way. Nor will I lower myself to treat others that way.

      If I fall or fail I will get up. And if Christ really is the Savior, He will help me to do so.

    2. Funny that. Your last sentence perfectly mirrors their attitudes. Yet Jesus didn’t say it was our high standards that excludes others, but our love for others (inclusive) which will tell others that we are his disciples.

      Fundamentalists certainly do believe in substitutionary doctrine. Substitute legalism for grace, control by the MoG for self control, and standards for love. Substitute scripture for God, ignorance for faith, opinions for facts.

      They have, in fact, substituted a fake religion for Christianity, and done as fine a job of spiritual adulteration as any “food” company has ever done with artificial ingredients.

      1. I think that was sarcasm, my autistic friend.

        BTW–all our ingredients are natural. Did you know McDonald’s has duck feathers in its apple pies? Google it.

        1. Using “autistic” as an all-purpose insult is offensive to people living with autism and their friends and families.

        2. I agree with all your corrections. I was thinking specifically of my nephew who is autistic and definitely doesn’t recognize sarcasm. Of course that was insensitive and out of line. Sometimes words get way ahead of the brain. I apologize sincerely.

        3. Forgiven.

          I have occasional trouble recognizing sarcasm in print, though I did recognize it there. I chose to ignore the sarcasm because it is much too close to the actual way things are. I commented on that part of it.

          I assure you that I am not autistic. Eccentric? Definitely, as a good academician ought to be. Egoistic? Probably, thought not intentionally. Scatterbrained? Absolutely. I am interested in everything. You should see my scratch notes piled on the desk. Erudite? My colleagues think so and my transcripts travel well. Loquacious? Without a doubt. My wife even thinks I’m funny. I make her laugh. But not autistic.

          Have a good Thanksgiving, everyone. We only have a few hours to travel.

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