Charles Lawson is a man with a lot of theories. Whether it’s the Illuminati, the Federal Reserve, the origins of the NAACP or the REAL reason for the American Civil War he manages to stand in the pulpit and talk about just about anything but Jesus.

174 thoughts on “Conspiracy!”

  1. Very Interesting. I can’t watch this right now, since I’m at work, but I’ll have to take a gander.

    This looks intriguing because I just recently finished Jesse Walker’s book “The United States of Paranoia,” about the history of conspiracy theories in the U.S. In Walker’s view, conspiracies can be seen as a sort of folklore that say quite a bit about the people who hold them, and typically fall into five types, often in combination:

    Enemy Above
    Enemy Below
    Enemy Within
    Enemy Outside
    Benevolent Conspiracy

    I think this guy has at least a few covered.

  2. Has he explained yet why companies make ten hot dog buns per package while hot dogs generally come eight to a package (or is it vice versa)?

    There has to be some kind of conspiracy going on there.

  3. Dear SFL Reader:

    Given that we live in a land where 18% of the population believes that the lunar landing was filmed in the Nevada desert, should this guy surprise us?

    Christian Socialist

  4. Yes, but you see, it’s all about TRUTH, and Jesus is the TRUTH, right? So it’s all important and highly relevant.

    Bishop Williamson, one of the traditionalist Catholic SSPX bishops, does the same thing. And that is how he and his followers justify themselves.

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