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    1. Bwahahahahahahahahahaahah! How typical! This is an awesome Mote and Beam moment for all to see. Darrell, the king of finger pointing, demonstrating his narcissistic side for all to listen to him. Hey, Hey, Hey, Everybody! Go listen to me on the radio. I wonder how many IFB preachers will go pull soundbites from your interview and then pick you apart. Pharisee! Can’t see the mote for the beam can ya buddy? :mrgreen:

      1. uh-oh somebody’s sacred cow must have gotten tipped over. M&B meet Strawman… knock yourself out dude.

      2. Wow. King Darrell of Fingerpointing. Sounds pretty majestic! Anyway, Mote, I wouldn’t worry too much about IFB preachers using this interview to pick Darrell apart, especially if the best they can do is cry, “Pharisee! Pharisee! Beam in your eye!”

        So, do you have a substantial argument to make? SFL points out the legalism, racism, xenophobia, lying, shaft-polishing, and plain old silliness of the IFB. Do you wish to defend these tendencies of IFB? Or are you just Poe-ing?

        1. trolling (not really poe’ing). He/she has been a bomb throwing troll in the past as well. Doesn’t really think threw his/her comments very well or form very coherent accusations.

  1. I didn’t hear it but the other guest that would’ve been interesting to hear was the great-grandson of L. Ron Hubbard who’s an atheist.

      1. I am still astounded by what all goes on at PCC. I’d love to hear your long story you mention about turning in someone who was reading the Book of Mormon aloud. Maybe it’s fodder for another blog post?

  2. Thanks for sharing this–nicely done, Darrell. When I was in bible college I got in trouble for showing a Michael W. Smith concert video to my weekend ministry youth group. I take comfort in knowing that at least I hadn’t fallen so far as to have shown them the godless Phantom of the Opera. 😀

  3. Don’t know why, but I’ve tried to listen to it twice. Both times, when it gets to the question of whether or not IFB churches would even be allowed to join a denomination, it reverts to the intro and starts the interview again. Maybe it’s my iPad.

  4. Great interview Darrell, enjoyed, also there is a link there to another interview with one of my favorite author, Philip Yancy

  5. I can’t get it to play on my tablet. I don’t have a link to click on but would like to hear the interview

  6. “Unshackled”

    I couldn’t get enough of those episodes late at night back before my time at Fundy U.

  7. So… are you going to tell us any more about the DoS attack on your site? Perpetrated by a Fundie version of Anonymous?

  8. Great interview. Good try to define the nebulous we know as fundamentalism. Fundamentalism is hard to put in words but you know it when you see it.

    I really like the discussion about not becoming bitter or at leaf trying not to become bitter. Well spoken.

  9. A joke I heard:

    A boy was watching his father, a pastor, write a sermon. “How do you know what to say” he asked.

    “God tells me.”

    “Oh? Then why do you keep crossing things out?”

    1. rtgmath AKA “Dr. Math,

      “Oh? Then why do you keep crossing things out?”

      One of the great things about mathematics is that it is based on rigorous logic, and the truth value of mathematical statements can be demonstrably established one way or another. It may be the only field of study where, metaphorically speaking, the lion lies down with the lamb. With apologies to Alexander Pope:
      Man and nature both
      Were spoiled by the fall.
      Mathematics is
      Affected not at all.

      You’re the math expert, but maybe things would be better if other things in life were as clear.

      1. Ahhh, that I *were* “Dr.” Alas, I only am Master’s Level, though I have two of them.

        I cross things out, too. But I don’t claim that “God tells me how to do math.”

        1. rtgmath, that’s still a good deal more than I have. After experiencing the value of my unaccredited Bible “college” “degree” outside of Fundamentalism, I went back to school and managed to obtain a lowly Bachelor’s degree in mathematics. In retrospect, in my case, that probably wasn’t the wisest choice of majors either. I also later took undergrad level night school classes in a different field.

          On your last point, it’s also a safe bet that you don’t threaten students who disagree with you with Divine retribution.

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