GOH: Mercy Walked In

Don’t forget to check out their CD on the back table!

Full Disclosure: I actually knew these two singers back many, many years ago when their family were missionaries to Papua New Guinea. Their singing family act back then was typical of the kinds of on-demand performances that missionaries would be expected to put on while raising money on “deputation.” I’m a bit surprised to find them still on tour.

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  1. Just like screaming preachers there are screaming singers. It seems like there’s some sort of mental illness there and I’m not making fun of that it’s just an observation. If that is all a part of the act then I think it’s silly and stupid.

      1. Is the screaming an act or a symptom of a mental illness?

        I would have to say it is an act. I am sure they teach preacher boys when to scream, when to lower their voices, when to sound really sincere, and even how to tell jokes from the pulpit. Not having been a preacher boy, that is only my guess, but it would seem to be needed for “how to reach your audience 101.”

        On the other hand, fundyism itself is a kind of mental illness. The more committed to it you are, the more you need to be committed. It depends upon making the believer willing to deny reality for the faith. Believers have created in their minds an unreasoning, illogical way of thinking that turns prejudice and hate into “being loving,” sinful actions into God’s working (in the MoG, while the same actions in anyone else are terrible and sinful!), legalism into grace, and all sorts of clamor and confusion. It makes you a willing participant in your own abuse.

        And I have been there. Yes, it is insanity.

    1. Ewww, it hurt to hear them sing, and it looks like they’re in pain as well, no doubt from having to hear themselves.

  2. Holy Red Faced Pufferfish, Batman! This is the Musical equivalent of Fundy preaching!

    1. They’re using electrically amplified instruments, so I must separate from them.

      I’m just kidding; these guys are good.

    1. I didn’t even last that long! I love Southern gospel music but this was awful! And fundies have the nerve to bash CCM. I’d rather listen to my cat screeching after she got her tail caught in a fan than this mess.

  3. Why did I think/hope Mercy was a young woman?
    Verdict: “Okay, okay, you are hereby declared innocent of your original crime. But for that cat-with-its-tail-in-the-door singing you are convicted for life! Please, someone pass the Brain Bleach! πŸ˜› “

    1. I think all the cats in my neighborhood are all sitting outside my window now.

      I love the, “I’m beat Brian Free” insert at the beginning.

      And, why is it that they always have to clap at the mention of a church. Like it’s a team or something. I’m waiting for someone to go, “Hoot hoot!!!”

        1. No, the first way was right, I’m beat just listening to this yahoo try to find the handles to carry this tune. Did he get one too many wedgies in school?
          If my dog sounded like this, I’d take him out back and put him out of his misery. πŸ™„

        2. Are you kidding, Panda? This guy is a famous singer. He says so himself in his introduction. And this is his signature song, apparently.
          The mind is a marvelous thing.

    2. I think your right and got the right idea: if we match this Yahoo up with the Lindsey Brothers and create an angry, horrible falsetto, goofball trio act – then we’ve got a REAL hit on our hands!!!!

    3. I’m thinkin’ that’s what they’ll have to listen to in h-e-double-hockey-sticks. Or in purgatory maybe.

  4. The awfulness of the voices aside, you mentioned that these guys began this routine as part of a missionary family and the on-demand performances they are expected to put on> Does any one else HATE the Dog and Pony show that poor, often well meaning if misguided, missionaries have to go though to get money out of churches? It is down right embarrassing, one poor guy came to my old church the Pastor found out he had construction in his back ground and got him to tear out the mold covered walls of a back room, and then when he was done the ashats choose not to fund the guy!!

    1. We used to do that all the time. Fortunately, for us, my mom was the only one that sang a special. Us kids just had to look good the moment they asked us to stand up and be introduced. Furlough was sometimes fun, and other times it was dreadful. It all depended on thechurch, really. Oh and on the kind people that took us in if they volunteered to house us for a couple of nights. It was mostly old people, but we’d hit the jackpot if they had a bunch of grand kids (because that meant they had a lot of toys). That, or empty nesters who still kept the stuff their kids left behind.

    2. Not one of us in my family could carry a tune. ZERO musical talent! And yet we all had to sing on stage in our foreign language during deputation. Hated, hated, hated it!

    3. Missionary shuck and jive: yet another thing I knew not of until I started reading at sites like this. If they’ve come all this way, feed ’em a good potluck meal or three and listen to whatever they feel like saying. Yeesh!

    1. As kids we sang.

      Once I was about 16 my brother and I started playing fingerstyle guitar duets.

      A lot of northern churches looked a little askance at us bringing guitars onto the platform but once they realized we were playing “classical” style they usually were ok with it.

  5. The thing where he wraps his lips around his teeth is really weird. I’m sure it’s not done consciously and it has no bearing on his character or anything, it’s just really strange and annoying to look at. For me anyway.

  6. Why do these guys look so mad about being forgiven? They look angrier than some metal singers I’ve seen perform. They’re practically screaming too.

    1. I was getting a metal vibe, too. And the fact is, popular singers actually singing (and not lip synching) contort their faces in all sorts of peculiar expressions. These guys held the tune, had pretty good voices, and had one small microphone, which I’m thinking they didn’t particularly need. I thought it was a good song, well sung.

  7. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy… what a crazy performance. I thought the brother on the left was going to pass out!! He looked like an angry IFB verion of “Curly” from the 3 Stooges. I’ve never seen such an angry rant of a song about MERCY. Didn’t you just love the look of joy that overcame their faces when singing about God’s GREAT grace and mercy?

    From the start, the whole time he was singing, the brother on the left looked like he was having a rough time of it sitting on the toilet – his face was so red and curled up, and he was breathing hard and sweating….

    Can you say: “America’s got talent”… here we come?? Seriously though… how can I book this group at my church???

    1. Amen. “Curly” of the Three Stooges came to my mind a few seconds into the video. And Moe on the guitar.

  8. Their singing reminded me of the famous Attempted Murder on a Toilet scene from “Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.

    Austin Powers is sitting on a toilet, and suddenly a bad guy opens a trap door from behind and is choking Austin Powers.

    A cowboy, played by Tom Arnold, is seated on a toilet in the next stall, obviously concerned about the sounds of choking and struggling from the next stall.

    Hey, partner, come on, you gotta relax. Don’t force it.
    Gonna blow out your o-ring, drop a lung.
    Austin Powers:
    Who does Number Two work for?
    Who does Number Two work for?
    That’s right, buddy. You show that turd who’s boss.
    Hey! Hey, just grab ahold of something, bite your lip, and give it hell. Come on! We’re gonna get through this.
    Hey, that sounds pretty nasty. How about a courtesy flush over there?
    Jesus Christ, boy.What did you eat?

    None of the videos on line played properly. Here’s a short sound clip:


  9. That was painful and I only made it 46 seconds. That is some terrible singing. The expressions on his face look like he needs relief of some sort.

    1. They do both make pained facial expressions as they sing. Maybe they should practice singing in front of a mirror?

      1. I think it’s meant for some kind of sign of sincerity, but I’ve never understood why anyone does various facial contortions. I checked a couple of other videos of theirs out, and they do all kinds of facial yoga in just about everything they sing. Odd.

  10. Apologies to those (if any) who enjoy this…

    Hillbilly singin’ at it’s worst…
    Ah jes kep a-waitin’ fer duh howlin’ dog tuh join in.


  11. The singer (pardon the expression) on the left seemed to be leaning forward and to his left… I found that distracting when I watched the video.

  12. They’re not terrible.
    There’s a whole Appalachian white Gospel tradition behind that kind of singing.
    I probably won’t listen to them again, and I don’t feel moved to order their CD, but they aren’t the worst I’ve heard by a long shot.

    I do wonder how this kind of music goes over in Papua New Guinea. (I mean that sincerely; I have no idea what New Guineans would think of it.)

    Question: When the singer says “We’ve got CDs,” and the congregation laughs, are they making fun of this act? Even the woman who says “I want one” sounds possibly sarcastic.

    1. I hate to admit it, but I agree with you. This is–or at least was in my youth–pretty standard white Appalachian Gospel. Howling dog/ ability to play instruments/read music/carry a tune optional. You could have heard it in my Aunts’ church on any Sunday in a month. I’ve heard worse.

        1. Oh, yeah.
          Oh, yes, there can be and there are much, much worse musical performances.
          Some of them are on YouTube, but I’m not going to link to any because I’m not that mad at you.

  13. As others have noted, the singing style is that of a fundy preacher–lots of yelling.

    I also find it odd when singers make singing look painful. Those who can sing with little effort bring me to awe. But these two look like every note causes great discomfort. Made me feel I needed to call the cops–someone is torturing these poor guys.
    (Celine Dion has at times made singing looking painful as well.)

    And when fundies sing about mercy freeing them or their sins being taken away, I often find sincerity missing. From all their preaching, we know they are not sinners like the Methodists, Episcopals, Catholics, Hollywood type, Democrats, etc…Are they doing lip service to the idea all have sinned because they act like their stuff doesn’t stink.

    1. That’s one of the deep mysteries of Baptist Fundies:
      A. We don’t sin; and
      B. Jesus washed away our sins.


    2. Exactly. Fundies do not seem to understand mercy. They are happy to have their sins forgiven (if they have any sins! BIG IF). They are not at all happy for others to have their sins forgiven.

      They stand before the Lord (many of them barely able to stand because of their obesity!) and sing of grace. But if a gay couple were around, you know grace would be the last thing on their mind toward them!

      If the message they preach does not produce visible results in the life, is the message flawed? I think so.

  14. And cue the obligatory exaggerated southern accent … how does a fake southern accent relate to the fundamentals of Christianity? Will preachers who use it get an extra crown in heaven?

  15. 0:28– musicality IS defined by how long one can hold a bad note.
    0:33– misheard lyric: “I have moldy pants”
    0:48– ||<–This close to screamo
    1:18– How is it possible for them to "stand while they wander?"
    1:45-1:56– "ooh, ooh, lemme back in the frame!"

  16. This was atrocious. It was not music in any sense. I’d rather stab my ears with knitting needles than listen any portion of this ever again.

  17. Why do you people torture yourselves by listening to this? I hardly ever watch the clips that are posted here. Y’all are nuts.

        1. I’ve always been there. It just wasn’t until recently that I started demanding the homage I am rightfully due.

        2. Gee whiz, Dr F, must we go through this again? Don’t you remember inviting yourself over to my place for dinner?

      1. Of course. I have some new heels to wear and I’ll have to go looking for my pearls.

    1. Yes, it’s torture but it’s like watching two freight trains bash into each other, for all the carnage it’s just too impressive to ignore.

  18. Looks like he’s in pain while singing. Oh well, to each his own. As long as he likes what he’s doing, I don’t suppose there’s much harm done (except to maybe his vocal cords).

  19. Dear Darrell:

    I kept looking for the wooden base with the wind-up key what makes the twin monkeys do their song and dance gig. Any idea what is the retail value of such an item?

    Those needing to purge can go here:


    Christian Socialist

  20. Question. Who here knows the Lindsay brothers? Do you know them outside of church? I do. No i dont agree them and the ones they run with on much anymore. One thing I know though is that they love God.

    1. That is good to know Adam. And really helps me to be honest. So many Christians I knew growing up were nothing like the Christians I know now. I have had the thought numerous times “were those ‘childhood’ Christians not really Christians or are these ‘current’ Christians not really Christians?” Because they are SO different.

      But I’m trying to learn that since both ‘groups’ love God and have trusted Christ as their Savior, both groups ARE saved. Still struggling with how the same Christ is manifested so differently in His vessels, but that may be one mystery that I won’t understand until I’m on the other side.

      1. That should read “really helps me, to be honest”. Lol, it doesn’t help me not to lie. I’m not lying when I say it helps me.

      1. Royal Albert Hall, London. It is a concert hall, not a church. There’s a difference. rtgmath!

        1. Yes, there is. Ahhh, I need time to travel (well, money as well, I guess!).

          But it was absolutely lovely, all the people singing.

    1. “The Holy Ghost Hokie Pokie”? I couldn’t believe it! Ghastly.

      Oddly enough, despite how different the form is from BJU-style fundyism, the Holiness movement is another form of fundamentalism.

  21. If the poor guy is not in pain, I know I was. Morbid curiosity is why I finished 3/4’s of the clip.
    Maybe he desperately needed to find the Men’s Room real soon πŸ™‚
    As a former unbeliever myself at one time if I were to have been exposed to this maybe it would have steered me away from my horrible Fundy experience.
    You know…………….this could just be a warning? An air raid siren maybe?

  22. I know both of these men and they are two of the most humble, sincere people you will ever meet. You all are tearing them down without even knowing them! shame on you! You are acting like all the bigoted, self righteous fundies you criticize! They grew up in Papua New Guinea as missionaries kids and endured great hardships and troubles as a result. I know because I was over there when they were, for a time. They still love the Lord and people. Its sad when you become that which you despise. I agree the fundamental baptist movement is in a mess, but what makes you all better with your degrading, judgmental comments without really knowing them! I have no problem with Darrell posting the video and even with comments stating that they do not like the style, but some of you are harsh and hateful!

    1. I think you need some perspective as you read the comments here. If you please, do read what I have to say with an open mind.

      The blog, StuffFundiesLike, tends to highlight the ridiculous, the sinister, and the odd little quirks (often harmless) that create the world of IFB fundamentalism.

      I don’t think anyone here would suggest that these men don’t “love the Lord.” Fact is, I am sure that most of the biggest rascals, thieves, and adulterers featured on this site probably are telling the truth when they say that they “love the Lord.” Of course, that phrase is open to interpretation. Mileage may vary. Does love imply obedience? And who defines obedience?

      That these men were part of a missionary family is not in doubt. But why are they going around with their terrible singing act? Why not get regular jobs? Or did they not get an education that would allow them to do anything but what they are doing now?

      Sure, in fundystan we often make every “special,” horrible as it is, feel like a tribute to the Lord. We mangle the scripture, “Make a joyful noise …” as if to say that God is happy with our screeching and caterwauling and carrying on. Seems like a lot of foolishness there.

      So they love the Lord. Good. Pandering to this act fits into the “off quirk” segment of fundamentalism. It isn’t malicious. Their act is not sinful.

      But their act is not good, either. They might well take heed of the Scripture, “The Lord is in His Holy Temple. Let all the earth keep silence before Him.”

      1. Rtgmath, You prove my point! You assume that this is an act. Its not. To them it is genuine and real. You assume that they do not work. Wrong again. Both have full time factory jobs and work 50 to 60 hours a week. They are off
        Mondays and Tuesdays and use that time to sing and help churches as they are asked. You mentioned they may not have an education. WRONG AGAIN. They both have secular college degrees. They do not advertise themselves. They are asked to come by those that enjoy their singing. If you don’t then thats fine, but you prove my point about being judgmental and biased by your assumptions. They do not even charge for their Cd’s. They are love offering only and I have seen many people get one and not pay. So, maybe, YOU need the perspective here. I have read this sight for years and know exactly what it is. I agree with a lot, disagree with some, and have no opinion on the rest. What I will always call out is people who make statements without knowing what they are talking about! A lot of fundy preachers do the same thing and get called out on this sight and rightly so. What is the difference?

        1. Thank you for the correction. I have known of other situations where, well, a significant portion of the income of the singers (performers, actors, whatever) were supplied by the churches visited. Much like people who are on deputation for years and years attempting to go to the mission field.

          I am glad they have regular jobs.

          I had looked at their FB page. Not a lot about them, but a lot about their various ministries, writings, etc. They seem to have an active ministry given a 50-60 hour work schedule!

          I won’t say that they shouldn’t sing. Frankly, if I were to listen to them in a service I would be embarrassed for them. I have been embarrassed for some of the “talent” that took the mike at my IFB church.

          Fortunately, God will be the Judge of their worth and worship, not me.

          As I had said before, I see performances such as this as a β€œquirk” of fundamentalism. It isn’t malicious. Their singing is not sinful. But the performance seems to imitate or idealize the old (and perhaps stereotypically) uneducated Appalachian practices of faith.

        2. It definitely is a stage act whether you like the characterization or not. There’s a lot of things you could describe the act as. Genuine does not seem to be applicable. If they were singing a Rage Against the Machine anthem, that would potentially look to be a genuine and sincere performer of something like “sleep now in the fire” or “testify”. Your comments indicate that you are in the target demographic that can’t discern the difference between rage, truth, passion, and sincerity.

    2. No one is saying these guys don’t love God. But some people (i.e. the people here) are not ministered to by men yelling when they preach or sing. They probably are the nicest, humblest guys. But that doesn’t mean we have to agree with their singing. No one here has questioned their love for God.

    3. Nothing I said was harsh or hateful. Nothing I said was degrading. Nor was I tearing anyone down. I judge that they don’t have a lot of talent, but it’s not wrong to think or say that. You don’t have to personally know people to have an opinion of their singing ability. You don’t have to know people personally to have an opinion on whether they should perform publicly in church.

      1. Unfortunately, the quality of a musical performance is not based on how sincere or how devout the performers are.

        1. Except in Fundystan, of course. πŸ™„
          If anything, the stronger and more sincere your faith, the less you need have any other talent of any kind, as being one of gid’s own hand-picked Anointed is supposed to be more than enough.

        2. It also seems you get a pass as long as you’re some kind of freak. I apologize for using that word, but I can’t think of another one that fits.

          If you’re blind or you’re conjoined twins or you have no arms and legs or you’re less than four feet tall or you’re in an iron lung or you weigh 1500 pounds or you have Down syndrome, then any sound that comes out of you will be deemed like unto the singing of angels and also a moving testimony, and you will be hailed as a master at any instrument you manage to thwack or blow into.

          I should clarify that I have no problem with blind singers and armless jugglers and people who play accordions with their feet, etc. It’s just that I think they should be appreciated for whatever skill or talent they exhibit, not assumed to have it because of their physical limitations.

          I was going to add “preachers with Tourette’s syndrome,” but then I realized that Tourette’s would be no disadvantage for a Fundy preacher. In fact, I’m not sure some of the ones we’ve seen here on SFL don’t have Tourette’s.

  23. This isn’t my type of music. It’s not part of my culture or tradition so it doesn’t warm the cockles of my heart.
    However I fail to see the need to say a dog could sing better, Panda Rose. Honestly, you can have an opinion or a difference of opinion without being rude.
    Original post had a good but sad point about on-demand performances from missionaries and their kids. My brother wasn’t a particularly gifted singer but felt compelled, while on deputation, to sing for his supper however meager it might be. He exited before the torture started for his children.

  24. I personally liked it. I don’t like choir music like some of you guys do.( Always called Catholic style when I was growing up.)As a teenager I would have voiced my opinions in a gruff and negative way. I never missed an opportunity to be self-righteous. After a few years of reading this blog I have realized that my opinion isn’t any better than those that disagree. I enjoy making fun of myself as much as any body but what some of you have said has reaffirmed that “smart Alec” responses never achieve anything worthwhile. It doesn’t matter if a fundie or non-fundie says it.

  25. OR. MAYBE…these guys are sincere, and really have considered the mercy God has shown them. Maybe they really do think that God rescued them from an eternity in the lake of fire by shedding the blood of his Son in their place, and the enormity of that is overwhelming. Maybe they really are trying to do their best to bring honor and glory to God with whatever God has given them. Maybe their passion is real.

  26. So, I agreed with the majority of the commenters originally that these guys sound horrible and shouldn’t quit their day jobs. But I just looked them up on YouTube and they sound much better on an a capella version of this song in an informal setting when they are just trying to harmonize and not screaming. It pains me to say that actually sound kind of good. As usual, the extreme hillbilly southern accent makes them come across as laughable ignoramuses.
    the Admiral

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