The Best of 2013

Looking back across the year here are the posts that made a splash in 2013.

Having a Hissy Fit From the Pulpit

Jim Standridge’s rant went truly viral ending up on CNN, Fox, and being covered by countless Internet sources. Let’s hope that in 2014 Young Cox manages to continue establishing his kingdom in the video room. Other videos such as Larry Smith Yelling and Larry Brown Smashing a Television were also popular.

The Pre-Courtship Questionnaire

The Pre-Courtship Questionnaire struck a nerve with a lot of people leaving us all to wonder if anybody finally managed to measure up or if this person is consigned to perpetually be trimming their wick alone.

Act III: Keeping Up Appearances (No Matter The Cost)

A personal trip down memory lane about shared experiences at my alma mater elicited a lot of responses from people who had their own horrifying stories from Fundy U. The story then continued in Act IV: End of Days.

Why Don’t They Just Leave?

There were many responses to this post directed at those who ask why fundamentalists who are so damaged don’t just leave. Breaking free is never an easy task — though infinitely worth it even though sometimes we find ourselves Pining for the Leeks and Garlic.

Just Following the Bible

Finally, there was a lot of good conversation the topic of people who claim to “Just Follow the Bible.” Because anybody who thinks that is a simple matter is probably doing it wrong.

Special mention goes to the Tell a Whopper Friday challenge that received over 1,000 responses leading me to the conclusion that you people just really love to tell tall tales. And I’m so glad you do.

Did you have a favorite fundy moment from 2013? Please feel free to share.

34 thoughts on “The Best of 2013”

  1. My favorite personal fundy related moment of the year was in mid-summer when I bought my first non-KJV Bible. That NASB was a final declaration of my separation (see what I did there? :razz:) from the IFB. I had used multiple online translations before for study… but purchasing the actual book to carry to church, that was the Rubicon.

  2. All excellent selections for 2013.

    I enjoyed all the clips of pastors this year. Why write satire when you can hear it straight from the source.
    My favorite was the heavy-set preacher that ranted and went on about Obama. Red in the face, jumping up and down. I can’t remember the title of the post or I would find it and post a link. I think it came from the site.

        1. I am going to start an internet rumor:
          Chris Farley never died, he got saved and became a preacher and “Hellyweird” didn’t want people to know that so they staged his fake death

  3. I think these posts show some of the maturing of SFL this year. Darrell has always had a gift for describing and illustrating the problems and issues with just enough humor and sarcasm to make people think about the point instead of just react negatively to snark.

    This year there was a whole lot of that, but combined with video, print, and audio evidence that was irrefutable. The content of SFL is not imagined, exaggerated (much), or in any way false. It is a clever and well-executed expose of the truth. To do that while maintaining a humorous, light, and even whimsical overall feeling is why SFL is so good, and keeps getting better.

    Thanks for a great SFL2013 Darrell!

      1. Really?? Are you sure that’s the right word? AFAIK, that’s an extremely rude word (in UK) that means nothing like “twits”, no matter how alike they sound.

        If that’s what you really meant, fine, I’m just not sure you intended a word that rude.

  4. When some IFB friends separated from me for hating allegedly hating all things IFB. Or just, you know, the crazy stuff.

    Good times… 😕

  5. Fascinating – – In “Just Following the Bible”, are there Parenthesis around words along with “stuff” in the margins… Can’t be the “Authentic” KJV, now can it???

  6. My favorite had to be the numbers guy. He was a real kook. The funniest thing is that I know several preachers who really believe in numerology!

    1. I guess it’s a “when the preacher does it, it’s not numerology” type of thing. What that DOES make it is anyone’s guess.

  7. I’m so glad to know that insecure, power-hungry, ego-maniacs who enjoy inflicting spiritual abuse upon the members of their congregation are still out there in Fundyland. I don’t know who to feel more sorry for: him or the fools that keep going back to hear him rant.

      1. don’t have to worry about someone else claiming the same screen name unless they’re an NT Greek geek

        1. I should take the nickname ‘stenokoria’ since I too am an affliction. On second thought, maybe not.

        2. As an evangelical pastor I am a source of affliction and tribulation for my IFB colleagues…lol

  8. Hmmm. So many to choose from. I loved the college week – it reminded me of school and let me know I was not alone! Or crazy! 😀

  9. I tend to lurk and don’t post too often, but I discovered this blog this year and it has become one of my favorite places on the internet. 😀

  10. I’ve been very thankful for SFL. Darrell has great wit and wisdom as he writes the posts in such a way that are enjoyable and thought-provoking. SFL as a community really stands out as they make actually make it fun and exciting to read the comments! Kudos also to the layout, it’s very user-friendly (to me at least). SFL really is a joy!

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