Spring Fundraiser

Update: Three hours later we’re now FULLY FUNDED for the next year of SFL. I’m just blown away by your generosity. Thank you all so much.

Well, we’ve never done this before at SFL but as the number of people reading this site every day continues to grow the cost of keeping the servers running is grown quite a bit as well and the small amount of revenue from ads simply no longer covers the entire operation.

Last year, after months of people getting server errors and bad page loads, one person generously donated the money to upgrade and keep things running here. For the coming year I’d like to give multiple people the chance to pitch in to help keep the lights on to keep that burden from falling on just one person. If the number of people who visit SFL in one day would all donate $1 we’d have the entire $300 to pay for the next year of hosting funded today.

For those who can’t contribute: I live with those same economic realities and there is no pressure at all.

For those who do donate any amount: if you’re on the forums and not already a Gold Member please send me a message on the forums and you’ll get those coveted purple stars.

Lastly, if you run a business or have a line of long demin skirts that you’d like to advertise on SFL please drop me a line and we can talk about ad space.

Thanks for all you of you who show up every week and make SFL happen. It wouldn’t be what it is without you.

48 thoughts on “Spring Fundraiser”

    1. Can I have the purple star embroidered on my butt cushion?

      If nothing else, the $5 more than covers the numerous sermons illustrations I’ve gleaned from this site. Thanks Darrell!

    1. That didn’t sound right!

      I really should stop trying to be funny.

      (Is this where I can blame George, or is that only for typos?)

    1. If you do, I would like to see your SFL prayer cards, deputation video, display board….and while you are at it, send me your prayer letter so that I might consider sending you a nickel a month of regular support. 😉

      1. Lol! And I’m afraid you’ll have to gain 50 lbs., have 5 kids (if you don’t already), move to a South American country, and somehow stay pasty white.

      2. Darrell also needs to sing us some special music, preferably in another language.

        1. If you’re taking requests, Darrell, please sing “There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood” in Pig Latin.

    1. I think on a phone you have to scroll down all the way to the bottom. I’m pretty sure that’s where the sidebar goes when the screen resizes.

  1. I’m going to give, even though my car broke down, and I wore my shoes out walking to and from work up hill both ways. Then I got fired (actually persecuted for going cube knocking every Thursday). But I just wanted to let you know how Pastor Darrell and this website has been a blessing in my life and family (even though they left me for spending too much time on the site).

    Give to SFL today and you will have your own butt cushion lined room added to your mansion in heaven. If you don’t, God will give you a tour of the warehouse full of butt cushions that could have been yours if you would have sacrificed and gave.

  2. Is this going to be the first of Darrell’s “I don’t usually preach about money, but…” posts?

    Just kidding…I’m giving, and I haven’t even used the forums yet. I think I signed up, but can’t remember my password. But that’s OK. I’m not laying up purple stars here on SFL, where poor connections and server crashes doth corrupt, but in heaven, where no moth may touch those eternal butt cushions.

  3. I’ve certainly taken up my share of space here in the few months I’ve been commenting. And you caught me at the right time, Bro. Darrell, since I’m still buzzing from a severe case of cainthepitis. And, as I’ve proven over and over in my many times of sacrificial giving, you cain’t out-give God. So of course I’ll chip in my share, and be glad to do it.

    (It’ll be a minute before the funds come through, though. I have been convicted by the LORD about the evil of money, and have sworn off using it. My helpmeet will be by to give the offering in a bit.)

      1. That’s my woman!

        Seriously, her sense of humor gives mine a run for the money. And she pretty much rules the roost here–I do whatever SHE says. As long as there’s beer in the fridge and lunch-meat for my samiches, it’s all good with me!

  4. I assume that we use the “Buy a cup of coffee for Darrell” link? It seems to bring up pay pal?

    I have a neighbor that uses that; I’ll give him something toss your way. I am a little paranoid about putting in a credit card number online.

  5. SFL, you’re the denim to my culottes
    Axe to my hell-o-vision
    Chick track to my campus outreach
    Beats 2 & 4 played with precision.
    Play thy white piano, George
    Whilst the preacher boys sing loudly.
    And MoG forbid that I should not
    Buy Brother Darrell a cup of coffee.

  6. Wow. I feel like the person that forgot their tithe check on Sunday morning and then it was one of those Sundays where they have an afternoon service instead of an evening service but I forgot and showed up at 6 (actually 5 for choir practice) and no one was there so I freaked out and thought I had missed the rapture and also didn’t have a chance to get my offering in!

    So, I guess this means my washing machine is about to break. (Actually, can they make it my dryer?? Oklahoma Natural Gas is currently giving out substantial $$$ for switching to a gas dryer.)

    Is there any way to still donate, or am I simply shut out of God’s blessings till next year?

    1. Never mind. The link to donate showed up again. (Or maybe Brother Darrell is just passing the plates again??)

      By the way Darrell, is your new name Darrell Dali??

    2. I’ve been out of town and away from the Internet for a few days. I came back to find this appeal. Thanks to this reminder, I sold my dryer, bought a clothesline (the old paths!), and am donating the remaining proceeds to Stuff Fundies Like.

  7. This is why I will never get a butt cushion. By the time this showed up on my FB feed Darrell was already covered. Maybe I need to comment more?

    1. If there’s one single person who sent me money that they otherwise would have sent to a sponsored child I will give them an immediate refund.

      This kind of comment is as absurd as it is cruel.

    2. Dear Jane,
      I’ve not responded to any of your posts before, as it was, and is, my opinion that you are either a Poe, or you are a bomb thrower, desperate to get attention by taking absurd positions.

      Unless you’re giving every bit of your personal discretionary income to World Vision, you are a hypocrite with no right to make such a post. Your statement made you sound like a hyper-critical fundamentalist judge. Congratulations. Your post embodied what the rest of us on SFL either have, or are trying to, leave behind.

    3. Funny how quickly sarcasm about yanking poor Juniu’s funding becomes absurd and hypocritical

  8. Glad you’re funded – I missed this post somehow. Don’t be afraid to ask again next time you have expenses come up.

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