208 thoughts on “Fundy Facebook of the Week”

  1. When, where, & how did Fundies get the notion that yelling = preaching?

    Since attending a Presby church, I have heard incredible preaching (from both sexes!) which has inspired me, comforted me, convicted me, and filled me with hope. I haven’t been yelled at once.

  2. And regarding Darrell’s caption, “I do truly hope that if I make it to 90 that I’ve gained enough wisdom to avoid doing things that are just flat-out obnoxious like yelling at traffic”…

    I’m nowhere near 90 yet, but I just realized I yell at traffic all the time. But I usually have the decency to do it from inside my own car. Usually when I have somewhere I need to be. Not my best moments, though.

  3. I love how the guy who posted this on fb likes David Grice’s church, Patch the Pirate, and Jeremy Camp. That Jeremy Camp ‘like’ must be his wild oats, showing off how much of rogue he is to any IFB friends, lol.

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